Personalized Mother's Day Gift in 10 Different Colors Religious Gift

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A Beautiful Meaningful, Useful and Permanent Gift You Can Gift to Your Mother
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  • Economical Velvet Covered Bag Boy Yasin Book - Taffeta Prayer Rug - Special Boxed - Allah Name - Special Plate - Rosary - Colors Should Be Chosen According To The Velvet Color Of Yasin. General Features Box Contents: 1: Special Name Written God Name Velvet Covered 128 pages Yasin 2: 99 Glossy Crystal-Look Rosary 3: 1st Quality Special 116x69 cm 280 gram Taffeta Prayer Rug 4: Special Color Gift Cardboard Box 12x16 cm Size Velvet Covered 128 page Yasin Lux is specially covered with velvet fabric. All of our velvet covered yasin are equipped with protective corner irons that ensure that the pages are damaged and the coated velvet fabric remain stable. Plexi mirror plate with laser method. Box (25x25x4 cm Special Color Gift Box) A special gift that will be useful and permanent that you can distribute to your loved ones in your Mevlid and societies. Sample Writings on Plexiglass Mirror Plate; Welcome Aboard EYMEN 07.07.2017 Ceylin Naz's Memory of Mevlüt Peace Pektaş Umrah Gift of the Deceased Mehmet Yılmaz's Name Plate with Name Plate Velvet Yasin Returns Are Not Accepted Because They Are Personal. Yasin-i Şerif Book (with Index) Product Features: It has a computer line and is written in an easily readable large font.Arabic Text Latin (Turkish) Reading Meal (Turkish Meaning) 128 Pages Bag Size with Index (12x16cm) Shamua Paper Yasin-i Sharif Book Content (With its Readings and Meanings) Surah Fatiha Elif Lam Mim Yasin Surah Vakia Surah Vakia Surah Cuma Sura Mülk (Tabareke) Sura Nebe (Amme) Surah Ayet-el Kürsi Amenerrasülü Shahidallahu İnşirah Sura Asr Surah Hümeze Sura Sura Elephant Surah Quraysh Surah Maun Surah Kevser Sura Kafirun Surah Nasr Surah Tabbet Surah İhlas Surah Falak Surah Yasin Prayer Salat-ı Tefriciye Salat- Munciye Features: Tuncina Weight : 280 grams Size: 117 * 67 cm Bebek Mevlüdü Vefat Mevlüdü is suitable for distributing in communities such as Umrah and Hajj, It is easy to use due to its light and thin structure. It Is An Economic Class Product Made Of Bright Yarn It Is A Kind Of Fabric With Different Colors Knitted With Its Weft. The Quality Of The Product And Its Price The Quality Of The Used Yarn Varies According To The Weight Of The Used Yarn. What is Taffeta? : Silky Hard Fabric With Its Weft Knitted In Different Colors, So It Gives The Effect Of Glowing As It Moves Inside.

    Total weight 486 grams
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