The Conversations of the Gavs-ı Azam Sayyid Abdulkadir Geylanin-1763

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A Book Compiled From the Conversations of Abdulkadir Geylani's Conversations, Containing Sermons and Nasiha
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    Translator: Yaman Arıkan
    Release Date 2016-11-25
    Original title Fethurrabbani
    Number of Impressions 2nd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 560
    Skin Type Bound
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Size 17 x 24 cm
    Work and Author 13

    First Chat

    Not to abide by fate 19

    Second Chat

    Feeling dependent on God 31

    Third Chat

    Not feeling dependent on anyone but Allah 39

    Fourth Chat

    Repentance 50

    Fifth Chat

    The reason why God loves the servant 58

    Sixth Chat

    Advice to the believer's brother 66

    Seventh Chat

    Patience 71

    Eighth Chat

    Apostasy 74

    Ninth Conversation

    Examination of a believer 77

    Tenth Chat


    Eleventh Chat

    Ma’rifetullah 88

    Twelfth Chat

    Not to demand from anyone but Allah 94

    The Thirteenth Conversation Keeping the Stale concern ahead of the world concern 101

    Fourteenth Chat

    Avoiding being inside or outside

    Fifteenth Chat

    The faith of the believer to himself

    Sixteenth Chat

    Act according to the Quran

    He is 11 seventh Chat

    Not to worry too much about sustenance

    The Eighteenth Chat

    Jihad against the soul, desire and devil

    Nineteenth Conversation

    Fear of god

    Twentieth Chat

    No operation

    Twenty-first Chat

    To not trust fans and to trust in Allah

    Twenty Second Conversation

    Throwing the love of the world from the heart

    Twenty-third Chat

    Remove the rust of hearts

    Twenty Fourth Chat

    Not to be a partner in God's rule

    Twenty-fifth Chat


    Twenty sixth Chat

    So not to complain to people

    Twenty Seventh Conversation

    Avoid lying

    Twenty-Eighth Chat

    Love for god

    Twenty Ninth Conversation

    Not showing humility to the rich because of his wealth

    Thirtieth Chat

    To accept the existence of God's blessings

    Thirty-First Chat

    Anger, anger and its types

    Thirty-Second Chat

    Fulfilling orders, avoiding rivers

    The Thirty-Three Conversation Seeing God on the Day of the Hereafter

    CONTENTS and diams; 11th

    Thirty-Fourth Chat


    Thirty-Fifth Chat

    Not disobeying God 222

    Thirty-sixth Chat

    Ihlas in deeds 224

    Thirty Seventh Conversation

    Visiting patients 232

    Thirty-Eighth Chat

    The virtue of the Word of Tawheed 238

    Thirty-ninth Conversation

    Loving the saints and the righteous 246

    Fortieth Chat

    Deepening in religious knowledge 250

    Forty-First Conversation

    Love of god 256

    Fortyth Chat

    Takva 260

    Forty-three Chat

    Nafs-i emmâre. 267

    Forty-Fourth Chat

    The state of believers in the world 274

    Forty-fifth Conversation

    Sticking on sturdy rope 280

    Forty-six Chat

    Following the Messenger of Allah 285

    Forty-seventh Chat

    Taking a stand against the wicked 288

    Forty-eighth Chat

    Amel-i Sâlih 293

    Forty-ninth Conversation

    Kerem - Generosity 300

    Fiftieth Chat

    Leaving the World 314

    Fiftieth Chat

    Not leaning towards the world 319

    Fifty-second Chat


    Fifty-third Conversation Believers being tested 340

    Fiftieth Chat

    Contemplation of hash

    Fifty-fifth Conversation

    To be willing to God's will

    Fifty-sixth Chat

    Observing God's orders

    Fifty-seventh Chat


    Ellis Eighth Chat

    Act with fidelity

    Fifty-ninth Conversation

    Being an inside-out

    Sixtieth Chat

    Leaving Mâlâyânî

    Sixty-first Conversation

    Thoughts born in the human mind

    Sixty-second Conversation Tevhîd

    Death of Abdulkadir Geylanî


    And Acirc, Praise be to God, the Lord of the Worlds.

    Peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and the Prophet, who has mercy on the worlds, and his pure descendants.

    Our dear readers,

    Although it was translated into Turkish by us years ago, this work that we can only be able to publish; Sultânül'evliyâ, gavs-ı a'zam Abdülkadir Geylanî (k.s.) is the translation of his work named EL-FETHURRABB and Acirc; NI. We have named the Turkish version of the work as ABDÜLKADİR GEYL and Acirc; NÎ's SOHBETLERİ. In essence, the work consists of the conversations and calligraphy that Hazretin gave in his madrasa and his dervish lodge. His speeches with the symbol of sincerity and ihlâs, which he made for the people of Baghdad and those who visited his lodge as free and passengers, are famous all over the world. These speeches, which were made in the years 545-546 (AD: 1150-1152), and each sentence evoked reflections in the depths of the soul of man, were recorded exactly by his student named AFIF, one of the prominent followers of Hazrat.

    The most striking feature of this work, which consists of sixty-two conversations, is its full of serâpa, ihlâs and sincerity. While I am reading it and translating it, I would like to express here that my whole existence, up to the cells of my soul, is wrapped in ihlâs imprints.

    In these conversations, Hazret used an expression and style that everyone can easily understand. As in our previous works, we remained true to the same measure. In the translation, we have used an expression and style that can be easily understood by our expressions at all ages and at all levels. In addition, we would like to point out that our brothers who know Arabic, albeit a little, can compare it with the Arabic original and follow the word anticipate.

    Esad Efendi, who has been deleted, says the following about this work:


    It is obvious, perhaps, of course that there is no similar book of Allah Almighty, whose body is essential, and that there is no similar to His book compared to other books. As you know, after the Qur'an, the word of Allah, comes the second hadiths. As for the third, it is necessary to look for it in the works of real scholars, heirs of the prophet. For, in the verse, "Obey Allah. Obey the Prophet and the ulul that belongs to you." has been ordered.

    As a result of my research, I have come to the conclusion that the book FETHURRABBANI is the third and I have presented a copy to your virtuous person by stating that way. Undoubtedly, it has been read and examined by you and its value has been appreciated by now.

    Letters, 57th letter

    ABDÜLKADİR GEYL and Acirc; about this work that we succeeded in publishing under the name of NÎ's SOHBETLERİ, my observations as its translator are as follows:

    Until today, I have read hundreds of the works of our elders. I actually translated about fifty of them. Abdülkadir Geylanî's Conversations were the most influential among them. Yûnus Emre, one of the great friends of Allah, says the following for His Holiness, in a long saying that we have presented the definition in the previous pages:
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