Kuran Karim and Yüce Meali - Arabic and Meal - Medium Size - Sefa Publishing

Sefa Yayıncılık
Product Code : 9786054008131
Computer Line, Easy to Read, Sealed, Medium Size (17 cm x 24 cm)
44.50 TL
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  • Work Features:

    • Translator: Elmali M. Hamdi Yazr
      Simplified: Abdüsselam Tunç, Huseyin Börekoglu
      Computer Line: From the line where millions of people learn to read the Quran. Very easy to read computer line
      Calligrapher: Huseyin Turkmen *Mimar Sinan Ünv. Calligraphy Graduate - Ismek Calligraphy Tutorial
      Religious Sealed: Approved and Sealed by the Religious Affairs Directorate Mushafs Review and Kiraat Board
      Size: Medium Size (17 cm x 24 cm)
      Language: Arabic, Turkish
      Skin Condition: Hard Cover with Skin
      Paper Type: 1. Quality Shamua Paper
      Page: 622
      Publisher: Sefa Publishing

      1,004 gr.

    About the work:

    The Text of this Mealli Qur'an has been reviewed and sealed by the Religious Affairs Directorate's Mushaf Review and Kiraat Board. You will be able to read the Turkish Meal Quran prepared with the most easily readable line on the computer. May the Lord, who has sent down the Qur'an as a light to bring it out of darkness into light, be eternal praise to us. May our beloved Prophet Mohammed Mustafa (sallAllahu anti-vesellem), who was sent to the worlds as a mercy, salute to his family members and those who followed his path until the apocalypse. The Qur'an was sent not to a people, but to the entire Islamic community. Therefore, various races have led to the manifestation of islamic unity among the tribes. It is their well-being and bliss that all Muslims embrace the Qur'an with all hands regarding worship and worship, and that they obey their commands, which are high and in accordance with all aspects of masculinity and wisdom. At the request of any race or community, there is no resentfulness for the movement against this Qur'an. Otherwise, the Islamic unity will be damaged, the brotherhood of religion will be destroyed, and the enemies of the Islamic nation will benefit from it. The Qur'an is the holy and divine book of all humanities. All the words and meanings of this blessed book are divine. He invites all people to a unity and fraternity circle. Therefore, it is the most sacred duty for all human beings to fully observe the entire content of the Qur'an. The Qur'an is such a great miracle of eloquence that it is not possible to fully express its high meanings, all its wisdom and signs in other languages. In this regard, all scholars have alliances (consensus). As you know, I don't know. Neither these meals nor interpretations of the truths of the Qur'an can be equivalent to the same. With these translations, prayers such as prayers cannot be performed. Only their arguments are benefited, and reading them is a blessing in the ass. We took care to use a simple language suitable for today's Turkish by adhering to the meaning in the original text of Elmalı M. Hamdi YAZIR. Mr. Nurullah KAHRAMAN, who played a part in the occurrence of their interest in preparing the meal, we owe it to our brother to express our thanks here. We are pleased to say that we will see the constructive criticisms of those who are qualified in this field as a win in addressing the shortcomings and we will be grateful for this. We will feel blessed if we have been able to serve the Qur'an and especially the scholars. The service is from mevlâ, success from us.

    Abdulselam TUNÇ

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