The Holy Quran Hatim Set and Turkish Means - Abdussamed

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A Hatim Set from the Voice of Abdüssamed Hodja, who we know as the world-famous person who reads the most beautiful Quran
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  • The Holy Quran Hatim Set and Turkish Means - Abdussamed

    Product features :

    To be able to follow reading with the indicator. To be able to follow the translation of the verses.
    One part of one VCD 30 VCDs in total.
    Mealli Hatim Set
    A. Abdussamed / 30 vcd
    By: Abdulbasid Abdussamed
    Meal: Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır

    Who is Abdülbâsıd Abdüssamed?

    Abdüssamed, who were the students of Mustafa İsmâil and Muhammed Sıddîk Minşâvî, skillfully used the reading attitudes he learned from them in accordance with the characteristics of his own voice, and while he was performing the science of qa'ah he had, he used the Quran as if he was grateful for this unique voice that God Almighty gave him. He endeavored to decorate with all the beauty of his voice.
    Besides the extraordinary beauty in her voice, she was also using her breath very well. He could read a few lines from the high pitches in one breath.
    In 1988, Hak passed away. May Allah be pleased with him and make heaven his authority.
    There were those who surrendered his soul while listening to his voice. He became Muslim by listening to his reading of the Qur'an. His style of reading the Qur'an opened a new era in the Islamic world, and created a different school.
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