From the Prophet to Children 4 - The Pensive Child

Pati Eğitim
Product Code : 9789944970303
From the Prophet to Children - The Pensive Child
49.90 TL
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  • From the Prophet to the Children - The Pensive Child

    Product features :

    ISBN: 9789944970303
    Number of Impressions: 2nd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 21 x 22 cm


    In this series, we narrated some of the events that the Prophet lived through and the hadiths he told accordingly, keeping the original narration.
    We chose events and hadiths that will contribute to the character education of our children and that they can understand.
    The vocalization of the texts offers children the opportunity to listen and learn as much as they want on their own.
    Again, vocal expression will enable the development of Turkish and increase their speaking and understanding skills.


    -It works whenever the button of the plastic board is pressed and stops when the same button is pressed. It continues to work even if you press another button.
    -Plastic board works with 3 AG13 batteries.
    Replace the batteries when the sounds begin to deteriorate, mix or fade.
    Place the batteries paying attention to the () (-) marks in the battery compartment.
    -Keep the board away from water and other liquids.
    -This product is C and euro; It was produced in accordance with the instructions.
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