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  • Celcelutiye Prayer Amulet
    Hz. This prayer, arranged by Ali, is said to be a treasure of beneficial Paradise treasures in the world and the hereafter. Hidden in this prayer are scholars in the sources who know the places in which Allah's greatest name, Azam, is found. The person who carries this prayer protects himself and his every deed is safe, by Allah's leave.

    Celcelutiye, which means "bedi" in Syriac by Hz Ali, was written down in Syriac, according to the science of jifir, and turned into an ode. It can be said to be a treasure trove of names. It can also be called the treasure of mercy or the treasure of Paradise, as it is a means of Allah's mercy. The greatest name of our Almighty Lord, Ism-i Azam, is hidden in this prayer. Therefore, good news, convenience and blessings have been offered to the person who reads the prayer and takes refuge in Allah in this world and the hereafter. Some secrets have been revealed to those who follow this prayer, and the curtains have been opened.
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