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Behavior Training Kit with
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    Behavior Training Set with Tali Stories (3-7 Years CD Gift) - Berrin Göncü Işıkoğlu

    The child's accession to the world is also the first step of one-to-one learning. Of course, the only assistant of the child in his life and self-knowledge journey is his parents.

    Stories have a very important place in the learning process. By using this method, parents; They can have children who are aware of their emotions, have high expressiveness and are more successful in social life. Stories are the most important tools for children to recognize themselves and their emotions.

    You can read stories to your child from the age of 2 and even invite your child to the world of books through pictures at the age of 1. In this way, positive behavioral patterns easily take place in your child. Based on this point of view, Nesil Çocuk Yayınları prepared the "Behavior Training with Stories" set with the meticulous work of Berrin Göncü Işıkoğlu, a consultant psychologist who is an expert in her field so that you can have pleasant moments with your children. The Set of Behavior with Stories consists of 10 story books and a CD.

    Tali, the protagonist of the stories, is actually a very kind hearted rabbit, but he can behave at times. So like all kids… It is recommended that your child read the stories over and over to gain positive behavior by identifying with Tali. Because children learn through repetition. After a certain time, the behaviors Tali tries to gain will settle in your child's subconscious.

    Behavior patterns that your child will learn with our hero Tali:

    Don't tell the truth
    • Going to bed early
    • Don't hold the hand of elders
    • Giving the found item to its owner
    • Help
    • Share your stuff
    • tidying his room
    • Washing your hands
    • listening to speech
    • Don't eat your food

    CD Gift
    There is also a CD in the Behavior Training with Stories set. We can read the stories to our children ourselves, as well as let them learn the good behaviors by having fun watching this CD.
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