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  • Celcelutiyye Prayer Havas and Its Mystery

    Product features :

    Publisher : Pamuk Publishing
    Author : Imam-i Ghazali
    Cover Quality: Cardboard Cover
    Page Quality: 2nd Dough
    Number of Pages : 120
    Size : 13.5 X 19.5 cm
    Weight : 98 g

    The beautiful names of Allah, the Almighty, mentioned in the Qur'an, and prayers have their peculiarities. The science of Havas explains these features better.
    Taşköprüzade: "We should know well that the fact that the soul is busy with the Qur'an, the beautiful names of Allah Almighty and prayers leads it to a holy direction. Thus, enlightenment and enlightenment occur in the person in proportion to his ability. It is only possible to reach the result by believing. Everything has an air and the reasons that create these air and secrets are hidden.
    There are various parts of my knowledge of Havas. One of these parts is the mood of Allah's Esmâ-i Hüsnâ. At this point, first of all, it is necessary to know the rules of the science of Havas, which are related to letters.
    The effect of Esmâ-i Hüsnâ, which is read from the language of a righteous servant, will be completely different. If such righteous servants of Allah read these words, it will relieve the suffering of many helpless servants.
    Our Prophet (pbuh): "A person believes in his influence,
    If he had recited the names of God or the prayers regarding this matter on a mountain, the mountain would have disappeared."
    their reading is a proof for us. Hasan Basri, Mujahid, Evzai, Imam-i Shafii and Qurtubi, a great tafsir and hadith scholar, said that there is no harm in wishing for healing by reading the Qur'an, prayer or the Names of Allah Almighty.
    Commentaries on Kasîde-i Celcelûtiyye attributed to Imam Ali (k.v.) have been written by many scholars. However, we had this translation prepared by means of a translation from Gazâli's work called Behcetü's-Seniyye.
    I would like to thank my Lord, who has given us such an opportunity, from eternity to eternity, and I salute his Beloved One.
    Arif Pamuk

    Connected jobs are resolved 96
    15 to reconcile
    100 for headache,
    Against dizziness 111
    Protected from trouble 13
    Protected from drowning 92
    96 for abundant sustenance and wealth
    106 crushed under the burden of debt
    89 for those writhing in debt
    102 in nosebleeds
    17 for summons
    Celcelûtiyye Prayer (Arabic Recitation). 34 Celcelûtiyye Prayer (Turkish Reading). Located in 64 Celcelutiyya
    explanation of words 29
    From the jinn and the devil
    17 to protect
    12 To be sure of the evil of the Jinn
    83 for reconciliation of resentments
    78 for the tightness to go away
    13 for wish
    12 for easy birth,
    He doesn't forget what he heard 81
    Enemy tongue tied 107
    For the destruction of the enemy's army... 25
    Enemies are defeated 93
    He defeats his enemies 12
    In thought disorder 88
    94 if his item is stolen
    12 to protect the house
    unmarried person 16
    89 for married couples
    103 in stroke
    11 for the storm to calm down
    He becomes aware of the secrets of the unseen world 82
    20 to know something hidden
    In eye pain 89
    for Hacet
    101 to be loved in public
    To get out of jail .........25
    To be protected from the evil of the envious. 12
    Gets rid of diseases 15
    21 to find healing from the disease,
    afraid of thief
    20 to find the thief
    Protected from cheating 93
    To be respected and accepted 77
    11 for divine blessing
    Here's to abundance
    19 to be accepted
    His heart is cleared of hypocrisy 85
    Knowledge and wisdom gush from his heart 77
    17 to reconcile husband and wife
    If the girl's fortune is closed, 110
    Doesn't need anyone 92
    The tongues of those who want to do evil are tied 99
    For stomach and intestinal pain 111
    Ascends rises 87, 108
    97 to prevent damage to the property.
    Blessings come to his wealth 92
    Customer increases 95
    Protected from the evil eye 82
    cold 89
    Reza reaches its way 90
    12, 79 for the increase of the sustenance
    Against Rih-ı Ahmer diseases 103
    103 in jaundice
    84 for love
    Reunites with her lover 13, 14
    89 to get rid of magic
    His word becomes valid 15, 81
    100 for healing
    97 for abundance in the field
    94 in an incurable disease
    21 to get rid of laziness
    19 for profit in trading
    103 in shaky body
    88 to get rid of forgetfulness
    Umm is protected from Sibyan 91
    It is protected from delusion 14, 83
    If it's not raining 9
    Fire protection 11
    To protect from fire, magician. 79
    Protected from snake and scorpion 80
    To avoid trouble while traveling. 19
    17 to drive away the oppressor
    16 to drive away a harmful person
    80 for the clarification of the mind
    104 for wealth
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