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  • Exemplary Religious Stories Tacettin Uzun

    The main purpose of the Qur'an is to show people the truth and to protect them from indifference and desires. The stories in the Qur'an, in other words, are told as an auxiliary element to achieve this main purpose.
    What is meant in all stories is: "What you have experienced is similar to what happened before; learn lessons from what happened to them." This purpose is stated in the Quran as follows: "There are many signs in their stories (of the past prophets and their nations) for those who have reason." (Yusuf, 111) Hz. Among the advice of the Prophet (pbuh), exemplary stories of past ummahs are included from time to time. Hz. It is clear that the Prophet (pbuh) took into account the fact that believers take lessons in line with the goal set out in the stories in the Qur'an, while telling them.
    The stories in this book that we have prepared are those that are mentioned in the hadiths, selected from Mevlânâ's Mesnevi, Sadi-i Sîrazî's Bostan and Gülistan, and some authors' stories that contain important messages.

    Release Date: 12.10.2016
    ISBN: 9786054908387
    Impressions: 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 269
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 13.5 x 21 cm
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