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  • Lal 6-Piece Coffee Cup Set - Nickel


    Usage Instruction

    Our products are specially produced against tarnishing.

    Do not use chemical-containing products for cleaning.

    Do not wash in the dishwasher.

    Just rinse with water.

    Do not leave it wet and damp.

    Wipe it with a dry cloth.

    Product features:
    There is an embroidered cup on the outside of the cups,
    First class materials and workmanship were used in the cups, plates and trays,
    Products designed and manufactured in Turkey,
    World-famous Porland, Güral Porcelain or Kütahya Porcelain products were used in the porcelain parts,
    The product is sold under the "Authentic Gift" guarantee.

    Colour options:
    Silver Color

    Package Included:

    6 Coffee Cups,
    6 Coffee Saucers.

    Service trays and cups may become dull over time due to contact with water and air,
    In such cases, you can restore the product to its former brightness by cleaning it with a damp cloth or cotton.
    After cleaning the products, they must be dried with a soft dry cloth.
    It is not recommended to wash your products in the dishwasher in order to maintain their "first day look" for a longer period of time.
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