Quran Karim and Muhtasar Word Meali - Rahle Boy - Hayrat Nesriyat

Hayrat Neşriyat
Product Code : 9789759023836
Sealed, 1st Dough Chamois, Rahle Size (19x28 cm)
210.00 TL
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    • Muhtasar Meâl, whose Ahmed Husrev line is the subject of the Tevâfuklu Quran, is the first and only one in his field because he gave his verses in the Risâle-i Nûr Complex, which was given by the imam of our century, Bedîuzzamân Hazrat, in the form of verses. Muhtasar Meâl is also a historical testament to His Holiness Beîuzzamân, who mentioned a 'humble and contemminous' Quran in his 1930s work Rumûzât-ı Semâniye. In this way, Muhtasar Meâl establishes spiritual and unshakable bonds between the reader and the Qur'an, both integrating the heart world with the eye-catching i'câz of the Qur'an, and gaining wealth in our world by establishing the infinite truths of the Qur'an.
    • 1.Dough Shamua 70 Gr.
    • En: 19 cm Height: 28 cm
    • 1,592 gr.
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