Woman's Trench and Kal'ası Hijab-1626

Tuğra Neşriyat
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Woman's Trench and Kal'ası Hijab
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    Paper Cover: 195 pages
    ISBN-10: 9758880195
    ISBN-13: 978-9758880195
    Product Dimensions: 1 x 13.5 x 21 cm
    Publisher: Tuğra Publications (1 March 2013)
    Language Turkish
    We live in a time of horror, when all the Prophets take refuge in Allahu Azimusşan from the evil deeds.
    It is as if humanity is living the age of ignorance. As if this had completely forgotten Allah, the God of the Universe, the decrees of Allah, the prophets of Allah, the books of Allah, and the day of the hereafter.
    As if this is not enough, a committee that has been disrupting the world for centuries has been working both to encompass the mind of mankind and to shake the belief of Muslims.
    The taifa women are the most emphasized by that bankruptcy committee. They have well established that women are the cornerstone of the life and order of the family and society. From this point of view, they are working both to divert them from their nature and to devastate the group of men by using them as a weapon, to destroy the notion of family, and to completely blind the feelings of chastity, life and hijab.
    At a time when humanity was running into a terrifying abyss, "Stop! Do not go in the direction they point!" If we say, how much can we make our voices heard? We have dealt with the subject of "veiling" in order to repair the damage to some extent and to help Muslims correct their beliefs on a very important issue, as far as our own circus can.
    Let's make a warning in this part of the word:
    Our interlocutors are all Muslims. And "pure, devout" Muslims. Muwahhid Believers, those who affirm and accept the decree brought by the Prophet (pbuh) from the party of Allah ...
    A believer is that of a Muslim; "I surrendered to Allahu Azimüşşan.I surrendered to Islam, the only true religion next to Allah. I accepted all the decrees that our beloved Prophet (pbuh) explained in the hadiths of the Qur'an-ı Azimiişşan. From particles, that is, atoms to small particles, galaxies, from the functioning of our cells in our body to the regular functioning of the red blood cells and white blood cells in our veins, Allah Almighty, who puts the law of the regular work of all creatures and creatures, is for us humans and jinn to regulate the eloquence. also enacted a law. The sentence of those laws is true and true. What I do by mixing my own self is wrong, Allah's order is correct. I am a sinner because I do not obey Allah's command. I repent because of my mistake. "Let those who say so should read this book.
    Our book consists of four chapters.
    In the first part; "We explain the shape and decree of the hijab on the basis of basic sources such as the Qur'an-ı Azimüşşan and Ahâdis-i Nabawi. How is the hijab and veiling of women? 350 thousand commentaries explained the related verses, mujtahids, mujaddids and scholars have clarified the subject with thousands of volumes of books.
    In Chapter Two, we wanted to remind you that "ladies' adornment is chastity, life and hijab" based on basic sources. Let us state that a considerable proportion of the Ummah-i Muhammad's group of both men and women is unfair, we have clearly expressed an issue in which he lost the test. We hope that by finding lost documents, it will lead to repentance and never return ...
    In the third chapter, we explained "The history of hijab in our country". How did we come to the "shape" that is not related to the current Islamic veil, how did this "transformation" come about? We have revealed this with documents.
    In Chapter Four, we have compiled our essays that we have written for fifteen years, based entirely on basic sources.
    May Allah Almighty protect our sentence from the corruption of this century. My implacable request from our female brothers is this: After carefully reading the work from beginning to end and seeing the right, they should accept that right and not make an interpretation of their own accord. If they are not dressed in "veiling-u shari", "It is indeed what Allah ordered.
    what I did is wrong. May Allah forgive me. ”In this case, they will protect their beliefs.
    The same caution applies to Muslim men. Her own wife, sister, or close female relatives may not be in the hijab. In that case, he said, "Truly, it is what Allah ordered and the Messenger of Allah decreed. We accept religion in its entirety. May Allah forgive us and these relatives. they behave the way they do. " They should say.
    There are many works written on this subject. Unfortunately, the vital parts of some of them flew away during the "simplification" operation. We reinforced the subject by making quotations from the original texts of some of those works.
    May Allah Almighty make it possible to live in accordance with our sentence and consent, to serve Islam and the Quran, and to give our last breath with faith (amin).
    Best regards ...

    What is the Shape of the Shari'a Hijab (My Jilbab)? 16
    Hearts Relax 22
    Hijab; He is the Only Servant of the Freedom of Women 23
    Man Wants His Lady To Be Chaste 24
    Freedom of Muslim Women More Than Men 25
    Explanations in the Risale of Hijab 26
    Covering with the chador requires fitra 33
    Shari'î Provisions Understood From The Verse 34
    What is the Enjoyment of Hijab? 37
    Is It Obligatory for Women to Cover Their Face? 39
    Opinions of the Interpreters 40
    The Conditions of Veiling According to the Shariah Method 42
    Principles of Principles Utilizing from the Verse 44
    Summary of This Chapter 45
    "Sit in Your Homes!" 50
    "Exceptional Being Outside the House" 53
    Explanations in Tafsirs 59
    Women Should Return Home 63
    The Most Effective Teacher Is The Mother 65
    Family life has begun to deteriorate 67
    Hijab Inside The Woman's House 69
    "Ask From Behind the Scenes" 70
    Chastity and Chastity Education 74
    "O Eye, Beautiful Look!" 75
    "Protect Your Eyes From Haram!" 76
    Which Men Can a Muslim Lady Appear? 78
    What Happens With Keeping Chastity? 82
    The occasion of Building a Clean Society 86
    Summary of This Chapter 88
    How will a woman behave when she leaves her house? ... 91
    The Glory of Women is in Her Chastity 95
    There's a Rush to the Family Castle! 99
    Breeding Male Wanted! one hundred
    "On the Sheep and the Veil" 100
    Until 27 May Again, Chador 104
    When You Get Away From The Original Space 105
    Hijab is Fıtrî, Commonly 109
    "Real Hijab" Which? 112
    Bed Sheet 114
    Women's Kal'ası 119
    Women's Catechism 124
    The Glory of the Woman is in Her Chastity.
    Ornament of Women is Her Devotion 126
    Who Can Be Visited by Believers? 130
    "Living At Home" For Women, Not Happening,
    Honor 133
    Only Islam Gives My Right and Value to Kadma 136
    Hz. Fatima (ra) The Will of Our Governor 139
    Hz. Abu Bakr's (r.a.) Family 143
    Family Establishment Under Threat 146
    Will a woman be the chief? 148
    Best Younger 151
    Youth and the Islamic Road 155
    How to Establish Saadet Dolu Yuva? 157
    Families Must Understand 160
    162 of the Most Dreadful Troubles
    Not Resembling the Women of the Age of Ignorance 165
    Women Must Return to Home 168
    Harem and Selamlık in Islam 172
    It Is Too Easy for Muslim Ladies to Enter Paradise 174
    Invitations to the Migration 176
    Compliance with Women's Rights 179
    The Most Beautiful Adornment of Man: Haya 181
    Muslim Ladies Are Very Lucky 183
    Those who buried their daughters alive to the ground
    Being a Cruel 185
    Attacks on Chastity Castle 187
    Don't Tear the Veil of Life! 189
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