Basilisk Prayer Amulet-1905

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Basilisk Prayer Amulet
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  • Basilisk Prayer Amulet
    Love like
    Kismet Opening
    Evil eye
    Comfortable Sleep
    Protection from demons and devil, from evil
    How to Read Basilisk Prayer?
    It should be read 7 times for 3 days to make a wish.
    For love, affection and affection, it should be read 61 times for 3 days.
    It should be read 41 times for all kinds of wishes.
    Those who want to sleep comfortably at night should be read 3 times.
    It should be read 7 times a day to be protected from the evil eye.
    It should be read 21 times for Kismet.
    It should be read once every morning and evening in order to be protected from the evil of jinn and the devil, forgiveness of sins, peace of mind and to avoid evil deeds.
    Basilisk Prayer
    Before reading the Dua-i Sahmeran, one should make wudu and perform a two-rak'ah prayer. After the prayer, 3 Fatiha-i Sharifs and 3 Ihlas suras are read. Our Prophet Hz. The soul of Muhammad (SAV) is forgiven and sincerity and sincerity are sincere. Whatever subject you want;

    For example; 'My God, you are the one who gives peace and tranquility to my heart, and you are the one who bestowed health and well-being on my body. You offer unlimited blessings to every servant who is in trouble, you shower endless bestowal. Let me also benefit from your grace and grace. Accept my intention. Customs are recited according to your intention, and at the end of the Shahmaran Prayer, we read Yâ Vedud 7 times Yâ Cemil 14 times, Yâ Mukallibe'l Kulub, and end our prayer by thanking my Lord endlessly. May my Lord accept our prayers, insha'Allah.

    "O Allah, I ask you to accept the prayer of the Shahmaran by taking shelter in the Surah of Fatiha and Ihlas, which are two of the most prosperous and fertile chapters of the Qur'an-i Azimussan, your Almighty Book. accept.and Acirc; min.
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