Hz. Seal of Solomon Binary Amulet Kismet and Cuteness

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Hz. Seal of Solomon Binary Amulet
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  • Hz. Seal of Solomon Double Amulet

    From the 1300-year-old Havas Books, Hz. Süleyman (a.s) Sealus (Hatem-i Süleyman)

    Make sure of magic, magic, talisman, evil eye, genie, devil, fairy and their fears. Family happiness and peace. Interpretation between people. Protection from malicious people and creatures.

    Summit Prayer

    His name is Azam Prayer
    Wide Span of Supply
    General Protections
    To Prevent Magic and Magic from Affecting
    Hz. Solomon's (a.s) Seal
    Material and Spiritual Ascension
    Kismet and Cuteness

    Note: Musk is printed with amber and saffron ink.
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