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Religious Figurines - İhvan

Biblos are decorative items that beautify their surroundings and bring a new atmosphere to the environment. With a history dating back to ancient cultures, there are various models of biblos available. Among these models, the most preferred and highly sought-after are the religious figurines. These religious figurines, containing deep meanings and providing both material and spiritual tranquility, can be displayed in the most beautiful corners of your home. Religious figurines come in hundreds of different models and are made from a variety of materials. With models in silver, gold, and adorned with Swarovski crystals, you can enhance the beauty of your home and workplace. Religious figurines are among the ideal gift options. Therefore, you can gift them to your loved ones on special occasions or during home and office visits. Some models of our religious figurines also feature a clock detail, making them even more functional and therefore more popular. Among the most popular clocked figurines are the Eyüp Sultan Mosque mihrab figurine and models featuring Arabic letters with the words Allah and Muhammad. Clockwise figurines with inscriptions of Allah and Muhammad also feature Swarovski crystals. Available in white, gold, and silver colors, these figurines add a touch of elegance with Swarovski crystals. The mihrab figurine of Eyüp Sultan Mosque is available in mother-of-pearl, silver, and gold-colored models. In addition to using this religious decorative item in your living room, you can also gift it to your loved ones who have just moved into a new home or opened a new business. You can explore the religious figurines you won't want to miss in your living room on our page.

Models of Religious Figurines

Religious figurines enhance the aesthetic beauty of their surroundings through their exquisite appearance. However, there are certain models that exude a high level of peace and confidence in their environment. Figurines adorned with the names of Allah's attributes (Esmaül Hüsna) and the Ayat al-Kursi hold a special place among figurines that enhance inner peace and provide spiritual confidence. Having the Ayat al-Kursi, known for its protective properties, at home positively influences all family members. Therefore, you can use Ayat al-Kursi-embellished egg-shaped figurines, pine cone figurines, crystal-studded pomegranate figurines, and armor figurines in your living room and children's room. In addition, figurines shaped like books with the Ayat al-Kursi inscribed in Arabic letters are also ideal for home use. Like the Ayat al-Kursi, figurines adorned with the names of Allah's attributes (Esmaül Hüsna) offer both aesthetic appeal and a sense of tranquility. You can also feature Esmaül Hüsna-embellished figurines with crystal-studded pine cones, armor figurines, crystal-studded kaftan figurines, budding tulip figurines, pineapple figurines, and studded mortar figurines in your home. On our pages, you can easily access stylish and high-quality religious figurines that suit any decor with budget-friendly prices. You can examine the details and make your selections according to your taste, or even choose to gift them to your loved ones.

Types of Religious Figurines

Models such as the Quran, the Sword of Ali, the Kaaba, and the Kaaba door are among the religious figurines with high spiritual value. They are also found in objects that increase people's spiritual strength. The Cevşen prayer holds the power to provide spiritual strength. Therefore, carrying the Cevşen prayer with you and keeping it at home can be beneficial. By having armor figurines with the Cevşen prayer, you can spend time comfortably at home. In addition to Allah and Muhammad inscribed figurines, you can also find Ottoman-themed figurines on our page. The Ottoman Sword displayed on the crescent and star stand suits any environment. You can display this elegant sword with the Ottoman State Emblem figurine. To have a more impressive figurine collection, you can also use kaftan and armor figurines. These decorative items, with their ideal size, provide both peace and spiritual strength while beautifying their surroundings. Offering both tranquility and aesthetic appeal, you can purchase religious figurines from our page.

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