Religious Worker's Handbook Medium Size

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Religious Worker's Handbook Medium Size
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  • Religious Worker's Handbook Medium Size

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    Year of release: 2005
    Hardcover Hard Cover
    Roman Boy
    1. Pulp Paper
    720 pages
    17 x 24 cm


    This study in your hand has been prepared with the aim of being a permanent supplementary book in the hands of our brothers and sisters who serve in the Religious community of the students of the Quran Course, Imam Hatip High School, and Faculty of Theology and all Muslims. In addition, it includes what every Muslim will do, in other words, what he has to do. He is an official of every Muslim religion.
    A Muslim's life is the life dominated by revelation. However, we have not seen or seen Muslims in this life for a century. We just read and learned from history.
    This life lived by Muslims was written in golden letters in history and became a light and a guide for those who came after.
    It is obligatory for every Muslim who understands his mind to strive with all his means for the life of the Companions to live. Since this duty has been neglected for many years, Islam, and therefore Muslims, have been despised.
    Since the last quarter of the twentieth century, an Islamic movement in the world has attracted the attention of everyone, friend and foe. In recent years, those who are Muslims cry out the truth of Islam to the world and take their place in the ranks of those who long for the rulership of God.
    We believe that if Islam is told, humanity, who lives the last point of unbelief, will understand that salvation is in Islam and will bring total Word of Martyrdom. Let us know this for sure: There are a lot of salvation Hz. He does not know, does not know Muhammad (S.A.V.). The reason they do not know is that our heedlessness is our understanding and failure to explain Him.
    Muslims of our time expect Islam to be experienced and explained from the mosque officials, muftis, preachers, briefly from the Religious Mosque. This opinion is absolutely wrong. However, the negative attitudes of a significant portion of this mosque, which cannot give what is desired due to various reasons, in other words, do not live and do not make an effort to keep alive, causes dissolution in the society that leads to destruction.

    It is the duty of everybody who knows the truth to inform others about the Truth in today's world, when the number of those who aim to deteriorate our values. Everyone who believes in the principle of "the good is the order, the evil is the nehy" has a necessity to bow to this meaning. However, the society expects this service from the "Mosque of Officials", even if it is wrong. Thus, it is necessary for the esteemed "Mosque Officials", who have the courage and determination to undertake such an important task, to know their duty of notification well and to express them with their principled work. Success depends on methodical work.
    There are some works referred to as "Pillow Book" or "Table Book" for every professional. These books are kept at bedside or on the desk, and read day and night. The contents of these books are considered a rule for those professionals. They call such books "Handbooks" to show that it is necessary not to drop them. Undoubtedly, the book worthy of these expressions for us is the Quran. For a believer, reading the Quran means talking to Allah (C.C.).
    After that, the hadith books containing the sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh) come. The honey-like works of our scholars are among our reference books. After these, we have prepared this book in your hand with the conviction that our brothers who are devoted to the service of God should have a manual at any time. I never claim that the topics in this book are completely new, unknown. However, the subjects were tried to be tidy by scanning the sources. In this respect, it is a handbook for my religious brothers and sisters that they can use in every subject.
    This study in your hand has been prepared with the aim of being a permanent supplementary book in the hands of the Quran Course, Imam-Hatip High School, the students of the Faculty of Theology, our brothers serving in the Religious Mosque and all Muslims. It also includes what every Muslim should do, in other words.
    The most frightening thing of our brothers and sisters in the newly appointed Diyanet mosque is their inability to get used to the tasks to be done. Here, we tried to explain the things to be done and the things that need to be known, down to the finest details.Marriage, funeral, equipment, offerings, etc., which are supposed to be performed by mosque staff. We drew attention to who should actually do things like. In this respect, we have explained what every Muslim should know.
    To conclude, the purposes of the preparation of this book are as follows:
    1. To explain how to apply the known information to those who believe in the principle of "goodness, order, evil, nehy" in their professional life,
    2. To reveal the difficulties and problems to be encountered in service and to show the solutions,
    3. To show the technique of being successful,
    4. To reveal what the mosque should know,
    5. To assist the service person,
    6. Reminding Muslims of their duties ... etc. To prepare for such purposes.
    Tawfiq and guidance are from Allah ...


    1. Preface 5
    2. The Farewell Sermon 8
    3. From Caliphate to Religious Affairs 11
    4. Religious administration since the Prophet 13
    5. Shaykh al-Islam 14
    6.Names of Shaykh al-Islam from 1424 to 1922 17
    7.The books in which the fatwas given by the Shaykh al-Islam are collected 23
    8. The organization of the Shaykh al-Islam 24
    9. Kadeness 24
    10. Muftis 26
    11. Madrasas 27
    12. Number of Madrasas 29
    13. Education and education institutions 29
    14. Services and rewards of the ulama 31
    15. Religious Organization. 33
    16. The names of the Presidents of Religious Affairs in the Republic period 38
    17. Imam-Hatip High Schools with its history and suffering 39
    18. secularism and secularism to be placed in Turkey 44
    19. Secularism 45
    20. How is the starting method in Islam? 52
    21. Status 53
    22. The word of the istize 54
    23.Besmalah 57
    24. Are the basmalahs at the beginning of the sura separate verses? 57
    25.Takbir 60
    26. Tehlil 60
    27. Tahmid 60
    28.The provisions of evil 60
    29. Fard 61
    30. Vâjib 62
    31.Sunnah 62
    32.Musttahab 63
    33.Mubah 64
    34. Haram 64
    35.Makruh 64
    36. Mufsid 65
    37. What does denomination mean? 65
    38.Our faith and deeds 65
    39.The reasons for the conflict between sects 66
    40. Can sect be changed? 67
    41. What is the belief of Ahl as-Sunnah? 67
    42. What is Aşere-i Mübeşşere? Names 69
    43.Camie 70
    44.The mosque in the time of our Prophet 71
    45. Is there a difference between a mosque and a mosque? 72
    46.How many places does the word masjid appear in the Quran? 72
    47. Provisions on mosques 73
    48. Is it permissible to take young children to the mosque? 84
    49. Has the transfer of service in the mosque passed? 84
    50.The place of mosque in city planning 85
    51. Can there be a mosque without a complex? 88
    52. Parts of the mosques 90
    53. Minaret 93
    54. Where does the custom to light oil lamps in the minaret come from? 95
    55.The prayers to be read when entering and leaving the mosque 96
    56.Opening a coffee house above mosques 96
    57.The verdict of speaking world theology in a mosque 97
    58.Collecting money in mosques 98
    59. Is it permissible for tourists to enter mosques? 99
    60.Camic staff 103
    61.There is no "cleric" in Islam 104
    62.Trade religion into trade 109
    63.The duties of mosque officials outside the mosque 113
    64.The view of the media towards mosque officials 114
    65. Advice to Muslims 116
    66.Types of religious rhetoric today 118
    67. Preaching and preaching 119
    68.How is preaching done? 119
    69.The qualifications that should be on the visa 121
    70. An exemplary preaching plan 127
    71. Preacher-Sermon-Chair 130
    72.The prayer to start preaching 131
    73. Attention to those who will preach in prison 132
    74. How have pledges been brought up until today? 133
    75. Verses about making love and frightening 134
    76.The prayer to be made after the sermon 135
    77. Imam-Hatip 135
    78.Conditions for an imam in terms of religion 136
    79. Is imamat permissible for women? 136
    80.The makruh of the imamate 138
    81.Missing in prayer 139
    82. What is the ruling on obeying the imam of the dissident sect and praying? 139
    83. Is it permissible to lead a prayer on a fee? 140
    84.The names of the people who were imams in the time of the Prophet with the determinations of the Prophet 141
    85.Immam-related issues 142
    86.Muezzin 143
    87.The conditions required by religion in the muezzins 144
    88.The duties of the muezzins (religious) 145
    89. Athan 147
    90.The fiqh provisions on adhan 149
    91.The adhan prayer 151
    92. The makruh of adhan 152
    93. Ezanda Erroneous Reading 154
    94. Why is Athan read badly? 157
    95.Double recitation of adhan 159
    96.The reason dogs howl while reading the adhan 160
    97.Those who say Azan should be read in Turkish 162
    98.Sawa wa as-Salat 163
    99.Spuns to be read in Salah 167
    100. Funeral prayer sentences 168
    101.How will Salat-u salam (salawat) be brought? 169
    102. Kamet 171
    103.Which sentence the imam and congregation start to pray when the prophet is brought 173
    104. Qualifications to be found in the public 174
    105.The makruhs of the Kaamet 174
    106. Ablution 175
    107.The fard, sunnah and makruh of wudu according to the four madhhabs 176
    108. Is ablution done in water heated by solar energy? 177
    109.Some of the medical benefits of ablution 178
    110. Ablution Prayer 180
    111.His ablution according to four madhhabs 183
    112.The fiqh provisions regarding ablution 186
    113.Teyemmum 189
    114.The evidence of tayammum's legitimacy 189
    115. Prayer 191
    116.The obligations of prayer 191
    117.Can men pray uncovered? 193
    118.Do you pray in pajamas? 194
    119. Can one pray with a short-sleeved shirt? 195
    120. Can one pray with bare feet? 195
    121.Time of Fard prayers 196
    122.How are the prayer times arranged outside the solar system? 199
    123.How to make intention to prayer? 199
    124. How will the imam intend for the imam? 200
    125.The provision that a person who performs prayers should not put a suture in front of him 201
    126. How much should the reading be effective in various prayers? 204
    127.The chapters read by the Prophet in various prayers 205
    128.Reading two or more suras in one rak'ah 206
    129.Reading a surah in two rak'ahs 206
    130. Why do you read the recitation in the daytime prayers, in secret, and in the night prayers, in the night prayers? 206
    131. Why do we prostrate twice in prayers? 208
    132.Drawing clothes while prostrating in prayer 208
    133.The performance of prayer according to the four madhhabs 209
    134. Who is the Sahib-i tertip called? 220
    135. Is it permissible to do one deed with two intentions, intending both the sunnah and the qada prayer while performing the sunnahs? 220
    136. The qada prayers 222
    137. How will the qada prayers be performed? 226
    138.Cemalizing five daily prayers in 3 times 226
    139. 227 about the benefits of prayer
    140.The Congregation 238
    141.The first congregation in Islam 238
    142. Praying in congregation 238
    143. Reasons hindering joining the congregation 241
    144.The points that imams should pay attention to regarding ablution and prayer 242
    145. Mister 248
    146.Mesbuk 248
    147.Lahik 248
    148.The arrangement of the ranks 250
    149. Muzahat Betting 252
    150.The explanation of the subject of prayer in congregation according to 4 sects 255
    151.Sunnah after prayers 257
    152. Reciting the Mihrabiye 264
    153.Security after prayer 265
    154. Is it permissible to read the Surah Ihlâs before fard prayers? 265
    155. Verses about the five daily prayers in the Quran 267
    156. Prayer rug and exhibitions 268
    157. Is it possible to pray on prayer rugs with pictures of the verse, the name of Allah, Mecca and Medina on it? 268
    158.The types of prostration and prostration 269
    159.Secde-i sehiv (False prostration) 269
    160.Tilavet prostration 270
    161. Praise Prostration 271
    162.The performance of the Friday prayer and the recitation of the sermon 271
    163.The terms of the Friday prayer 271
    164. Friday prayer sermon 274
    165. Imam-Hatip notes to the master 283
    166.The prayer and prayer of istihara 286
    167. Prayer for rain and dua 288 and 636
    168.Why is the lunar calendar used in Islam 291
    169. Calendar 291
    170.The reason for the use of the lunar calendar in Islam 292
    171. The importance of time and the calendar 293
    172. Why is Islam sometimes to the moon; sometimes he credits the sun 296
    173. Calendar establishment and month in Islam 300
    174. Hijri calendar 305
    175.Military calendar 306
    176. Rumi calendar 306
    177. Hijri months - Gregorian months 309
    178.Which blessed days and nights are in which month 313
    179.The explanation of the Qibla clock 314
    180. Qibla time and world qibla day 315
    181. The subject of caution in prayer times 315
    182.The month of Ramadan and its worship 318
    183.Ayat about fasting 321
    184.The frequently asked questions about the month of Ramadan 321
    185. İtikâf 324
    186. Night of Power 325
    187. How will the night of Power be revived? 326
    188.Ayat about the Night of Power 327
    189.Why Sakal-ı Şerifs open to visit on the night of Power 327
    190.The Tarawih prayer 328
    191. What is Yevm-i shek? 331
    192.The days of fasting are makruh 332
    193. Iftar 334
    194.Shour meal 335
    195.Diseases that prevent fasting 336
    196. Fitra 336
    197. Nisab and essential needs 338
    198.The list of charity alms 339
    199. Eid al-Fitr and prayer 343
    200.The performance of the Eid al-Fitr prayer 344
    201.The time of the eid prayer 368
    202. Sacrificial bet 354
    203. The sacrifice of Akika 361
    204. Sacrifice of the Nezir (vow) 362
    205. Eid al-Adha and prayer 365
    206. Tesrik Takbirs 365
    207. How is the eid al-adha prayer performed? 367
    208.The time of the eid prayer is 368.
    209.Ayat in the Quran about sacrificing sacrifice, the festival of sacrifice 378
    210.The definition of the Kaaba 380
    211. Pilgrimage bet 383
    212. Pilgrimage to someone else's place 386
    213. Umrah bet 387
    214. Are the hands of those who come from the pilgrimage kissed? 388
    215. Who kisses whose hand how and why? 388
    216.The verdict of hajj according to the four madhhabs 391
    217.The dictionary of the Hajj judgment 395
    218. A sermon on Hajj 396
    219. Visiting a mosque 401
    220. Zakat bet 402
    221. The three measures of wealth 402
    222.The subsistence allowance in the Islamic tax system 403
    Calculation of zakat and goods subject to zakat 404
    224.The quorum of goods subject to zakat 405
    225. Goods not subject to zakat 407
    226. Zakat on real estate 410
    227. Zakat on adornments 411
    228. Zakat on trade goods and the method of giving 411
    229. How to give zakat for rented houses and shops? 416
    230. To whom is zakat given? 418
    231. To whom is zakat not given? 422
    232. Is zakat given to the state? 422
    233. Is tax counted as zakat? 424
    234.The main differences between zakat and tax 424
    235.The penalty for those who do not pay their zakat 425
    236. Verses about Zakat in the Quran 426
    237.The oath bet 428
    238. kaffarah of oath 429
    239. Verses about the oath 431
    240.The Quran and its names 432
    241. Touching the Quran without ablution 433
    242. Is it possible to enter toilet with the Quran in the pocket? 435
    243. Is the Holy Quran created? 435
    244. How was the Quran sent down? 436
    245. Modes of coming of revelation 436
    246. Revelation scribes 437
    247.and Acirc; the benefits of knowing the causes and causes 438
    248. And Acirc; how was the arrangement of the yet? 438
    249.The Quran in short from the language of numbers 439
    250. Where is the middle of the Quran? 440
    251. The first verses that were sent down 441
    252.The last sent down verses 441
    253.Nâsih-mensuh verses 441
    254. What is Huruf-u mukatta? 443
    255.The beginning of the suras 443
    256. How was the movement of the Quran? 444
    257.The collection and duplication of the Quran 446
    258. Addresses in the Quran 446
    259.The nature of the repetitions in the Quran 447
    260. Repetition of Stories 448
    261. Oaths in the Quran 450
    262.Sciences included in the Quran 451
    263.Tefsir and its varieties 451
    264.Tefsir 452
    265. Te'vil 452
    266. Tabdil 452
    267. Distorted 452
    268.Translation 452
    269.Male 453
    270. Quran teaching 454
    271. How to read and teach the Quran 456
    272.Quran courses and Quran teaching 457
    273. Female teachers of Hanım Quran Courses 458
    274. Hafiz 459
    275.The qualifications that must be possessed by those of the Quran 461
    276. Can you read the Quran where the sin was committed? 462
    277. Can the Quran be read in a place where hijab is not observed? 463
    278. Will the pages of the Qur'an be burned when they wear out? 463
    279. What is the recitation, who are its imams? 464
    280. Is the Quran read or read for a fee? 465
    281. Can a dead person read and read the Quran? 476
    282.The nature of downloading hatim 478
    283.Takbir between short suras 479
    284. Finalizing Hatim with Prayer 480
    285. Whoever reads the Quran, would he have made a hatim? 484
    286. If he does not know how to read the Quran, would he make a hatim for every line in the Quran if he reads Ihlâs? 484
    287.The manners of reading the Quran 485
    288.Secavent, stop and stop signs 488
    289.The issues that those who read the Quran in jerks will pay attention to 493
    290.The ways of reading the Quran 493
    291. What are Lahn and teganni? 494
    292.Telâvet in accordance with the assembly and statements 495
    293. Where and how much Quran should be recited? 498
    294. Verses to be recited in the Quran with a gentle sound 499
    295.Blessed days and nights in Islam 500
    296.Mwlid and mawlid ceremonies 504
    297.The reason why Mevlid was written 504
    298.Sections of the Mevlid 505
    299.Mevlid texts are mixed 506
    300.Mwlid ceremonies 510
    301. Mevlid women 514
    302. Naming a newborn child 520
    303. Circumcision ceremonies 522
    304. Marriage verdict 525
    305.Conditions for a valid marriage 525
    306. Mahrem-namahrem concepts 526
    307. Mehir 529
    308.Mehr-i muaccel 529
    309.Mehr-i müeccel 529
    310. What is clear from the concept of marriage in Turkey? 529
    311. Is the contract of the municipal official a religious marriage? 530
    312.The method of execution of the marriage 530
    313. To be read on the wedding night dûa 537
    314. Fatwas related to marriage 537
    315. Can a Sunni woman and Alevi man marry? 538
    316. What is the ruling on renewing marriage in mosques? 538
    317. Verses about marriage in the Quran 540
    318.The prayer made at engagement and ceremonies 541
    319. Are the engaged people married? 543
    320. Prayers at weddings and ceremonies 544
    321. Is it permissible to decorate cars at weddings? 544
    322. Tip, is it permissible to give or receive graciousness? 544
    323. Is it permissible to go outside with a wedding dress? 544
    324.The prayer of the groom dressing 545
    325. Prayer for receiving a bride 545
    326. Divorce 546
    327. Reasons for divorce according to Islamic law 546
    328. Marriage to Mut 547
    329.Hulla is forbidden 556
    330. Adopting 568
    331. The issue of blood brotherhood 568
    332. Mention of Death 569
    333.Duties against the deceased 569
    334. Funeral Salah 571
    335.The method of washing the dead 572
    336.The method of wrapping the dead in shroud 575
    337.The shrouding of the female body 578
    338.The person of the funeral prayer 581
    339. Who cannot perform the funeral prayer? 584
    340.The conditions for the prayer of the dead body to be valid 585
    341. Method of burying the corpse 586
    342. Suggestion and suggestion after the burial of the dead 590
    343. Having read mawlid for the dead 593
    344. Is the grave opened after the dead body? 594
    345. Smackdown and Transfer 594
    346.The method of carrying out the shatter and the transfer 596
    347. How will the money, which is put on the turnover and cue, be distributed? 599
    348. Is it permissible to transfer the dead to another place? 600
    349.The provision of making over graves 601
    350. How will the order of the cemetery be? 602
    351. Jurisprudence on cemeteries 603
    352.The custom of visiting graves 604
    353. Do the dead know the state of those who are alive? 605
    354. Is it permissible to visit the grave of the disbeliever? 606
    355. Jurisprudence related to death 606
    356. Is the simile abandoned for the funeral prayer? 607
    357. Is there any time for the prayer of the dead? 607
    358. Is the funeral prayer performed for a person who commits suicide? 609
    359. Can a child who was born still be prayed for funeral? 609
    360. Can a person have my grave dug before he dies? 610
    361. Can the dead body be buried at night? 610
    362. Is it permissible to bury the body with a coffin? 610
    363. Is it permissible to do it on the 3rd, 7th, 40th and 52nd night? 611
    364.Dua 612
    365. How should prayer be done? 612
    366. How to start prayer? 613
    367.The acceptance times of prayer 614
    368.The conditions of acceptance of prayer 615
    369. Receiving places of prayer 616
    370. Those whose prayers are not rejected 616
    371. The Absolute Prayer 617
    372.Change 617
    373. Signs that the prayer is accepted 619
    374. Why are hands raised in prayer? 619
    375. Why do palms open to heaven in prayer? 620
    376. How will the hands be held in prayer? 620
    377. Why are hands rubbed after prayer? 620
    378. Beard and beard prayer 621
    379.The farewell prayer of hajj 623
    380.The manners and prayers of drinking Zamzam water 625
    381. Supper 626
    382.The prayer to be read when entering or leaving the house 627
    383. Prayers to be read while sleeping and getting up 628
    384.The verses about sleep in the Quran 630
    385. Prayer to be recited when dreaming 630
    386.The prayer to be read at the entrance and exit of the halal 631
    387. Prayer to be read while traveling 632
    388.The prayer to be read while getting on all kinds of vehicles 632
    389.The prayer to be read on boarding the ship 633
    390. Prayer to be read when looking at the night sky
    391. The prayer to be read when the new crescent is seen 635
    392.The prayer to be read when the thunder is heard 635
    393. Prayer to be protected from submission 635
    394. Rain prayer 636 (and 288)
    395.The prayer to be read at the groundbreaking ceremonies 637
    396.The prayer to be made by the institutions 638
    397. Visiting the patient and his etiquette 640
    398. Reading to a patient 640
    399. Is it possible to be treated with prayer? 641
    400. Verses and prayers to be recited to the patient 642
    401. The evil eye is heard 644
    402.Diet (punishment for killing a human being) 645
    403.Filling a tooth 646
    404.Blood and organ transplantation 647
    405. What is Sufism and sect? How was it born? 649
    406. 650 of Sufism
    407. What is a sect? 658
    408. When were the sects established? 660
    409.The status of the orders in the Ottoman period 661
    410. How to understand the sheikh's fake? 663
    411. Who is Mürşit? 665
    412. Characteristics of true guide 665
    413. Who believe in false sheikhs? 666
    414.Definition of sheikh and professor 668
    415. What is the meaning of Şeyhe intisabm? 668
    416. Should everyone share something? 669
    417. What does it cost to deny mysticism? 670
    418. Why is hostility to sect? 671
    419.There is no Sufism without a monopoly 672
    420. Miskinler lodge 674
    421. There are also lodges. 674
    422. There is no life without chanting 675
    423. The nature of clear and silent dhikr 677
    424.The quintessence of affiliation in sects 678
    425. Jihad is the greatest worship 681
    426. Variants of Jihad 683
    427.The big jihad, the little jihad issue 684
    428. Jihad with the soul 685
    429.Muslim women and jihad 686
    430. Political jihad 687
    431. Legal provisions on hunting 692
    432.The list of meat and inedible animals according to 4 sects 693

    MY GOD!...
    Make those who read this book with sincerity, do their deeds, and make their efforts strong, their minds open, their wisdom but their deeds righteous, their sustenance lawful and abundant
    Make your friends faithful and righteous, their pilgrimages blessed and repeat with a healthy, material and spiritual clean life ...
    Do not separate their mind, perception and fehim from the right and perfect, good and sunnah ...
    Secure themselves with material and spiritual cleanliness.
    We have many flaws. Our operation is incomplete ...
    For the sake of Habibi Zişan, make him one of those who entered Paradise without any reckoning, from among those who always saw Jamalullah ...
    and Acirc; MIN ...
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