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  • 365 Days Siyer Time with Stories - Generation Kids
    Number of Pages: 384
    Edition Year: 2016
    Language: Turkish
    Publisher: Nesil Çocuk Publications
    Illustrated by: Sevgi İçigen
    Page Design: Yasin Özcan
    Editor: Nuray Kırıştı
    First Edition Year: 2016
    Number of Pages: 384
    Language Turkish

    To Our Little Readers
    Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) loved children very much. So much so that he could not even bear their cry, and if he prayed, he would not prolong the prayer he performed. He used to joke with children, especially his grandchildren Hazrat Hasan and Hazrat Hüseyin, and put kisses on their cheeks. He wanted children to be raised as good people by their parents.

    As you get to know our beloved Prophet, you will make less mistakes in your daily life. As your mistakes decrease, you will become popular people. Who wouldn't want to be loved? Then you can learn the life of the Prophet thoroughly and provide it.

    We tried to write the life of the Prophet for our beloved children. Our aim is to make our beloved Prophet love our rose-faced children. Undoubtedly, the biggest task in this regard falls to you elders. As the Prophet said, "The best legacy a mother and father can leave to his children is to teach good morals."

    We made the subject a story so that our children could read it fondly. This story includes children, parents and people around. Our suggestion is that you read this book with your child for ten minutes every day.
    (From Publicity Bulletin)
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