Paradise-Hell Death and After Imam-i Ghazali

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Paradise-Hell Death and After Imam-i Ghazali
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  • Paradise-Hell Death and After Imam-i Ghazali

    Product features :

    Translator: Ahmet Yılmaz
    Translator: Mehmet Coşkun
    Published Date 2014-01-01
    ISBN 9758524099
    Number of Impressions 1st Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 496
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Size 16.5 x 24.5 cm
    Weight: 692 gr


    Praise be to Allah, who severed the necks of the owners of ceberrt, who broke the waist of kisaras and shortened the desires of the Kayser! Their hearts fear the commemoration of death until the true promise (death) comes and hits them and throws them into the pit. From this care and note; from palaces to tombs, from the light of lanterns to the darkness of sarcophagi, from the flurry of concubines and gilmans, with insects and insects, and the rush of notes, they are condemned to crawl in the soil from delicious food and drink. From the indignity of the sign to the brutality of desolation, the yu and the note are transported to the place of the terrible fall from the litter. Did the ten and notes find a fortress and shelter from death? Could they draw a curtain and a protective barrier in front of death? Be careful! Do you hear a stir or a hidden noise from any of them? So Allah, who is alone with anguish and invasion, is free from addition and note; Allah, who has the feature of remaining permanent and who crushes the creatures by his rule, and then death is salvation for those who are happy, and they are the truth and note; and who makes an interlocutor in the grave of sinners until the Day of Judgment, is far from the partners. It belongs to Him to bless with constant blessings and to take death with devastating torments. Praise be to Him in heaven and earth, praise in the past and the future.
    The owner of Salah, clear miracles and visible burhanes, Hz. May it be upon the family of the Prophet and his companions! Greet them a lot (yarab!).
    He who is the person who is his parable, the earth is his bed, the insect is his mother, the munkar and the nekir is his cella, the grave is his place of decision, the apocalypse is his promised land, the heaven or hell is his destination, the most suitable for him is to prepare for death . It should only take action for death. He should only look at death and stand and reflect on death and note. He must take care of death and turn around and wait for it. The most appropriate nave and note for human beings is to count the nave from the dead and see it from the graves. Because every future is near. The distant is the one that will not come. Nite and note; who is Hz. The Prophet said,
    It is clever that he took his soul into account and worked for the afterlife.
    Preparing for anything is only possible if it is remembered from time to time in the heart. The remembrance of that thing is only renewed by listening to the provisions that remind it and looking at those who draw attention to it. Therefore, we will mention the things that should not be separated from the blessings of death and the saints and notes from the hereafter, doomsday, heaven and hell by occasionally remembering and contemplating for the servant so that it will be encouraging for preparation. Immigration to the afterlife is approaching and there is less than a lifetime. However, the people are unaware in this matter;
    People's reckoning time (doomsday) has approached. But they still turn away in heedlessness. (Enbiya / 1)
    We'll talk about this thing about death in two parts. First part; it is about the premonitions of death and things up to the blowing of the Surah. There are eight parts in this section:
    - The virtue of commemorating death and incentives in this regard
    -Tul-i emel ve kasr-ı emel (the length and the shortness of the ambition)
    The horror of death and the situations encountered at the time of death
    - Hz. The death of the Prophet and the Hulefâ-i Râşidîn after him
    -The words of the caliph, orders and righteous people who were prepared for death
    -Arif's words about funerals, graves and visiting graves
    The truth of death, the things that the dead face in the grave until the wall is blown
    -What are known from the states of the dead through the way of reward in sleep.


    Kitabu Zikr'il-Mawt and Mâ Ba'dahu
    (Thinking about Death and the Aftermath)
    Introduction 11
    Until the Prophecies of Death and the Blowing of the Sur
    Ahval After Death
    First Part 17
    The Virtue of Remembering Death and Incentives 17
    The Virtue of Commemorating Death in Every Situation. 19
    The Companions and Acirc; Words of limes 21
    Way to Place Death Remembrance in the Heart 23
    Second Part 27
    Abuse of Long Faith, Virtue of Short Faith, Long
    Emel's Reason and Remedy 27
    Short Emel's Virtue Tl
    The Words of the Companions and Acirc; limes .... 31
    Long Emel's Reason and Remedy 38
    a. Love of the World 38
    b.Chehalet 39
    The Situation of People on Long Ambitions and Short Aspects 41
    Hurrying about the Surgery, Avoiding Delay Disaster 44
    Third Part 51
    Violence of Mortality and Being Suffering at Death
    Situations 51
    Situations Suffering to a Person During Death 62
    The Angel of Death with Stories Indicated by Language
    Hasret 65 with Immediate Interview
    Fourth part 73
    Hz. The Deaths of the Prophet (a.s.) and the Hulefa-i Rashid Hz.
    Death of the Prophet 73
    Hz. The Death of Abu Bakr (r.a.) 92
    Hz. The Death of Umar (r.a.) 95
    Hz. Death of Uthman (r.a.) 99
    Hz. Ali's (r.a.) Death 102
    Fifth Part 105
    On the Deathbed of the Caliphs, the Emirs and the Righteous
    Quotes 105
    Companions, Natural and People Who Came After Them
    Words of Some People from Sufism 110
    Sixth Part 119
    Funerals, Graves and Tombs Visit
    Sayings of Arifs 119
    The State of the Tomb and the Words of the Predecessor on the Graves 123
    Verses Written on Gravestones 129
    Sayings of the Predecessor when His Children Died 132
    Visit to the Grave, Prayer to the Dead and Related Provisions 134
    Seventh part 145
    The Truth of Death, Die Until You Lift From Grave
    Ahvali in the grave 145
    The Truth of Death 145
    The Grave's Address to the Dead 157
    Penalty in the Grave and the Interrogation of Munkar-Nakir 159
    The Questioning of Munkar and Nekir, Their Images, Tightening of the Grave and Other Issues Related to Penalty in the Grave 169
    Eighth part 173
    Known Ahval of the Dead through the Way of Mükâşefe in a Dream 173
    Dreams of Sheikhs 183
    In Heaven or Hell since the Blowing of the Sura
    The States of the Dead Until they are replaced, the Terror Ahead and
    Details of the Hazards
    The Pleasure Of Being Blown Into Sûr 199
    The Place of Judgment and the Situation of the People of Judgment 204
    The Pleasure of Sweating 207
    The Length of Doomsday 209
    Doomsday, Its Horrors and Names 211
    Interrogation- Suâl 216
    Trial Balance 224
    Sirat 236
    Intercession 241
    Kevser Pool 248
    Hell, Its Terror and Torment 251
    Paradise and Various Bounties 268
    Heaven's Walls, Earth, Trees and Rivers 276
    Clothes, Beds, Exhibitions, Armchairs and Mansions of the People of Heaven 278
    Food of the People of Paradise 280
    The Huris and Villages in Paradise 282
    What Are Existing in the Hadiths About the Qualities of the People of Paradise
    Partial News 285
    Viewing the Way of God 288
    The Extent of God's Mercy 290
    Kitab'ul-Fikr (Contemplation)
    Introduction 303
    The Virtue of Contemplation 305
    The Truth and the Fruition of Contemplation 311
    Ways of Contemplation 316
    First Part 317
    1-Sins 318
    2-Worships 320
    3-Destructive Adjectives 321
    4 Savior Adjectives 323
    Second Part 332
    First office 333
    Second Office 334
    Reflection on the Creatures of God 337
    Sıdk, The Virtue and Truth of Sıdk 373
    The Virtue of Sıdk 373
    The Reality, Meaning and Levels of Sıdk 377
    Sight of the Language 377
    The Sight of the Will and the Will 381
    Vefa in Azim 383
    Amelin Siddiq 386
    Rank 388 in Religious Degrees
    Kitab'ul Murakabe ve'l-Accounting
    (Accounting and Accounting)
    Intro 397
    1. 401
    Eye 404
    Language 405
    Stomach 405
    2.Murakabe 411
    Virtue of Murakabe 411
    The Truth and Degrees of Murakabe 416
    First Degree 417
    Second Degree 421
    3. Accounting-i Nefs 435
    The Virtue of Self-Account 435
    The Truth of Accounting-i Nefs After the Operation 439
    4. Self-Denouncing Because of His Defects 443
    5 449 in the Battle
    6. Reproaches 479
    Kitabu Zikr'il-Mawt and Mâ Ba'dahu
    (Thinking about Death and the Aftermath)
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