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Computer Line, Very Easy to Read, Interline Word by Word Turkish Meal, Medium Size (17x24 cm)
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  • Features Of The Work:
    * 17x24 in size

    * Offset Printing Shamua Paper

    * Interline Word Word Turkish Meal

    * Simplifying Abdüsselam TUNÇ

    He descended the Qur'an as a light to bring it out of Darkness Into Light-eternal praise to our Lord Ren.

    and Peace be upon our beloved Prophet, Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), our Lord, his family people, his companions and those who follow his path, believing until the apocalypse.

    The Qur'an is such a divine explanation that it has promised to save humanity from the suffering, harm, loss, corruption, suffering, details and conflicts in which it is located. There is not a single verse in the Qur'an that is meaningless, useless, without wisdom or does not know judgment. Because the Koran is the Constitution of the ha-yat of humanity. Accordingly, the provisions extracted from the meaning of the verses are related to either aqidah or worship, or to morality and life, or to the laws that regulate the life of the individual and society.

    The Qur'an is the Bible and Hymn Book of all mankind. All the words and meanings of this blessed book are hymns and are based on Revelation. He invites all people to a circle of unity and brotherhood. Therefore, it is the most sacred, most faidious duty for all mankind to fully comply with all the contents of the Qur'an.

    For those who want to extract the knowledge that will benefit people in relation to religion, this world and the hereafter, there are many wide areas in the Qur'an. Because the Qur'an is an eternal miracle that is worthy and suitable for all times and places. Ex-mek can't get to him, he can't run out of resources. The Qur'an is the best Authority of the Islamic community to solve difficulties and regulate treatment.

    It is the sincere desire of every Muslim to know what is commanded in the Qur'an, which has been revealed in Arabic. These people of Science who really act and want to respond to these desires have shown a separate care to translate the Qur'an into the language they speak everywhere and in every era.

    Past scholars have made acceptable efforts in his Tafsir. It is understood that the Qur'an is a son-suz derya that contains its own pearls and ores.

    Indeed, he is the best knower of the word of Allah. We can only be able to explain as much as our minds and perceptions can understand. It is impossible to fully express the high meanings, all the wisdom and signs of the Qur'an in other languages. All scholars have alliances in this regard. It is known that neither these meanings nor Tafsir can be equivalent to the provisions and truths of the Qur'an. With these translations, worship such as prayer cannot be performed. Only their opinions are used, and their reading is also instrumental in se-vaba.

    With this purpose, we intended to prepare the Qur'an with the word Mealli, which would satisfy the needs of our brothers, hoping that Allah-u ta'ala would correct our mistakes, that goods and sons would not benefit but benefit those who bring heart and selim, and we started this work again, hoping that Mevla Ta'ala would make our feet fixed in every job, make our end beautiful and add us to the Salih group: and Acirc;this word that we have prepared in jizane briefly mention the features of our mealli study;

    1-we tried to give the exact equivalent of words (according to consumables and nahif pedestals).

    2 - in Verbs; (past, hal and Musari) their meanings as of time and nouns (FA'il, meful and masdar, etc.) we tried to give their meaning as it was. But the verbs that come with the condition and some citation letters, we preferred the appropriate meaning of the sentence where giving the separate meaning could damage the collective meaning of the plug. In such places, those who continue from right to left from the beginning to the end of the sentence will be able to find the right sentence very comfortable by reading their own meaning under the words.

    3-in plural and singular words; in order to ensure the suitability of the sentence and to prevent the miscarriage of the sentence, we sometimes (although MUF-red indicates the occurrence of Tensi and Cem) we have enclosed the plural suffix in parentheses.

    4-in Arabic, we gave the meanings of naqis verbs one-to-one in a sentence, while we preferred meanings appropriate to the adjectives of Allah where they were related to Allah.

    5-in prepositions, we tried to provide rich content to those who research on this issue by giving different forms of their meaning appropriate to where they are located in the sentence.

    6-Ism-i seasons; as we mentioned the separate meaning under itself, we gave the meaning along with the word that comes with it to indicate the meaning that it expresses in the sentence in BA-zen translations. At the same time, we tried to give a rich quality in learning the pedestals followed in the ter-sentence from Arabic to Turkish.

    We believe that this study will be of great benefit to all our students studying in the field of theology, especially those who study in Imam Hatip High Schools.

    Our study contribute to the body with great efforts from beginning to end this humble Hafiz Hafiz Kemal AKIRMAK Omerakyildiz to mention my thanks to the Lord and teacher, have a debt with the awareness that my most sincere prayer yesterday-or the flourishing of the hereafter, to be successful in its own way from all of us, I would ask Allah Almighty to make good services constantly.

    We would like to state with satisfaction that we will see the constructive criticism that those who are qualified in this field will make as a gain in the elimination of deficiencies and that we will be grateful for it.

    If we have been able to serve the Qur'an and especially the scholar of science, we will feel happy.

    Success Is From Mawla.

    Abdüsselam TUNÇ
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