Answers to Your Questions About Paradise - Abdullah Nakışçı

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Answers to Your Questions About Paradise - Abdullah Nakışçı
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  • Answers to Your Questions About Paradise - Abdullah Nakışçı

    Product features :

    Publisher : Marifet Publications
    Author : Abdullah Nakisci
    Cover Quality: Cardboard Cover
    Page Quality: 2nd Dough
    Number of Pages : 343
    Language : Arabic - Turkish
    Size : 13.5 X 21 cm
    Weight : 350 gr
    Barcode : 9786058436800


    The highest of praises: "Run to great forgiveness from your Lord, and to a lofty Paradise whose breadth (even) is (as wide) as the heavens and the earth, which has been prepared for those who have taqwa." (Surah Aal-i Imran: 133) is for Allah Almighty.
    The most virtuous of the salats and the most perfect of the greetings, "O Allah! Surely, I ask You to be successful in the words and actions that bring you closer to Paradise and to it." (Ilmi Maje, Du'a:4, no:3846, 2/1264) and our Master, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (Sallallahu Alaihi and Sallam), who is the Shah-i Russul, and Allah-u ta'ala said about them: He has promised the most beautiful (rewarded paradise)." May it be upon all the Companions who were given the glad tidings of Paradise when they were still in this world with his command (from the chapter of an-Nisa: 95) and all the Ahl al-Islam who continue to spread light to this world after them. Amine! O Mu'in!
    Dear readers! This book in your hand is the answer to the questions we wonder about Paradise, which Allah will reward believers for their troubles in this world, make them watch their beauty there and be pleased with them, and deprive the unbelievers of it forever because they do not believe in Him, based on reliable sources. It is an artifact (composed) of answers.
    Of course, the questions in this work cannot cover all the issues that can come to mind about heaven. But we tried to choose the most important issues and tried to give answers accordingly.
    May Allah Almighty enable us to understand our sentences well and to keep our sentences from false beliefs on these issues, and to act in accordance with what we have learned. Amine!
    Effort is from us, and success is only from Allah, the Lord of the worlds.INDEX

    Preface 5
    1) What is the meaning of the word "heaven"? 7
    2) The Name of Paradise is Original in the Qur'an
    Is it used in different meanings than its meaning? 9
    3) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Cennetü'n-Naîm" Mean? 11th
    4) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Paradise of Adn" Mean? 13
    5) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Firdevs Paradise" Mean? 21
    6) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Husna" Mean? 26
    7) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Dârü's-Salâm" Mean? 27
    8) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Dârü'l-Mukâme" Mean? 30
    9) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Dârü'l-Huld" Mean? 31
    10) One of the Names of Heaven
    What Does "Cennatü'l-Ma'vâ" Mean? 34
    11) Mentioned in Surah Rahman
    What is the Purpose of "Two Heavens"? 36
    12) Are There Degrees in Heaven? 39
    13) What is the Highest of Degrees in Heaven? 44
    14) Differences in Degrees in Paradise,
    Will It Cause Jealousy? 50
    15) The Special Mentioned About Who Will Have the Degrees in Heaven
    Are There Some Deeds? 53
    16) Entering Paradise Called Mizan
    Is it true that an instrument will be a measuring instrument? 57
    17) Regarding Entry to Paradise or not
    What will be put on the scale, which will be a measuring instrument? 63
    18) Are There Some Special Deeds That Are Reported to Be Slow in the Mizan, which is a Measuring Instrument for Going to Paradise? . 70
    19) That Heaven Exists Now
    Is There Evidence in the Qur'an? 82
    20) That Heaven Exists Now
    Is There Evidence in Hadith Sharifs? 84
    21) Where Is Heaven? 8822) Is Paradise Eternal? 92
    23) Who is the first person to enter Paradise? 95
    24) Why was Adam (Aleyhis Salam) Expelled from Paradise? 99
    25) Who will be the first to enter Paradise? 105
    26) Which Ummah Will Enter Paradise First? 109
    27) Which Is The Majority Of The People Of Paradise?
    Will it be from the Ummah? 112
    28) The Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him)
    After the Prophet, From Our Ummah
    Who will be the first person to enter Paradise? 115
    29) Who are the Companions of Âraf and They Are
    Will they enter Paradise? 117
    30) My Idris (Aleyhis Salam) is in Heaven right now
    Is It True? 123
    31) How Many Doors Does Heaven Have? 131
    32) Do the Gates of Heaven Have Certain Names?... 134
    33) How Big Are the Gates of Heaven?... 137
    34) This Ummah Will Enter Paradise
    Is There a Special Door? 139
    35) In Heaven As It Is On Earth
    Are There Residences (Houses to Live in)? 140
    36) How are the Mansions in Heaven? 144
    37) When Believers Enter Paradise,
    How will they know where they belong? 147
    38) What Can We Say About Trees in Heaven? 150
    39) A Believer Has A Tree In Paradise
    Is there a special action to be done for him? 153
    40) Named "Tuba Tree" in Paradise
    Is There a Tree? 155
    41) The Heaven of Me'vâ in the Qur'an
    What is Sidretü'l-Müntehâ who is reported to be with him? 157
    42) What is the First Food of the People of Paradise? 162
    43) What Are the Foods of Paradise Revealed to Us? 164
    44) Eating in Heaven, Than on Earth
    How Does It Make a Difference? 169
    45) Fruits of Heaven Earth
    Is It Similar To Its Fruits? 17246) What Are the Drinks of Paradise Revealed to Us? 175
    47) Mentioned Among the Drinks of Paradise
    What is "Selsebil"? 177
    48) The Food and Drink of the People of Paradise
    What are their qualifications? 180
    49) Since There Is Eating In Heaven,
    There must also be a need to break an ablution.
    So How Will This Happen? 183
    50) How is the Land of Heaven? 185
    51) Is There a River in Heaven? 188
    52) The Nature of the Rivers in Heaven
    Is There Any Information About It? 190
    53) The Source of Some Rivers in the World
    Is It True That He Is In Heaven? 193
    54) What is the so-called "Havz-ı Kevser"? 195
    55) What are the Qualifications of Havz-ı Kevser? 198
    56) What Does Houri Mean? 201
    57) How Are Huris Described in the Qur'an?... 203
    58) Apart from the Qualifications of the Houri in the Qur'an,
    Are Different Things Mentioned in Hadith-i Sharifs? 207
    59) How Many in a Believer in Paradise
    Will Huriye Own? 211
    60) How Will the Houri Be Used? 215
    61) Believers Have Children in Paradise
    Will they? 219
    62) Are There More Women Of The World In Heaven?
    Will It Be Superior, Or Will It Be The Houris? 222
    63) Will There Be More Women In Heaven?
    Or Men? 223
    64) People of Paradise with Family Members on Earth
    Will he be able to meet? 226
    65) Never Married While On Earth
    Who Will Women Marry In Heaven? 228
    66) The Woman Who Has Been Married A Few In The World,
    Which Husband Will She Marry In Heaven? 231
    67) In Paradise, the Jamal of Allah
    Will it be visible? 233
    68) Allâhu ta’âlâ Peace be upon the People of Paradise
    Will he give? 240
    69) Seeing Allah and His Greetings in Paradise
    Is There Anything Better Than Being Honored? 242
    70) How old will the people of Paradise be? 244
    71) What will the clothes of the people of Paradise be like? 246
    72) Will the People of Paradise Have Jewelry? 248
    73) Will the People of Paradise Have Thrones? 250
    74) Are There Beds in Heaven? 252
    75) Will There Be Carpets In Heaven? 254
    76) Are There Tents in Heaven? 255
    77) Will the People of Paradise Have Servants? 256
    78) People of Paradise, People of HellHow Will He Nida? 258
    79) Between Heaven and Hell
    Is it true that it will be cut into the shape of a ram? 260
    80) What Does "Heir to Heaven" Mean? 263
    81) Will there be those who enter Paradise without reckoning and are there any numbers about it? 267
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