Tefhimul Quran - The Meaning and Interpretation of the Quran 7 Volumes, Mawdudi-1398

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Product Code : 9789755745497
Narration and Direction is the Book of Interpretation of the Quran Written as a Result of its Examination in Contemporary Exegesis as well as its Tafsirs.
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  • Tefhimul Quran Meaning and Interpretation of the Quran
    About product :
    • Year of Publication: 1999
    • Number of Pages: 4340
    • Size: 17 X 24
    • Language: Turkish
    • Paper Quality: Book Paper
    Cover Type: Hardcover
    ISBN: 9755745497

    Tefhimu and acute is the product of 30 years of long, careful and exhausting work of l-Kur and acute; an Mevdûdî and acute. While preparing this commentary, the author took the famous narration and wisdom commentaries in the Islamic world (Ibn Kesir, Tabari, Kesşâf, Al Rsî, Razi, etc.) as the basis, he also took into account the contemporary interpretation studies, and the Kur and acute, the claims and accusations of the scholars who conducted research in the field of the moment and He took it one by one and gave scientific answers. While preparing his work, Mevludî has taken into account all aspects of human life.
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