Mother's Day Gift Velvet Boxed Quran and Pearl Rosary Set

Product Code : 0000000357168
A Special Gift That Will Be Useful And Lasting For Mother's Day
399.00 TL
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  • Contents of the Set:
    Special Design, Velvet Covered Stylish Box
    Medium Size (17x24 cm) Holy Quran
    Laser Cut and Engraved Mirrored Plexy Message
    99 Piece Pearl Rosary

    TOTAL WEIGHT 2,296 grams

    Quran Features:
    1st Quality Chamois Paper, Luxury Cloth Binding, 2 Color Offset Printing
    Elmalılı Write Hamdı Meali
    Prepared with the Easiest to Read Computer Line in the World
    The selected text is a special calligraphy that preserves both aesthetics and the basic characters of the letters and makes them easy to read.
    The vowels are listed just below or above the letters to which they belong, especially those who are just starting to read, and are arranged so as not to cause confusion in vowel.
    In the guides used on the pages, the names of the suras and parts are given along with their numbers, and it is aimed that the reader can easily find the sura and part of the number he is looking for.
    In each sura title, a preliminary information is given about the sura by indicating the name of the sura, the place where it was sent down and the number of verses, in numbers and writing
    About the Holy Quran:
    The Qur'an, the verses of the Prophet through Gabriel aleyhisselam by Allah celle celaluhu. It is the holy book of Islam that was sent down to Muhammad in the form of revelations. The Holy Koran, the last holy book sent down to earth, is Hz. It will be protected by Allah. On the Night of Qadir of the month of Ramadan in 610, it was started to be downloaded in the Hira Cave on Mount Nur in Mecca, and the revelation lasted for 23 years, 12 years in Mecca and 11 years in Medina. The literal meaning of the Quran is "read" and the word meaning of the Holy Quran is "noble, noble". That is, our holy book guides believers by ordering them to "read" even in its name. Therefore, every person who calls himself a Muslim should acquire the Quran and read it whenever possible. As a matter of fact, in line with this purpose, it is printed in different sizes such as pocket-sized Quran, mosque-sized Quran, and rahle-sized Quran.
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