The Holy Quran - Plain Arabic - Rahle Boy - Sefa Publishing House - Computer Calligraphy

Sefa Yayıncılık
Product Code : 9789750176364
Easy to Read, Illuminated, Sealed, 1st Dough Chamois Paper, Rahle Size (20x28 cm)
44.00 TL
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    • 20x28 cm in size
    • 1st Dough
    • Chamois Paper
    • 616 Pages
    • Very Easy to Read
    • This Qur'an Keeps Pages Loyal to the Kerim Hafız Osman Line, Prepared as Berkenar, Secavendli, Medli and Kasırlı.
    • The text of this Quran was examined by the Presidency of Religious Affairs Presidency of Religious Affairs and the Board of Recitation and was allowed to be printed and sealed.
    • You will be able to read the Qur'an-I Kerim, which was prepared by transferring the calligraphy written by Calligrapher Hüseyin Türkmen to the computer environment.
    • In accordance with the arrangement of the mushaf-i şerif written with the Hafız osman calligraphy, the verse was prepared in a computer environment with a berkenar medd and a page amount. The page number of the Quran, the name of the sura and the part numbers are colored in Turkish on the margin of the page and an index is made.
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