The Easiest Way to Make Our Spouses and Children Love Prayers - 1839

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It is a book that tells about learning prayer and performing it by following the rules
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  • The Concept of Prayer
    Prayer worship is a common concept in all religions. This means a kind, supplication and supplication of God. The word Salat, namely prayer, is not a new concept introduced by Islam. Before Islam, Arabs used the word "Salat", meaning prayer, to mean "Dua and Istigfar". The word salat is actually derived from the word "es-Sılatü". This means adding, reaching, delivering and combining. Prayer prayer is called "Salat" in this sense because it connects the believer to Allah, his Lord, and brings him to His mercy. It ends with "Selam", which also has the necessary conditions.
    As a matter of fact, Allah Almighty states the following:
    "... And pray straight. Because prayer prevents immorality and bad things. The dhikr of Allah, namaz, what a great Ankabut, 45).
    Moreover, Hz. The Prophet (saas) emphasized the importance of prayer in his hadiths on almost every occasion and constantly warned believers. Once, a delegation from the Sakif tribe came to him and this delegation said "upon their request to become Muslims if they are exempted from prayer." The Prophet (saas) rejected their offer and said:
    "There is no good in a religion that does not have bowing or prayer."
    Again, Hz. The Prophet (saas) said the following while addressing another community:
    "The difference between you and us is prayer. Whoever abandons prayer, that is, does not perform, is an unbeliever.
    Preface 2
    Prayer Concept 3
    Importance of Prayer 5
    Prayer as a Requirement of Tawhid 9
    Five-Time Prayer Is Not Too Much 12
    The Importance of Prayer as Worship 15
    Bowing and Prostration 18
    Prayer Prevents All Evil 20
    "Freedom Call Azan 22
    Wudu is the occasion of Annma 24
    Tendency to the Kaaba 26
    Reading the Quran by Thinking and Feeling 29
    What do we actually call with Kiyâm, Ruku and Sajda 32
    Awe and Benefit in Prayer 35
    Prayer in terms of health 44
    How Can I Invite To Prayer? 50
    "To perform my prayers without interruption
    What would you recommend? 55
    When we avoid the morning prayer, we feel sad
    shouldn't it be 59
    Isn't it necessary to cry for prayer? 60
    The punishment for abandoning prayers is severe 64
    Not Knowing Prayers Rightly 66
    "God will forgive" thought 68
    You make me old 71
    I will but I have no time! 72
    "Working is also a worship!" but how? 73
    "I will, but I don't know the prayers" 76
    "My work is very busy" 77
    How can I pray? 78
    "I'm not clean!" 79
    They don't let them at work 80
    Making excuses for fatigue and sleep 82
    My wife does not pray 84
    They are unaware of their prayers 86
    "I do not pray, but my heart is pure." 87
    Is it wajib to kill a person who does not pray? 89
    Is the environment suitable? Is the ground clean?
    how to find qibla 92
    "The bed is hot, it's cold outside" 93
    Prayer Is Education Of Patience 95
    How I Get Used to Prayer 98
    Those who want to perform prayers without interrupting
    the dangers they will face 101
    "Perform some of your prayers in your home" 104
    Attention to the congregation! 105
    Miscellaneous Questions & Answers 106
    Children and prayer education 111
    Make Children Love Prayer 114
    Reasons Why Children Do Not Perform Prayers 116
    What To Do While Practicing Prayer 120
    The Prophet's Discipline 123
    Or is it too expensive? 134
    Why do we pray? 135
    Prayer People, "I cannot be forgiven"
    Save Your Thought 136
    Continuing Prayers 142
    Praying with Peace of Heart 144
    Examples of Awe in Prayer 147
    The Importance of Prayer and Acirc; abilities 152
    Hadith-i Sharifs Regarding the Importance of Your Naman 156
    Wisdom in the Reading of Surat al-Fatiha 161
    Some Surahs and Prayers Read in Prayers 168
    Serenity 187
    Ethics 187
    DU and Acirc; 189
    My god! Do not make us insensitive to prayer! Make us of those who pray! Make us among those close to You! Make us those who want you! Make us one of those who find you! Make us of those who favor us for consent and notes! Make us of those who have attained your mercy and forgiveness! Do not refuse our prayer! Forgive what we have forgotten and our mistakes! Give us the power to understand and live the religion! Surely, our prayer, our worship, our life and our death are for Allah, the Lord of the worlds!
    My god! Give us the love of living for You and dying for You, in our anger, in our sadness, in our love, in our joy, in our happiness and in all our states!
    Amîn ... Amîn ... Amîn ...
    The Easiest Way to Make Our Spouses and Children Love Prayer
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