Tafsir of Ibn Kesir - Concise, 6 Volumes, Imported Paper-1413

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Tafsir of Ibn Kesir - Concise, 6 Volumes, Imported Paper
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  • About Ibn Kesir Commentary - Concise Product:
    Interpretation of the Quran with Hadiths / Interpretation of Ibn Kathir
    IBN KESIR'S HAL TRANSLATION (CV) AND THE CHARACTERISTICS OF HAL Ibn Kesir (Birth H. 701 - Death H. 774): Imadüddin Ebu'l-fida Ismail Ibn Ömer al-Kureşi, ed-Dımışkı, (H. 701 - He is a famous scholar who was born in Damascus in 1301 AD and grew up there. He especially benefited from Ibn Taymiyya among his teachers. He has read hadiths for many years in Damascus. As a result of these studies, he also trained a hadith genius like Ibn Hajar. Hanbali was very devoted to his master, Ibn Tayymiyya. He also suffered the pressure of Ibn Tayymiyya because he was in line with him in his thoughts and views. He had extensive knowledge and views in history, hadith and tafsir. Its general history named "El-Bidaye Ve'n-Nihaye" is considered one of the main source works. Apart from that, he produced a few works on the science of hadith. His famous and valuable work on tafsir bears the name "conquest'ul-Beyan fi Maka sid'il Quran", which is briefly known as "Ibn Kathir Commentary". This promotion has various editions with different volumes and composition: For example, in Katib Çelebi (Keşf'ez-Zunun, Vol: 1, S. 439): "Tafsiru Ibn Kesir is a great commentary in ten volumes. Kur with hadiths and works. He interpreted 'an', recited his narrators and made cerh and ta'dil where necessary. ”Ibn Kesir, although he strongly adhered to the rumor, did not neglect the principle of acumen in his work. He especially included historical information in his work. Zerkani says the following about this interpretation: "This promotion of Ibn Kathir is one of the most authentic of the euphemisms. Hz. There were reports from the Prophet (pbuh), from elders of the Companions and subordinates: "This tafsir has prints in four or five large volumes. The Menar printing house printed this work in nine parts.Bagavi Tefsiri has also been placed at the bottom of the pages. Finally, there is the book called "fedail'ul-Qur'an". Recently, an eight-volume Arabic edition has been published. Muhammed Ali Sabuni also made the study and investigation of this commentary with the name "Concise Commentary Ibn Kesir". The work was published in three volumes in Beirut in 1981. Again, this commentary was included (summarized and abbreviated) under the name of Sheikh Muhammed Kerim Racıh: "Muhtasaru Tafsir-i Ibn Kesir" and this work was published in Beirut for the fourth time in two volumes in 1988. I have translated this beautiful concise commentary from Arabic original to Turkish in six volumes: "Concise Translation of Ibn Kesir Commentary: Explanation of the Qur'an in Turkish with its Meaning and Hadiths". The reason why I chose this Muhtasar, prepared by M. Kerim Racıh to translate it into Turkish, is this: Ibn Kesir prepared his interpretation according to him, complying with the appreciation, understanding and expectations of the people of his time, and the method of identification and classification of his era. He gave the narrations, especially the hadiths, with their deeds and texts, and even by examining and criticizing them. In some places, he felt the necessity to repeat the hadiths that were narrated by different narrators in various ways and that the texts were slightly different. Many readers of our time, on the other hand, find it boring while reading repeated hadiths and narrations on the same subject, as they no longer need the chapters (chain of narrators) of hadiths. Especially, the rumors and opinions that are opposite to each other confuse the reader, sometimes they make the reader bored, and leave the book without reaching a conclusion.The best thing to do in order for the readers of our time to benefit from this interpretation more easily is to take the soundest of these narrations and the one that is most suitable for the explanation (interpretation) of the verse, leave the others and reach a definite conclusion on that subject. Apart from this, the details are of interest to scientists doing research. It won't do much to the public. The mentioned Concise, which we take as the basis for our translation, has done this job skillfully and very well. As I conclude our topic here, I wish Allah Almighty mercy on the author of the work, Ibn Kesir, and thank him who prepared the Concise Concise and other contributors. May Allah Almighty appreciate our deeds and make our count. Amine.
    Translator Arif Erkan

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