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  • MBSTS El-Ihkam Fully Resolved 7 Trials
    Product features
    Publication Year: 2020
    Edition: 1
    Number of Pages: 172
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 20 x 28
    Language Turkish
    Skin Condition: Paperback
    ISBN: 6056815966
    WHY al-Ikhqam?


    2020 MBSTS EL-İHKAM 7 TRIALS Our fully solved book is a FULLY SOLUTIONS trial book prepared to cover the MBST exams.
    Our book has 172 pages and includes 7 large-size and full-color essays with solutions.
    Our essay book has been prepared by considering the latest MBSTS.
    In our study, questions and solutions are included in fields such as FAMILY FAMILY LAW (MUNAKEH and Acirc; T) CRIMINAL LAW (CIN and Acirc; Y and Acirc; T), where questions have been frequently raised in recent years.
    The most distinctive feature of our essay book is that the MBSTS questions are solved in DETAIL. In this way, it is aimed that the candidate will review the details of the subject and make up for his deficiencies.
    In addition, it is aimed that the candidate will internalize the knowledge by including questions with pioneering as well as questions based on knowledge and interpretation.

    2020 MBSTS EL-İHKAM 7 ESSAY Fully Resolved book appeals to ALL CANDIDATES who are prepared for the VOCATIONAL KNOWLEDGE LEVEL DETERMINATION EXAM.

    We have made a great effort in our work, but if we still have overlooked deficiencies and mistakes, we apologize already.
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