Conversations from Tenbihü'l-Gafilîn Ebu'l-Leys-1561

Çelik Yayınevi
Product Code : 9789757161381
This work is both a moral, a Sufism and a Sharia book.
310.00 TL
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    Translator: Salih Uçan
    Release Date 2006-01-01
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 863
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Size 17 x 24.5 cm
    This value called Conversations (Tenbih'ül Gafilin) ​​that is being offered to you is both a morality, a Sufism, and a book of sharia.

    You will read topics related to fiqh, morality and Sufism together, and by seeing the 'main street of Islam', which is the religion of unity, 'Unity', you will avoid getting stuck in dark dead-end streets. Chats from

    As can be seen in the work; sincerity, death, severity of death, torment of grave, doomsday and portents, states of hell and hell, goodness, command, and evil, repentance, right of parents, family womb, neighbor right, alcohol and bad deeds, lies, backbiting, envy, coaching, arrogance, grudge, gums and bad deeds, the world, patience and its varieties, adultery, interest, cruelty, favors, fear of Allah, gratitude, halal and haram gains and consequences, trust, life, intention, pilgrimage, jihad, struggle, measure, While shedding light on issues such as husband and wife rights, sickness, sick visit, sustenance, takfir, ijtihad, obedience, satan, various places and stories are also told.
    The religious name of approaching God is "taqwa".

    The people in righteousness are also the beloved servants of God. Come if you wish, let us love Him together and be His lover.
    In this book, I have compiled many types of science.
    These sciences that I have gathered are such things that they should be known to everyone regardless of their level of knowledge.
    I have compiled the information I received for this book from many books and presented them in a way that everyone can understand.
    I wish the reward of this service from Allah.
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