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  • Muhtasar 'lmihal Franszca' (Ciltli)

    Infinite thanks and praise to Allah the Almighty, who created humanity and the whole universe with divine Wisdom and for a noble purpose.

    May benediction and peace be on The Prophete MuhammecT, the very example of compassion for the universe, the most distinguished and loving intercessor of the Prophets of Allah; on his family, on his companions, on all those who have followed and who continue to follow his Sacred Way.

    The contents of this ve laquo;ilmihal Abrege ve raquo; refers to a branch of Islamic knowledge that provides information about the faith [îmân] and the cult ['idah].

    NurtreProphete MuhammecT, ve laquo; Peace and Benediction on Him ve raquo;, declared that it is obligatory for every Muslim, man and woman, to acquire knowledge. The knowledge in this manual gives essential information about the faith [îmân] and the cult ['ibâdah] that will guide the faithful to happiness here on earth and salvation in the au-delâ. One cannot become a perfect and complete Muslim without learning and believing in these essential themes, known in Arabic as [El dharûrât-ed-diniyyeh], the essential rules of Religion.

    Several books of different sizes have been written about ilmihal and we thought it would be appropriate to compile this book in order to help all Muslim children to easily learn and memorize the essentials of the Islamic religion.

    May Allah, the Supreme Being, be satisfied with us for this essay.


    THE ISL ve Acirc; M 5

    [EL-IMAN], LA FO 6

    Faith Articles 7

    Believe In Allah 7

    [Es-Sifat Edh-Dhativvehl 7

    [Es-Sifat Ath-Ihubutiyyeh] 8

    Believe in Angels 9

    Believing in The Holy Books 10

    Believe in the Prophetes" 11

    Netre Prophete Muhammed' 13

    [El-Ashab El-Kiram], 18

    Believing in the Day of Judgment, [El-Yawm El-Akhir] 20

    Believing in [El-Qadha'l. The Divine Decret and in [El-Qadar], La Destinee.... 21

    [El-lradah El-Djuz'iyyeh], The Free Referee 21

    [El-Qadar], La Destinee, [El-Qadhaa'1. The Divine Decret,

    [Er-Rizq], The Sustentation 23

    [Adillât Ash-Shari'ah], At the Sources of Sharia 28

    [El-Medhahib], Theological and Legal Schools of Islam 29


    [Kelimat Esh-Shehâdeh], Faith Certificate 31

    [Afâlu'l-Mukellafîn], Acts of the Leaders 32

    [Es-Salat], The Ritual Prayer 34

    [And Taharah Min El-Hadeth], the purification of impuretes 35

    [EIA/Vudhu], The Ablutions. 35

    How to make Ablutions 37

    [El-Ghusl], The Ritual Bath 41

    [And-Teyemmum], Pulveral Ablutions 44

    Women's Special Situations 47

    [And-Tahârah Min En-Nadjâsah], The Purification of The Smear 50

    [Satru'l-'Awrah], La Decence Vestimentaire 50

    [lstiqâlu'l-Qiblah], Towards Ka'ba 51

    [El-Waqt], The Time of Prayer 51

    [En-Niyyah], L'lntention 51

    [El-Edhan] And [El-lqamah] 53

    [Tekbir El-lftitah], [El-Qiyam], [El-Qira'ah] 55

    Some Surahs and Ve Acirc;yet recited during the Ritual Prayer 56

    Some Invocations to recite in ritual prayers 66

    [Es-Salewât Esh-Sherifeh], Prayers and Greetings on the Prophet'.... 68

    [Ar-Ruku'] L'lnclinaison, [Es-Sudjûd] The Prostemation, [El-Qa'dah

    El-Akhîrah], The Last Position Assisi 71

    VVadjib Acts of Ritual Prayer 72

    Sunnah Acts of ritual Prayer 73

    [Edeb Es-Saâh], Traditional Behavior at the Prayer

    ritual 74

    [Mekerih Es-Salât] Reprehensible Acts during Prayer 75

    Acts cancelling the Ritual Prayer 78

    How to perform Ritual Prayer 79

    The Five Daily Ritual Prayers 84

    [Sedjdat Es-Sahw], Prostemation of the Forgotten 88

    [Salât El-Djumu'ah], The Prayer of Friday 89

    [Salât El-'îdayn], Prayer of the two feasts 91

    [Salât El-Qadhâ'], Catching up with the Missing Ritual Prayers 92

    Some Saferogatory Prayers [Nafilah] 94

    How to do [El-Wudhu'], Ablutions lllustrations 97

    How to perform the Ritual Prayer for Men and Women

    women lllustrations 111

    Funeral Rites 129

    [Es-Sefer], The Travel 137

    Cults to render during the Holy Nights 141

    [Es-Sawm], Fasting 145

    [Sadaqat El-Fitr], Aumen de Breaking Fast gives at the end of the

    month of Ramadan 149

    [Salât Et-Terâwih], Prayer of Teravvîh 149

    [Ez-Zekât], The Legal Contribution 150

    [EL-'USHUR], LaDîme 150

    [El-Hadjj], Le Pelerinage 152

    [El-'Udhhiyyah], The Sacrifice 153

    The Capital Peches What a Peche 155

    Remedepour to heal the fish as evil [And-Tewbah] and

    [El-lstighfâr] 156

    [El-Djihâd] 160

    Some [Du'â'], Invocations 162

    [ES-SAL ve Acirc; VV ve Acirc; T ESH-SHERIFAH] 168

    [Khatiml Pray after the full reading of the Holy Quran 171

    Invocation of Factions (Ahzab) 173

    Invocation dedicated to the meal 175

    The 32 Fardh, Bonds in Islam 177

    The 54 Fardh Acts, Obligatory 179

    2usions for the use of the Muslim child 181
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