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  • Personal Development Becomes Muslim
    Kamile Uğurlu - Personal and Spiritual Development Specialist
    Akif Publications
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 155
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: 2. Pulp Paper
    Size: 13.5 x 21 cm
    Humans do not change, HODRİ SQUARE for those who say, "He is what he is in seven and seventy" I say.

    This character changes as it is formed. A human being cannot be a standing entity. We came to this life to progress, learn, change. We came to know ourselves, an incredible gem. We came to discover our Lord.

    Are you ready to go on a journey you have never taken in your life?


    I am very happy to meet you in this first book. It is very nice to reach my friends and even people I have never known by transferring the words to the articles.

    The goal of our book is to discover ourselves, to walk and move forward with the motto "Who finds himself, knows himself, knows his Lord, reaches it".

    It is seen that people who are not at peace with themselves, who do not know themselves and do not try to discipline themselves live in vain, get caught up in the world and its contents.

    Our aim; Hz. To beautify both our worlds like the prayer of Ibrahim a.s. To live in this world in happiness, peace, health and abundance, to be aware of the beautiful blessings that our Lord has bestowed upon us and to benefit as a servant, to prepare our hereafter.

    People with village life know that they spend a good time enjoying nature in the summer pastures and gardens, and at the same time prepare their winter supplies.

    This is what we have to do for life! Benefit from blessings, be happy and prepare for the hereafter. Know that winter will come!

    I wish from God that you read this book I wrote with my heart and put it into your life. It should be known that the information that is not applied is like bread thrown into the garbage. I experienced all of what I wrote in the book myself and saw the change. Now it's your turn! ...

    Greetings and love to all my book friends. Be entrusted to God until we meet again.
    Kamile Uğurlu
    Personal and spiritual development specialist
    November 2017

    Our author, Kamile Uğurlu; NLP specialist, life coach, hypnotherapist and personal development specialist. After completing these trainings for six years, he received his religious education in six years.

    In the words of the author; "Only then, when personal development combined with verses and sunnahs, everything fell into place and the meaning was solidified." He says.

    Our author still continues to give training and seminars.


    Preface 7
    Insignificance and false self 9
    Solving the complexity of the subconscious 35
    Finding hidden intentions in the subconscious 42
    Hypocrisy in the heart and its effect on personal development 45
    Remedy for Hypocrisy 64
    Good opinion - bad suspicion 66
    Our magic tongue 71
    Breaking tongue patterns 73
    Anxiety for the future - trust 83
    Thought - Ambition 87
    Order spiritual 89
    Patience - Gratitude - Praise 101
    The tongue lies but the face does not lie 114
    A believer is the mirror of a believer 117
    Being a life coach for ourselves and others 123
    Improve Person 153
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