Fersah Mest - Thermal Mest

Product Code : 05.15.3016
Thermal Mest Models and Prices, Thermal Mest Features
54.90 TL
36-37 44-45 46-47 XXS (34 - 35)
Ölçü Tablosu
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  • Thermal Mest Features:
    Does not smell
    Does not sweat and does not shrink
    Neoprene Fabric
    Thin 2.5mm
    Keeps warm

    Thermal Mest Socks, which you can use daily with its wonderful design and special stitching, are as close to you as a tefefon.

    You can order the number of your socks according to the size of shoes you wear. Have Thermal Mest Socks and spend the winter warm.

    Previously used socks were not preferred because they were only suitable for the elderly, their rough appearance, not keeping the feet warm and not being able to fit into the shoes, but now there are Fersah Thermal Socks.

    Fersah Thermal Mest Socks change your understanding of enchantment. With Thermal Socks, you will not bother you with shoes, boots or boots, and you will enjoy walking comfortably in the rain and snow.

    Hunters, fishermen, cargo men, young people who go to school, watchmen, builders, men, women, young and old people who are always out because of their jobs will love Thermal Socks. It is very easy to clean, elastic, stylish, does not bother your feet because it does not have a zipper, and it wraps your feet and keeps your feet warm. We are waiting for your orders from all European countries and Germany.

    Thanks to its thermal feature, it keeps the feet warm.
    Due to its elastic structure, it covers the foot and prevents muscle and joint pain.
    Absolutely waterproof.
    It is extremely durable against wear due to its unique fabric and sewing shape.

    About the use and care of Thermal Mest Socks:

    It is recommended to use at temperatures of 10C and below.
    After making wudu, the feet should be dried and put on with a thin dry cotton socks.
    It is extremely easy to clean, you can wash in the machine or by hand by turning it upside down with warm water and soap.

    In order for wiping to be permissible on the ombre worn on the feet, enchantment, etc. The garment must have the following characteristics:
    1. He must cover the feet with his heels.
    2. It must be possible to walk for at least 3 miles (5km).
    3. There should not be a hole, tear or ripped, below or above the heel below, so that the three toes and acute;
    4. It must be capable of standing without loops and tires.
    5. When wet, it should not let the water into it immediately.

    It is wiped on the enamel that meets the above conditions.
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