2020 DHBT 2 Undergraduate Undergraduate Guide Preparation Book

Ahsen Kitap
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2020 DHBT 2 Guide Secondary Education (High School) Question Library
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  • 2020 DHBT 1 All Candidates Guide Preparation Book with Subject Explanations
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    Publication Year: 2019
    Edition: 1
    Number of Pages: 543
    Paper Type: 1. Hm. Paper
    Size: 17 x 24
    Language Turkish
    Skin Condition: Paperback
    ISBN: 6056612817

    As you know, DHBT (Religious Services Field Knowledge Test) is carried out for the first time in the Directorate of Religious Affairs. The exam is held by OSYM once every two years. Without being successful in this exam, it is not possible to work as a Religious Officer Muezzin or as a Quran Instructor within the Directorate of Religious Affairs as an officer. Therefore, the Religious Services Field Knowledge Test (DHBT) is of great importance for you.

    All of our team of writers are at least a graduate of theology, and some of them are academicians at the university. Each of them are talented and experienced people in their field.

    2020 DHBT 1 PREPARATORY BOOK With Subject Explanations For All Candidates Ahsen Kitap Yayıncılık

    The most suitable book for DHBT 1 in the market that we can recommend to you is the DHBT Source Book of Ahsen publications.

    How Many Questions Will Be Asked In The DHBT Exam?

    40 Questions Will Be Asked In The 2020 Dhbt Exam. 20 Questions From Dhbt-1 All candidates will be asked jointly. In the 2020 Dhbt-2 Exam, 20 questions will be asked from their own topics for each level. 20 questions from their own level to the secondary education level, and 20 questions from their own level will be asked to the undergraduate and associate degree students.

    (It is the current FIRST AND ONLY BOOK prepared for the DHBT-1 and Religious Services Field Knowledge Exam ... Do not hesitate in any way. Because we did not study the "YETERLİLİK" book in the previous period, this resource was created from scratch by DHBT 1 in accordance with the resources specified by ÖSYM. We prepared for.)

    Question Types: Knowledge questions, paragraph questions, reading comprehension and inference questions, questions on using knowledge, interpretation questions.

    What was taken into consideration while preparing Dhbt Lecture and Question Bank Books?

    The most important feature of the DHBT exam preparation books we have prepared is the summarization of the MAIN RESOURCES determined by ÖSYM exactly subject by unit unit.

    Candidates who use our lecture abstracts and question bank resource books will both eliminate their lack of knowledge and learn the practice of solving question styles for using the information and paragraph interpretation.


    Topics Included in DHBT-1 Exam;

    To prepare for the 2020 DHBT Exams, you need to study from the following resources. 20 Questions are Asked from the Sources below. As AHSEN PUBLICATIONS, the following resources were read and summarized one by one for you, and questions were prepared in Ösym format on each subject.

    1. Fundamentals of Belief (İlmihal TDV)
    2. Principles of Worship (İlmihal TDV)
    3. The Quran and its Semantic Information Tajwit (Quran Road Turkish Translation and Interpretation Commission Directorate of Religious Affairs Pub. Ankara 2006)
    4. Siyer (İbrahim Sarıçam Prophet Muhammad and His Universal Message, Presidency of Religious Affairs, Ankara 2004. Muhammad Islamic Prophet, İstanbul 2003)
    5. Islamic Ethics (İlmihal TDV)


    1. Reliable Authors (DIB. Education Staff)

    2. The Most Extensive and Comprehensive Subject Expression. (Our study is the most comprehensive source written in this area.)

    3. Important Points in Lecture of the Subject Has Been Darkened and Attention has been drawn.

    4. The Information Note Given In The Subject And The Hints Are Specified.

    5.560 pages

    6. In short, THE MOST RELIABLE SOURCE ...
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