Islamic Great Encyclopedia of Dream Expressions-1580

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Islamic Great Encyclopedia of Dream Expressions
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  • The Great Islamic Dream Interpretation Encyclopedia

    In this book, one of the other important commentators to take as the basis of the important dream interpreter of the Islamic world, Imam Nablusi; We consulted the opinions of Ibn Sirin, Cafer-i Sadık, Ibn Kesir, Salimi and Kirmanî. On the one hand, we tried to reflect different interpretations in order to enrich it in terms of content while multiplying the items. You can find the interpretation of all your dreams with the views of different scholars in our book.
    We call the thing or things people see during sleep as dreams. It is a word of Arabic origin. Dictionary meaning means what appears. The Turkish equivalent of dream is "dream". However, the word dream does not exactly correspond to the meaning of the word dream. Dream refers to the wider moment and note; lambs. We will discuss what these are in the following lines.
    There is no person who does not dream. Some people just don't remember their dreams after they wake up. Such a topic that concerns all people needs a broad and coherent explanation. Unfortunately, it is not possible to say objective things due to its nature. Because a dream is a very abstract event like a soul. Though thoughts and minds are also abstract beings, they are not at the level of dreams. Based on its results, it is possible to comprehend thought and reason, to examine and reveal them. But it is not possible to say the same for a dream.
    It is necessary to consider the dream from two sides:
    In terms of faith.
    In terms of science.
    When we consider the dream according to belief, we come across three types of dreams:
    Rahmani (true) dreams.
    Satanic dreams.
    Dreams that occur as a result of daily events or body discomfort.
    Let's explain them in order:
    RAHMANÎ DREAMS: These are the dreams that Allah Almighty inspires the souls of those who sleep through the angels in the nature of good news or frightening. Allah makes these dreams come to be seen by Allah Almighty either to give information or as a sign about future events. Almighty Al and note; some of the revelations sent down by lah came to the Prophet (pbuh) through such dreams. These dreams are true and they have to be believed.
    Such dreams are also clearly mentioned in the Quran. Hz. Yakub's son, Hz. Yusuf (as) and the dream of the Prophet before Hüdeybiye.
    These kinds of dreams were mostly seen by prophets. However, normal servants can also see. These dreams sometimes herald an event and sometimes come as a warning of a sin or a catastrophe that will occur.
    These true dreams are mostly those that occur when one falls asleep with ablution and as a prayer, at dawn, after the morning prayer, and during holy nights (qadr night, eid and Friday nights, etc.)
    Dreams we have to believe are these kinds of dreams.
    Satanic Dreams: These are harmful dreams that are instilled by the devil to upset people, to frighten them and to induce evil thoughts: falling from a high place, being bitten by a dog, seeing sensual and perverse things. He should take refuge, make a good ablution after getting out of bed, perform a two-rak'ah prayer and give alms to the poor. Sadaqah prevents future troubles.
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