Death Doomsday Hereafter (Tezkire-i Kurtubi) -1818

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How the Doomsday Will Be, How Will Death Take Place and It Is The Book That Contain Information About The Life Of The Hereafter
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    You will find the curious facts in the Book of Death Doomsday Hereafter (Tezkire-i Kurtubi).

    All kinds of HAMD: The highest of the high is reserved for ALLAh, the guardian and helper. He is God: He creates and kills. He decides upon his people by separating death with death and punishment instead of punishment, and by separating in the place of judgment so that every soul is punished with his deeds. I praise him with the praise of the one who is patient over the pain of the accident, and the gratitude of the one who is grateful for the accident of his Lord: He is the consent for the person: he will be from the Lord. Become a god other than God. to that he alone is God; that he is not a partner: I testify that he will return to his Lord and recourse to him and take into account every deed he fails. Also I: You witness that our Prophet and helper, E reti Muhammad (pbuh), is His servant and Prophet. Prophet: Upon him; In the secret book: What is written in "Lawy Protection" -O 1 hammed! You will die, and they will die. and Acirc; has been competent. God's about Prophet Muhammad, on other prophets and rasul; Give mercy and peace to all of them, their servants and companions, saying: Those who remember: As you remember, those who are heedless of your remembrance and their remembrance, we have been heedless, "Be mercy and peace!"

    And after that, the following book, which I abbreviated "Kitâbüttezkireden": Imam Abu Abdullâh Muhammed bin Ahmed bin Ebi Bekril-Ansaari, El-Hazrecî, El-Andalusi, El-Kurtubî "Radıyâllahü anhüm" is reserved for His Holiness. As follows: The strange words and garib i'rablı words mentioned in the lexicon and nahv books;death and reckoning were not mentioned. For, it is not necessary to have words that do not mention death and calculation in such fine books. When many readers read thin books, those who are present cry. At this time, there will be a notable person there: "On which word is this word?" If he says, the confusion will be a matter of fact, and then this sadness and awe will be ominous; taking lessons is also possible. This is the situation: it was the reason why I shortened this book, digesting words that do not mention death and fears. As a matter of fact, giving the following name to the book indicates this.

    Bittezkireti bi-ahvâlil-mawtâ and umûril-hereafter Do not remind the states of the dead and the hereafter!

    Allah Almighty and Tekaddes, let the Tawbai Nasûha have mercy on anyone, thinking about the deeds of death and what will happen after him. It is hoped that this person will die upon this situation, as long as his servant continues to help his brother, God is the same as your servant. "HAMD: and Acirc; ALL and Acirc, who are the Lord of the Worlds, are reserved for H. So that we will begin to the maxûd. And Billâh'ittevfik "Tevfik ALL and Acirc; let's say from H.



    5 - Heaven

    5 - This father: The news that the people of the People of Dârein "The People of Heaven and Hell" are eternal, death will be cut on the turn and will cut him off are the baab

    9 - This bab: The vessels of Paradise, the news about them and their attributes and the blessings of Paradise.

    10 - This bab: The sign of the People of Paradise in this world is the father.

    11 - This father: The attributes of Paradise and the blessings of the sustenance that Allah has prepared for the people of Allah.

    12 - This bab: The news about the rivers and mountains of heaven and those in the world are the father.

    14 - This bab: When Ye'cüc and Magog come out; The news that these rivers will be removed and that the Quran and knowledge will be removed are the baabs.

    16 - This bab: It is about where the rivers of Paradise originate, and wine is the drink of the people of Paradise.

    18 - Bu bab: The news about the trees and fruits of Heaven and the fruits of Paradise are like those on earth are the father.

    21- This father: The news that the trees and rivers of heaven will be split and the clothes, horses and camels will emerge from it are the baab.

    21 - A narration from Abu Hurayra about a tree in Paradise

    22 - This bab: The news that comes about that the dates, fruits and crops of Paradise and that there is no tree in Paradise without its under its body are the father.

    24 - This bab: The news about the gates of Heaven is the father

    26 - Rumors about the width of the gates of Paradise

    28 - This bab: The news about the degrees of Paradise and the deeds that make these degrees a believer are the father.

    28 - The first degree of heaven

    30 - Bu bab: The news about the mansions of Heaven and who they are for is the father.

    32 - Abu Naim rahimehullâh "r.a." sign

    33 - This bab: The news about the mansions, apartments, houses of heaven and what the believers can do to them is the father.

    35 - This father: The news about the raised beds and the sheriffs of Vâjib Taâlâ's "And Füruşûn Merfûatun" is the father.

    36 - This bab: The news about the houses, streets, and others of Paradise are the father.

    36 - The narration of Muslim that there is a market in Paradise

    37 - Bu bab: The news that a person can enter Paradise only with a passport is the father.

    38 - This bab: Nastan is the father who will enter Paradise first, where the poor people will enter.

    41 - This father: The people of Paradise, the news about the degrees, ages, height, youth, mansions, clothes, combs, censer, wives and women, and not being single in Paradise are the father.

    43 - The rumor of Sufyân Sevri that Arabic will be spoken in Paradise

    44 - This bab: Hûri înlar, their words and Acirc; about the answers and beauties of women from the generation of the last

    45 - The hadith of israa

    46- This father: Indeed, the news that the good deeds will be the martyrs of the beautiful-eyed Huris are the baab.

    47 - A hadith narration from Hakim Tırmizî

    49 - Couplets about sleep

    50 - This bab: It is about why the Hûri Ans were created

    51 - This father: The buffalo that a person marries a virgin girl in the world is the father of all news that that girl will be his wife in the hereafter. The advice of Kurtubî to his believing brothers

    52 - This father: Truly, the news that there is eating, drinking and nika in Paradise, that there is no ablution, there is no wrongness, there is no mischief and bad luck, is the father.

    54 - Narration from Abu Qaba

    55 - This father: Indeed, the news that a believer will have a child in Paradise when he wants a child, his birth, his age, and what he desires, is the father.

    55 - This father: The news that everything that happens in Paradise is permanent and will not be destroyed, will not be destroyed or destroyed is the father.

    55 - This father: The news that a woman from Paradise will see her husband in the world is the father.

    56 - Bu bab: News about the birds, horses and camels of Heaven

    57 - This bab: The news about the animal of the Paradise animals of sheep and goats is the father.

    59 - This bab: The news that henna is the best of Paradise herbs and decorated with Cenr Reyhan is the father.

    59 - This bab: The news that comes when the heaven is below, smell and word are the father

    62 - Narrations from Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi

    62 - This bab: Heaven is flat; Dhikrin Heaven's building; The news about the cost and planting of trees in Paradise is due to "Subhaane Vel-Hamdu Lillâhi ve La ilaha illellâhü Vallâhü Akbar".

    64 - Bu bab: People in terms of degrees are c mu of the lowest of Heaven and the states of the highest are the baab

    66 - This father: The consent of Allah upon His People of Paradise, is the father that he is the Afdal of all Bounties in Paradise.

    67. Bu bab: The people of the heavens to see the Lord and that it is better for them than all the blessings of Paradise.

    68 - The opinion of Imam Qurtubî

    70 - This bab: It is about the people of Allah's greeting to heaven and the sheriffs of ledeynâmezid.

    70 - In the hadiths narrated from Haşan Basri

    74 - This father: The One Who Will Preach to Paradise and Acirc is about the statements of the scholars under the influence of the abilities.

    74 - Ibn Abbas's interpretation of verses that there are seven heavens

    78 - The narration of Hakim Tirmidhi that there is no night in Paradise

    83 - This father: The news about the children of Muslims and unbelievers who "died while being fixed" is the father.

    85 - Bu bab: News about the first treats and gifts to the People of Paradise when they enter Paradise

    85 - The meanings of Nüzûl, İdâme, Tuhfe, Giza or Gıdâ

    86 - Bu bab: The news that the Keys of Heaven are "La ilaha illellâhu" and prayer are the baab.

    88 - An explanation

    89 - This Book Is The Book Of Strife, Violent Continents And Signs Of Doomsday

    90 - This father is the father of "Men" of "Kıtâlın" from a person who says: La ilaha illalah.

    90 - This father: The news that comes about that the blood, property and chastity of a believer is forbidden and that this is forbidden in the sight of Allah is great.

    91 - Zeval

    93 - Shekik

    94 - This father: The future of fitnah is the name of worshiping in the days of fitna.

    94 - The fit-what that will cover the Islamic world in the hadith narrated by Muslim

    96 - The hadith narrated by the Usama

    97 - First and second meanings

    98 - The declaration that fitna will come from the east side of Medina

    102 - Information about "Raha - al Islam"

    103 - Bu bab: Islam is the mill and when it will return

    103 - Hadîs-i Şerif and İzaahı

    104 - Summary of the subject

    105 - This bab: Hz. When Osman was killed, the sword of Fitna slipped; News about it is the father

    106 - This bab: The occurrence of fitnah is the baab where the time to come after is worse than the first time

    107 - A hadith narrated by Tırmizî

    107 - Yülkaşşuhhü; the meaning of the sentence

    109 - Bu bab: Avoiding strife, retreat to homes when strife is the father of the news

    112 - This father: From above is from the father; It is the father how to persevere in the days of fitnah and that good people will "be destroyed"

    113 - A hadith narrated by Ibni Mâcehin Abu Hüreyreden

    113 - The high meaning of this hadith

    114 - This father: It is the father of learning the Quran, obeying what is in the Quran and listening to the words of the Caliph at the time of the appearance and victory of fitnah.

    116 - A hadith that Abu Naim narrated from Muaz bin Jabal

    116 - The wisdoms that can be learned from this hadith

    119 - This bab: When two Muslims meet with their weapons, it is the father in front of which the killer is on fire.

    119 - Qurtubi's statement

    122 - This father: The news that Allah Almighty made the violence of this Ummah against me is the father.

    124 - The Signature of Hadiths

    126 - This father: one of the conflicts reported by the Prophet (PBUH)

    The news that he mentions that the sea will fluctuate as it is waving is the head of the news

    126 - The Prophet

    127 - Explanation of the hadith narrated from Abu Dawudun Abdullah bin Umar

    129 - Imam Qurtubî says rahimehullâh

    130 - Kâ'bül-Ahbârın: Ömer is a door from the gates of Hell; to say

    133- This father: The news that the language is Ashdadd from the sword blow in fitnah is the father.

    133 - stinzaf

    133 - The meaning of the hadith according to this signature

    133 - Fitna

    133 - Veyl

    135 - Bu bab: At the time of fitnah, orders with patience; It is the father of Said, who avoids orders and strife with self-surrender for the murderer at the time of sedition.

    137 - Imam Qurtubî rahimehullâh says:

    138 - The opinion of a group of scholars

    139 - This bab: Before the Ummah and Acirc; at the end of the fiyet "Peace and unity", Belâ is the baab where "Corruption" will be made.

    139 - Views of some scholars

    140 - This father: The news that comes about death and prayer at the time of fitnah and its goodness from above the ground at this time are the father.

    140 - Hadith narrated by Imam Malik rahimehullâh

    141 - The opinion of Imam Qurtubi rahimehullâh

    142 - This father: Huseyin Bini Ali bin Abi Taalib is the father of radıyallâhü anh.

    Translation of Imam Qurtubi

    145 - and Acirc; Alliance on Huseyin's death

    148 - Confirming the narration of Ibn Abbas and Qurtubi's hadith saying "authentic"

    150 - Haalid thousand couplets of the self called Ubeydullah

    153 - Opinion of Haşan Basrî radıyallâhü anh

    158 - The narration of al-Haafiz Abu Naîmin

    160 - Bu bab: The causes of strife, gratitude and troubles are baal

    161 - The narration of Atai Khorasani radıyallâhü anh

    162 - The narration of a Muslim

    162 - High meaning of hadith sheriff

    164 - This father: The news that is the cause of Mercy and Boner is the father

    166 - Great Wars

    166 - This father: The Signs of Great Wars are the "Signs" of the Father

    168 - This father: The news about the Greek wars and the remembrance that these wars will continue each other and that all nations will make each other over the people of Islam.

    171 - Hadith narrated by Huzayfa

    172- How many years Mahdi will stay on the ground

    173 - Bu bab: The news about Turks' khallan baabıd

    174 - Imam Kurtubî Rahimehüllhah says

    175 - This bab: It is from the upper one. News about where the wars decided

    176 - Kurtubî Rahimehullâh

    176 - One of the discoveries of Sheikh Najmeddin is the following event

    179 - This bab: The news about Madinah and Mecca and their ruins is the father

    180 - In a long hadith of Huzayfa

    182 - Imam Qurtubî says

    184 - This father: The caliph, who will come in the name of Mahdi, at the time of the day, will come news about the signs that he will appear.

    186 - This father: The information about the Mahdi about Sufyan coming up on him and sending an army for Sufyar Mahdi and the khal and the sinking of the Sufyan army is from the above clause.

    187 - In the narration of Ibn Mâcehin

    189 - This bab: It is from the above. The news that the Mahdi will allow Jesus to kill the dajjal is the baab.

    190 - 5 important events that will precede the Doomsday announced in the hadith

    191 - This bab: The sign of where Mahdi will emerge from; He will be sworn allegiance to the Mahdi twice; The news that Mahdi will make a qal with Urve bin Muhammed essufyani and kill him is the father.

    192 - An explanation

    193 - in the hadith of Shari

    194 - This bab: The news that the Mahdi will be Malik of Cebeli Deyleme and Konstantiniyye, will conquer Rûmiyye, Antakye, Altun church and other places are the baab.

    197 - Bu bab: The news about how the Conquest of Constantinople will be and that the conquest will be an indication of the emergence of the Dajjal is the father.

    199 - An explanation

    202 - Signs of the Doomsday

    202 - This, "Babes that will come below" are the conditions and signs of the Doomsday

    204 - The abolition of science

    204 - Hell's predators and their dwellers cover the sale of judgments

    204 - The exposure of games and musical instruments Proliferation of alcoholic beverages

    204 - Sale of judgments Disclosure of games and musical instruments

    205 - The proliferation of alcoholic beverages

    205 - Women to women, men to men Extension of buildings

    205 - Building mosques and masjids with ornaments

    205 - Sabians' anecdote

    206 - Those who come at the end of this ummah will curse those who came first

    206 - Increased number of unjust killing

    206 - Hülase

    207 - This bab: Prophet Sallahu and wa sallam "by joining the two fingers" I and Doomsday have been Bâ's like these two, their sheriffs are the baab.

    207 - Views of some scholars

    208 - Bu bab: The dhikr of the events that will precede Doomsday is the baab

    209 - Imam Qurtubi Rahimehullah

    209 - The Word of God

    211 - Bait of Ibn al-Mubarq

    213 - Narration of Muaz bin Jabal radıyallâhü anh

    213 - The Sharif

    215 - The narration of Tırmizî

    215 - The meaning of this Hadith sheriff

    217 - The narration of Bukhaari from Abu Hüreyreden and the thirteen evidences declared in the hadith

    220 - This father is also from the upper one

    223 - Bu bab: The news that he will drive out the Treasury and its goods in the earth is the father.

    223 - The narration of a Muslim

    225 - Bu bab: and Acirc; and Acirc; news about those who will run about the business of the father.

    225 - Narration of Muslim and others

    226 - The meaning of As'ad

    227 - This bab: My ummah; It is the baab that ten troubles will be settled at the time of fifteen harvest.

    231 - The narration of Hakim Tırmizî

    231 - and Acirc; explanation of this hadith of lims

    231 - An explanation

    232 - This bab: The news from the hearts that trust and faith will be lifted is the father

    233 - Information on escrow

    234 - This bab: The news that the knowledge goes and disappears and that the knowledge that will rise first from the people is the knowledge of Feraiz and Hushu is the father.

    236 - This father: The news about Islam will be erased and the Qur'an will be gone

    236 - The Imam Qurtubî rahimehullâh

    238 - This bab: What will happen before the Day of Judgment are the ten "great" signs of evident

    241 - Opinions of some scholars

    241 - Bu bab: The news that the signs will be after two hundred years is the father

    242 - This bab: The news about who will be sunk into the ground - or who will be converted to another form is the father.

    244 - This father: The news about Dajjal's remembrance, his attribute, the Sign of where he will come out and where he will come out, what will be with him when he comes out, those who will save him, he will cure the blind and the dark-skinned, and resurrect the dead are the baab

    248 - The disputes of the scholars about which eye of the Dajjal is blind

    249 - This father: When it comes out, the news that will prevent Dajjal from entering some towns is the father.

    249 - This father: The news that comes about the remembrance of those who will follow him and swear by the antichrist will not imagine himself to Allah when it comes out is the baab.

    250 - This bab: It is about the magnitude of the Creation of the Dajjal, the reason for his emergence, the attribute and the width of his step and how long the antichrist will remain in the supply.

    253 - This bab: What the antichrist will bring from mischief and doubt when it comes out. And the news about the descent of Jesus Christ and how long he will stay in the supply

    259 - Dajjal will have Paradise and fire among his corruption, and his Heaven and Fire are Paradise.

    265 - Rumors about how many years the prophet Jesus will stay in the earth

    267 - This is the father: When Jesus descends, the news that the al-Kahf will be the apostle and the pilgrimage with him is the chapter.

    268 - This bab is also from the above

    269 ​​- Bu bab: The news that the Dajjal cannot harm any Muslim is the father.

    270 - This father: Ibni Sayyâd, that he is Dajjal, his name became Saaf and the quality of his appearance, the qualification of his mother and father and the dhikr that he is on the religion of Jews.

    273 - The hadith about the arrival of the Dajjal

    274 - This bab: The piercing of the doubts of Gog and Magog, their spinning machines and their attributes, their clothes and food, and the baab of the sheriffs of Vâjib Taâlâmn izâ câe vâ-du Rabbi, Caalehüü Dekkâ.

    275 - Opinion of Kâ'bül Ahbâr

    278 - The narration of Amr bin al-As

    280 - This bab: The attribute of the antichrist, when it will appear, the things that will come with it when it will come out, how many times it will appear, the hadith of Cessâse and the z baab of the dajjal in this hadith.

    280 - Opinions of some wise men

    281 - Meanings of Fetr and Dabbe

    282 - The most important provision understood from the hadith

    287 - Imam Qurtubî hadith interpretation

    288 - Bu bab: The sun rising in the west, the pantheon of the tawbah, and what will be left of the people on the earth after that

    292 - Signs of doom are generally divided into two

    293 - This father: The ruin of the lands of the earth before the Damascus and the news about how long Madinah was in ruins before the Day of Judgment

    294 - This father: It is the baab in which the Doomsday will not break until it is called Allah Allah on earth

    297 - This bab: The news about who the Doomsday will strike are the father

    298 - Explanation of the hadith narrated from Bukhaari

    300 - End of second volume

    301 - Dictionary of the Abbreviated Qurtubi Translation

    333 - Index of Second Volume
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