The Holy Quran and its Meaning with Annotation - Arabic and Meal - Mealli Quran - Rahle Boy - Religious Foundation Publications

Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı Yayınları
Product Code : 9789753893527
Religious Foundation of Turkey
64.00 TL
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    Number of Pages: 610
    Language: Turkish - Arabic
    Place and Year of Publication: Ankara
    Size: Rahle Height - 20x28 cm
    1,440 gr.
    Our Foundation Quran Meal, from Marmara University Faculty of Theology faculty members; Prof. dr. Hayrettin KARAMAN, Prof.Dr. Ali ÖZEK, Prof.Dr. İbrahim Kafi DÖNMEZ, Prof.Dr. Mustafa ÇAĞRICI, Prof.Dr. Sadrettin GÜMÜŞ and Prof.Dr. Prepared by Ali TURGUT, it has been put into service for you in pocket, medium and comfortable sizes with an excellent print.
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