The Most Beautiful Religious Stories - 1812

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It is a Storybook with the Most Beautiful Religious Stories
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    Hal Translation by Kalyub, Author of The Most Beautiful Book of Religious Stories

    Sheikh Ahmed b, who was the best educated of the time, with a wide horizon, deep understanding, dignity and virtue. Selame was born in the village of Kalyub in Egypt. He was from the Shafii madhhab, was an expert in hadith and fiqh sciences, and was the leader of the famous scholars of his time.

    He read the science of fiqh and hadith from Şems ar-Remlî, one of the scholars of his era. Ahmed, who took lessons from his teacher for three years, retired to his home and engaged in science. Nur ez-Zeyyadî, Salim ash-Shibshiri, Ali al-Halebi, Sibki and other famous scholars of his time also took lessons.

    Mansur et-Tuhî, İbrahim al-Bermavî, Şaban el-Feyyumi and many other famous scholars have learned from him. Because it was so imposing, no one could speak to him. He always bowed his head and looked down. He does not give any importance to the notables and notables; he loved the poor very much. He would never accept charity from anyone. On the contrary, he was often seen giving alms to the poor.

    He had an extraordinary lifestyle, although he had not taken any duties. Although he was fond of worship, he did not neglect to guide the people. Besides the Islamic sciences, he was knowledgeable in every branch of the positive sciences. His lecture was very successful and he illustrated the issues he wanted to teach with examples. They would listen to him carefully and with pleasure.

    He has many works that are beneficial to all people. Some of them are:

    Haşiye ala Şerhil Minhac, Hâşiye aâ Şerhit Tahrîr, Hâşiye aâ Şerhi Ebi Şuca ’, Hâşiye aâ Şerhil Ezberiyye, Hâşiye aâ Şerhi el-Ecrumiyye, Hâşiye aâ Şerhi İsaguci, Hâşiye aâ Şerhi İsaguci, Risale fî Ma'rifetil Fitblah.

    He passed away in the last days of the month of Shawwal in 1069 Hijri. May Allah have mercy on him. Be pleased with him.

    Praise be to Allah, who made him an officer to tell people about his Self and made him taste the taste of sherbet bowls.

    Salat ü sallama, our Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, who is the pole of the circle of all names and attributes and who is kemalat with all kinds of kemalat, alayhi and sallama, his companions, his companions, Ansar and his friends, of course, by obeying him, they revealed the precious information that was hidden. They preserved useful and rare qualities. Peace be upon those who are subject to my Companions at all times and periods.

    After that, you should know that this book, although small in volume, is very scholarly and easy to understand. In the sky of the beautiful lines of this book, precious writings are scattered. Light has been scattered in the hearts from its bright places.
    This book contains useful phrases, superior and beautiful stories, valuable and unique quotes. The author of this book is Ahmed Shihab al-Din al-Kalyubi, who has reached the top in science and understanding, has unique virtues and is skilled in solving the difficulties that appear in matters easily.

    He attained uncountable virtues and explained very well the issues that are difficult to investigate and dig deep. May Allah make him succeed and endlessly in his endless good and good deeds, with his favorable grant to him. May He place Him in the most beautiful and widest place of your paradise. May shade us also under His blessings. Amine...

    Allah is enough for us. What a beautiful guardian he is. Only Him is the place to go.


    Translation of Kalyubî, the author of the book 5

    Preface 7

    The virtue of Basmalah 9

    The virtue of the tahajjud prayer 10

    Granting the right to worship 12

    The worship of the righteous 13

    Direction (Accuracy) 14

    Right and good vision 15

    About generosity 16

    The virtue of obedience to the husband 17

    Verses 19

    Birmukâyesea 22

    Again, kalamari 22

    Surrender to the accident 24

    The virtue of having sectarian and perseverance 25

    The virtue of the fifteenth night of Sha'aban-i Sharif 27

    Types of judgment 28

    The virtue of fasting in Shawwal-i Sharif 29

    The virtue of withdrawing to worship 30

    The virtue of sincerity 31

    The virtue of trust in God 32

    The Messenger of Allah's love for children 32

    The virtue of returning to God 34

    About Zühd 36

    The virtue of being sincere in love 36

    Being unaware of the remembrance of Allah 38

    The virtue of taking refuge in Allahu Ta'ala 38

    The story of the robbers' repentance 40

    Gate and key to heaven 41

    Being obedient, patient and strong 43

    The evil of rebellion against God 45

    Protecting the soul from haram 45

    The door of Bayt-i Makdis 49

    About the qualifications of Prophet Solomon's chair 50

    The reward of receiving mother and father prayers 52

    Solomon's estate 53

    The evil of pride 55

    Forgiveness and deception 55

    A brilliant example showing the justice and morality of Islam 56

    Being just 57

    The virtue of ghusl on Friday 57

    The virtue of the alms given to the dead on Friday 58

    Putting trust in Allah and sharpening your vision 59

    Business with God 62

    The yield of the alms belonging to the dead 64

    Be content with little 65

    It is bad to be proud of his worship 66

    End of being rebellious to mother and father 68

    One should be patient and content 68

    The penalty for big words 69

    Some of the miracles of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) 70

    If the right of a person is defeated, he should receive halalness 73

    Business ethics in Islam 73

    The benefit of being a good son in the world 74

    Jewish scholar converts to Islam 74

    Thinking about trial day 75

    We must protect ourselves from haram 76

    Wake up to the devil, woe to you! 78

    The nature of the person whom God has chosen and is pleased with 79

    Giving advice and accepting advice 81

    Putting trust in God and being patient with his accident 82

    The states of those who were attained to Allahu Ta'ala 83

    The virtue of loving science and knowledge 85

    The virtue of billâh after la bark and power 86

    The virtue of loving to see God 88

    About that there is no other way than asking for God's forgiveness 89

    The badness of not accepting apology 90

    90 To give a nice answer without thinking

    What happened to Hazrat Khidr 91

    The virtue of crying out of fear of Allah 93

    Putting worship above world affairs 94

    The miracles of those who repent to Allah 95

    The virtue of some of Allah's names 96

    Wonders of Martyrs 96

    The virtue of fasting in the first ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah 99

    Basmalah's force is 100

    The virtue of the month of Rajab 101

    The incident that happened to Rabia al-Adewiyya 101

    The virtue of carefully obeying Shari'a provisions 102

    Mugalata in the question and take his share 103

    A person who attributes his ambitions to God, not to anyone else 103

    The virtue of the day of Ashura 106

    Educating the soul and the righteous behavior 108

    The traps that bad people set on good and distinguished people 110

    Choosing Allah's approval over people 113


    End of the fury 116

    Some of the miracles of the Prophet (s.a.w.) 117

    The miracle of Jesus Christ and the betrayal of a woman 119

    Testimony of Deer 121

    A lesson to well-boilers for someone else 122

    Surrendering to God in any case 123

    A woman who committed adultery hiding her guilt from her husband by fraud 123

    Not obeying one's desires 125

    Even if goodness is met with ingratitude, it will not be lost in the sight of Allah.

    The man who used his religion for the world turns into a pig 128

    There is wisdom every time God creates 129

    Trust in God in sustenance 130

    About what happened to Coha 131

    Smart bear 132

    Stupid bear 132

    The end of not being thankful for the blessings Allah has given133

    Generosity, stinginess and recourse to the originals 134

    The hits of some of the righteous 135

    Unless forgiveness is sought from God, good deeds cannot erase sins 139

    Abdulmalik's inspection of the administrators 140

    The acceptance of the prayers of the righteous 141

    The Mausoleums of Sheikh Jesus 142

    Not knowing the value of blessing 143

    The end of making animals haram 144

    What happened to a Companion 145

    The activities of some Companions before and after the Islam 147

    Omar b. Good news descends to Abdulaziz 148

    The truth the ruler Nushirvan learned from a child 149

    The King's Lesson From the Shepherd 150

    Cutting the false apostle's tongue 152

    Chastity and the jewel of the soul 153

    Abdullah b. The former situation of Mubarak and his father 153

    The reward for giving priority to worship 157

    The man who fought and lost with fate 158

    The incident between Ümmü Cafer and two blind people 160

    He should either be silent or mention the Lord when he speaks 161

    God's mercy to His servants 162

    At the discretion of Allah, your servant does not understand 163

    Patience Against Trouble 164

    The story of an incident about consenting to the accident and being patient 165

    Patience and Submission 167

    Prompting orders to be subject to the Right by telling the truth clearly 167

    The slander against Muawiya's mother and the emergence of the truth169

    The evil of indiscretion 171

    Mütemmenat binti The news of Heysem 174

    Sport and Realization 175

    Taking shelter in God and an example on it 177

    There is no use in escaping death 177

    The Prophet Abraham's seeing strange things by wandering around the earth 179

    The case of Me'mun with his uncle İbrahim 181

    Power and generosity 190

    The virtue of sadaqah and its substitution for hajj 193

    The extraordinary situations faced by his esteemed valide before his Messenger was born in the world 194

    The strange events that Khidr saw 196

    Some miracles of Prophet Jesus (as) 196

    History of the fragrant weed found in Persia 197

    The virtue of charity 197

    Again, the virtue of charity 198

    The miracle of a parent 199

    On the virtue of giving alms to the dead 200

    Things not lawful to ban 202

    Three important points revealed to Prophet Moses 203

    Bad trade 203

    The virtue of justice and the chastity of the males 204

    The original of a thousand and one nights 205

    Ihlas in a work done by asking God's consent 205

    Catering to guests 206

    Regarding the reward of doing charity 207

    The meeting between Aleyhisselam and the ant 208

    Arshin adjective 210

    Lawh's adjective 212

    The adjective of the Chair 212

    The adjective of Beyt-i Ma'mur 213

    Kevser's adjective 213

    The adjective of the wall of Israfil 214

    About Pharaoh's Tower and how he built it 220

    About the origin of salt discovery 222

    On the diversity of sustenance 223

    About taking care of Besmele 223

    On the virtue of the day of Ashura 224

    The virtue of saluting the Prophet on Friday 225

    On the virtue of scholars 226

    226 on the visit to Heaven

    Shikak and discord of the Iraqi people 227

    227 on corpses that do not decay

    Choosing four things out of everything and looking good 228

    About seeing seven things above all things beautiful 229

    That the son of Adam had seven castles that he should not preserve and destroy 230

    About the malignant woman and the neighbor 231

    Signs of prophecy 231

    About the miracles of some great parents 231

    Silencer Answer 232

    Nice answering 233

    Some strange questions 234

    The power of Allah Almighty 234

    Various Creations of Jinn and Men 235

    Dividing people into three classes 236

    About Prophet Jesus' dress 236

    Reason for the murder of Deputy 236

    Returning from teacher to talalabar 237

    About whether the horse was created before or after Adam Aleyhisselam 237

    Patience and show maturity 238

    Some useful brief information 239

    Liking 240

    Hilm and generosity 240

    Postal cat 240

    Things that are both best and worst 241

    A few jokes about A'meh 241

    A strange incident; 243

    The will of Jafar-i Sadik to his son Musa Kazim 243

    A meeting between Cafer-i Sadık and Ebu Hanife, which is rumored to take place 244

    Matters that are obligatory for the messenger and the person who sent the messenger 246

    The original inventors of the game of chess and backgammon 247

    The subtleties of prayer 247

    Partitioning of people 248

    To provide evidence for the proof of Allah's mercy and mercy to His servants 249

    About Zünnun-ı Mısrî's repentance 249

    Intelligence advantages of Ehl-i Beyt 250

    That the commandment's word will be fulfilled only when he made it 254

    Thirty types of rights of a Muslim on his Muslim brother 254

    Some things Buni has experienced 256

    The beautiful interior of the smart and smart people 256

    What Abu Bakr Siddiq saw in his dream 257

    Thinking about the times of the Hereafter 258

    Stories About the Squirrel 259

    All things equal 260

    It is a good coincidence that two commanders took pride in their children.

    The lesson a bird gives to a man 261

    Consulting while getting married 262

    Some properties to be preserved 263

    Teasing the Stingy 264

    That nobody has the right to be angry with anyone 264

    On having beautiful virtues 265

    Signs of man who put his trust in God 266

    Different natures of people 266

    The etiquette of visiting people back from the trip 267

    The benefits of wheat and meat 267

    Accepting gifts 267

    Ahvali to think well 268

    If he repents, he will be accepted 268

    Whoever transfers his work to Allah, God is enough for him 269

    A child mourning the poet Abul Ala al-Maari 269

    The joke made by a madman 270

    Being a fan of the property, the end of worship and the benefit of the owner himself on the day of doom 270

    The prophets' denouncing Allah on the night of Ascension 271

    A woman's loyalty: 272

    Those who consent to God's division and are patient and thankful 272

    To swear something and escape that oath without kaffarah 273

    On the miracle of parents 274

    The choices of Allah Almighty 279

    Custody of the creditor and release of the debtor 279

    An event demonstrating the persuasion power of Imam-i A'zam Abu Hanifa 280

    How Noah made the ship and how he took animals on board 281

    When prayer is accepted 283

    When prayer is accepted 289

    Prayer recited for getting out of prison 290

    The exemplary stories 291

    The meeting of a melik and an abi 292

    Views of some scholars 292

    The virtue of Surah Mulk (Tabârake) 293

    The medicine Gabriel taught to the Prophet 294

    Places where parents are settled 295

    Some useful prayers 295

    How many times did the Prophet Ekrem pilgrimage? 300

    301 dead that the fire does not burn

    The incident of Imam-i A'zam Abu Hanifa while entering the bath 301

    The madmen who claimed to be a prophet in the time of Caliph Memun 301

    Servants serving Sultan Kamil out of a candlestick 303

    The earthen pitcher made to Sultan Müeyyed 303

    Yahya b. Khalid al-Bermekî's answer to the nobility 303

    Honor of Islam 304

    The richness of Solomon and his forgetfulness 304

    Putting good trust in the Almighty and accepting his destiny 306

    On the virtue of trust and the investigation of the owner of anything found 307

    A woman hiding her immorality by cheating 309

    Which houses do angels not enter? 310

    Those on whom the spider weaves its web 310

    Compassion for God's Creations 311

    Big Talker 312

    Who is the most masterful of people? 312

    The importance of mind 313

    The benefits of silencing 313

    The evil of teasing 314

    Latife 315

    Rumor 315

    Major sins 315

    Five kinds of darkness 316

    The man who sees heaven with the eyes of the world 316

    Four cities and four rivers 317

    The virtues of Bayt-i Makdis 318

    The Prayer Of Kenzül Arsh 320

    Epilogue 329
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