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  • Genie Letter Shawl
    In order to protect Muslims from the harms of the jinn, our master the Prophet, Hz. It is a letter written to Ali. Those creatures cannot harm the person who carries it and keeps it in his house.

    Abu Ducane, one of my Companions, narrates: I was sleeping. Like the sound of a mill and like the sound of tree leaves, I heard a sound and saw a flash like lightning. I looked up. In the middle of the room, I saw something black rising. I felt it with my hand. It was like a hedgehog skin. He started throwing things like sparks in my face. I immediately went to the Messenger of Allah and told him. He said:

    'Ya Eba Ducane, may Allahu ta'ala give goodness and abundance to your house! & raquo;

    He asked for pen and paper. Hz. He dictated a letter to Ali. I took the letter and took it home. I put it under my head and slept. A screaming voice woke me up. He said:

    “Ya Eba Ducane, you burned us with this letter. Your owner is of course much higher than us. There is no salvation for us other than removing this letter from us. We will no longer be able to come to your neighbors' house. We cannot come to the places where this letter is found. & raquo;

    I told him I wouldn't remove this letter unless I got permission from my owner. That night came to me too long because of the cry and cry of the demon. After performing the morning prayer in the mosque, I explained the words of the jinn. The Messenger of Allah said:

    “Remove that letter. Otherwise, they will suffer from the letter until doomsday. & raquo; [1] [2]
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