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  • Special Protection Shield Amulet

    Special Protection Shield Amulet, Cünnetül Asma, Name-i Prophet Jinn Letter, Healing Verses in the Quran

    Printed with Original Rose Water Misk-i Amber and Saffron Ink.
    In the Prayer Book of Ahmed Ziyaüddin Gümüşhanevi titled Mecmuatul Ahzab, His Virtues are as follows:
    The most effective circumcision prayer for all kinds of problems, wishes,
    Hz. It is a rumor from Ali radayallahu anh.
    There are many secrets that see great benefits in writing and hanging in the home and work place.
    Genie, Fairy Haunted, Magic, Magic, Evil Eye, Abundance, Love, Conversation It is a powerful loyalty with 1001 benefits, together with looking cute by people, tying bad eyes, tongue, silencing for protection, protection from enemies and troubles.
    The Name-i Prophet Jinn Letter is the Letter of the Prophet to the Jinn and Satan.
    Healing Verses in the Quran:
    Surat at-Tawba 15 - Surah Yunus 57 - Surah Nahl 69 - Surah Isra 82 - Surah Shuara 80 Surah Fussilat 44 Verses.
    Healing Versin the Name of My Rabb Shaffi
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