Mustafa Özşimşekler Exemplary Tables Book-1152

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It Is A Magnificent Artifact Consisting of Exemplary Stories Shedding Light on Humanity.It is a Book Subject to the Stories of the Prophets that came from the Prophet Adam.
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    Skin Condition: Hardcover
    Date of Publication: August 2015
    Place of Publication: Turkey
    Dimensions: 17.50 x 20.00cm
    Publication Language: Turkish
    Paper Type: Chamois
    Number of Pages: 414
    -Exemplary Stories Shedding Light on Humanity-

    Endless praise to our Lord, who declared to us the stories about the past prophets and peoples in the Qur'an al-karim so that we can take lessons and tidy up ourselves; Many blessings and greetings to the Prophet (Sallallahü Aleyhi ve Salam) and Acirc; His Companions, who warned us by including stories because of the exemplary messages he contained in the hadiths ...

    Another feature of the book sent by Allah is that it is a reminder. As a matter of fact, "He is only a great admonition for all the worlds." In another verse of the time; He said, "We have given people all kinds of examples in this Qur'an so that they may take advice."

    There are various ways of giving advice to people and guiding people to the right path. One of them is the narration with exemplary events. Many truths, many difficult to understand issues are told like exemplary stories, unfolded like a film strip, and made into a form that can be imagined and envisioned in people's minds and easily understood by everyone.

    While some truths are explained in the Quran due to the importance of narration of stories in suggestion and teaching, the exemplary lives of the past prophets are mentioned in many places and these are handled with an effective style.

    The preachers and preachers who serve in this way in the issue of preaching and invitation and who guide the public through their conversations, sermons and conferences know very well that such stories described in the subject make teaching easier and makes the subjects easier to understand. It even contributes to the most difficult issues and helps them stay in mind.

    The exemplary events that add color to the subject matter, at the same time relax the audience, increase their interest in the subject and attract their attention. Thus, they escape the boring atmosphere of their environment and travel to different realms.

    We present such a study for your benefit, on the grounds that it is a very important and effective means of telling the religious message, moral ideals and events that are like an exemplary table while making statements and invitations.

    In our conversations, sermons and conferences that we have held for years, we have selected, meticulously reviewed and rewritten some exemplary stories that we have written in the "Story from the Share" column in some magazines under the pseudonym "Mustafa Ramazan Bursevi". We have gathered together in this book many exemplary tables that our preachers and preachers will use in their speeches. We added hadith-i sharif.

    I hope our book that you will read without getting bored and that you will not be able to let go; We started with the exemplary life of Yusuf (Aleyhisselam), who is described as "Ahsenii'l-kasas / the most beautiful of the stories, in the Quran, and tried to explain the exemplary struggle of many prophets with their deniers in a fluent manner. In this book, in which you will find episodes full of lessons from the companions of the companions, many friends of Allah, the lives of the ulama and the sultan, you will read many events that will lead us to learn lessons, sometimes by astonishment, sometimes by thinking, and sometimes by emotion.

    With the hope of taking lessons from each of the events described and wishing to be a lesson, effort is from us and success from Allah ...


    Yusuf (Aleyhisselam) 5

    The reason why Yakup (Aleyhisselam) liked Yusuf more 6

    Yusuf's (Aleyhisselam) dream 7

    Yusuf (Aleyhisselam) being thrown into the well 8

    Taking Hazrat Yusuf from the well 10

    A great test 12

    Yusuf (Aleyhisselam) being thrown into the dungeon 15

    Getting out of the dungeon 17

    Noah (Aleyhisselam) 24

    A stubborn and disbelieving people 25

    Noah (Aleyhisselam) begins shipbuilding 29

    Nûh deluge 32

    The ummah to witness 36

    Ibrahim (Aleyhisselam) 37

    İbrahim (Aleyhisselam) is thrown into the fire 42

    Ibrahim (Aleyhisselam )'s speech with Nimrut 45

    The birth of Ismail (Aleyhisselam) 47

    The big test of our mother Hacer 48

    The emergence of Zamzam water 50

    Taking Ismail (Aleyhisselam) for a sacrifice 52

    A great test table: 56

    Who is more generous 58

    Ibrahim (Aleyhisselam) being tested with his property 59

    Ibrahim (Aleyhisselam) building the Kaaba 60

    Moses (Aleyhisselam) 65

    The dream of the Pharaoh 66

    Moses (Aleyhisselam) is born 67

    Moses (Aleyhisselam) in the palace of the pharaoh 69

    Mother getting her offspring 72

    The test with gold and fire 75

    Attractive offer to Pharaoh 78

    Go to Pharaoh because he was really less 80

    The encounter of Musa (Aleyhisselam) with the magicians 82

    The faith and martyrdom of sorcerers 86

    A series of troubles that came to Pharaoh and his people 87

    The Israelites leaving Egypt 89

    Pharaoh's drowning 90

    Yunus (Aleyhisselam) 96

    The repentance of the people of Nineveh 97

    The draw is on Yunus (Aleyhisselam) 98

    Yûnus (Aleyhisselam) in the belly of the fish 99

    Ayyub (Aleyhisselam) 104

    Oh the reason he pulled out crying 110

    Üzeyr (Aleyhisselam) 111

    Solomon (Aleyhisselam) 115

    The verdict of Süleyman (Aleyhisselam) 115

    Child's 116

    Revealing the libel 117

    Time and place of death do not change 119

    Sustenance belongs to Allah 121

    Ant prayer 121

    Solomon (Aleyhisselam) and the ant 122

    Moses and Khidr (Aleyhimesselam) 123

    İdris (Aleyhisselam) 129

    Sewing clothes for the first time 130

    İdris (Aleyhisselam) was the first in many things 131

    Raising Idris (Aleyhisselam) to the skies 132

    Idris (Aleyhisselam) 's entry and not wanting to exit 133

    Bel'am Ibn Bâ'ura 135

    Companions of the Cave 138

    Abel and Kabul 144

    The benefit of donating for Allah 146

    The first murder on earth 147

    He learned the burial from the crow 149

    Asiye Binti Müzahim 151

    Asiye binti mushaim adoption of Musa (Aleyhisselam) 152

    Pharaoh's testing of Moses (Aleyhisselam) 154

    Believing of rebel binti mushaim 155

    Mâşite Sultan 159

    Torture begins 160

    Swaddled baby speaks 161

    The three people to be questioned for the first time in the hereafter 163

    The importance of intention 165

    Work done for the sake of Allah 167

    Tabuk expedition 169

    Companions of the Companions of Infaq 171

    Those who caught up with the Islamic army 173

    The coming of Abu haysama, who remained from the campaign, to the army 175

    The three Companions who remained from the Tabuk expedition 178

    The earth seemed narrow for them 182

    Salabe's ruin 187

    Jews casting a spell on our Lord "with the intention of killing" 193

    The slander of the Jews against Abdullah Ibn Salam 196

    Where is the Messenger of Allah? 198

    Better wife 201

    By God, I'm more fair than Nuşirevan 206

    Governments are destroyed by tyranny and survive 211

    Iazreti Ömer (radıyallâhû anh) and orphans 214

    The incident witnessed by Ömer Ibni Abdulaziz 218

    I will not make me say "there is no fidelity" in the world! 220

    The first woman to enter heaven 226

    Imam-i Azam I 229

    Father of Imam-i âzam 229

    You would be a hafiz even in a day.

    The knowledge and intelligence of the Imam 233

    The ability to persuade the Imam-i âzam 234

    Genius solution 237

    Woman speaking with the Qur'an 240

    How can Allah be hosted? 245

    Abdülkâdir Geylâni 247

    I see the fire of swearing shining in you 247

    My feet are on the neck of all parents 248

    The fate of those who spoke of Abdülkâdir gay Holiness 250

    He could not save his faith 252

    True Word 254

    Believer's insight 259

    Turns out I had one and a half followers 261

    Aziz Mahmud Hüdâyî 266

    Accurate interpretation 266

    Is it a miracle bigger than this? 267

    Seniors answer 268

    Yavuz Sultan Selim Han 269

    Expected spiritual news 269

    Mud splashed from horse's feet 273

    When "Sin" enters "Şın", my grave becomes visible 274

    Fatih Sultan Mehmet Han277

    Hocazâde 277

    If you are the sultan, take the head of the army! If it is me, I order you to head the army! 283

    I would conquer the world with this nation 284

    The wisdom of the prayer performed with three takbirs 285

    Islamic justice and belief by priests 286

    Sultan got a room in Fatih by exam 289

    Why did he put the straw garbage 290

    290 for the sake of 124 thousand prophets

    Do not let the other brothers hear! 291

    What does his father say, what his fate? 292

    Everyone offers what they eat 292

    A statement affecting Sultan Mahmud 293

    Night arrows 295

    The most durable castle 297

    Three questions one answer 298

    The importance of Basmalah 301

    I like you creed 302

    For the sake of Salevât-ı Şerife 305

    How was the penalty in the grave removed? 308

    The prayer of Khatami Zâhid 310

    Delays in prayer 311

    We can't keep up while we're inside 315

    For Patterns 316

    Ramadan and Shawwal fasting 317

    Kaaba 319

    Divine document received 319

    For the sake of six people 323

    The Reward of Righteousness 324

    The Repentance of the Singer 328

    The salute sent by the Messenger of Allah 333

    The power of the Quran 336

    If the Quran is stronger than ffansa, what should I do? 336

    The fate of Velid who smashed the Mushaf 337
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