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  • Easy Arabic Training Set

    Easy Arabic Books
    There are a total of 52 courses in the books consisting of 3 rates and 15 fascicles. In the quality of the guide

    listening instructions are also included in the prepared books. All translations are color-colored. It was noted that the student finished one book for reasonable periods of time and passed it on to the other, and the books were produced with wires for long-lasting use.

    Subject narration DVDs are prepared in parallel with a total of 52 courses processed in books. The subjects are told in a warm style that the student can watch with pleasure without getting bored, instead of long video tracks
    The subjects are taken in as small bites as possible. Thanks to the DVD menu, the desired subject can be easily accessed.

    MP CD All dialogue texts, reading and listening parts, some answer keys are voiced in the books. The voiceovers were prepared by voice actors of Arab origin. Audio files in a CD can be easily found and played because they are organized according to the numbers in the books.

    Turkish? Arabic and Arabic? It is prepared in Turkish. Although the dictionary contains the most up-to-date Arabic words, it also contains the most used calis. While the veredes learn Arabic with verbs and names, the preferred and most used terms are also included in this dictionary.

    MP3 CD COUNT 3
    ADDITIONAL Dictionary
    Internet Service
    It is a user-only internet service with a set. Membership to the system is realized with the registered code on the activation card presented with the set. Users who are members access interactive activities and tests, listening tracks and videos prepared in parallel with the input on books, DVDs and CDs.

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