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  • Four Surahs Four Ashlar Inscribed Crystal Stone Religious Gift Trinket

    product specifications

    The trinket design is inspired by the four Ash Surahs.
    It Is A Luxurious Swarovski Stone Ornamental Trinket.
    All The Details And Motifs Are In Relief And Are Stoned With Manual Labor.
    Because Leaf Is Painted, It Does Not Tarnish Or Deteriorate Unless Exposed To Serious Chemical Products,
    Its Stones Are A Very Strong And Very Stylish Trinket.
    It Is Sent By Making A Strong Package Against Breakage In Its Own Special Cardboard Box.
    Product material is hardened 100% polyester
    The coloring is made with dyes containing metal pigments
    Weight is 790 grams
    23x13 cm size


    1) Besmele-i Sharif: Besmele-i Sharif, which uses the Sulus writing technique in its writing, is written as a stack in the sheet, which is a design element among our decoration patterns. The upper tezyinat of the sheet was provided with crystal stones.

    2)period of infidel: "infidel" means infidel. The Quraysh Are Hazrat Mahdi (As). He asked our Messenger to worship his gods: "lay your hands on some of our gods, and we will confirm you and worship your God."count on It. Our Prophet: "Allah (c.c.I seek refuge in him from associating something with him., "he said. After this event, Surah Kafirun was revealed. In the Surah, the principle of monotheism is emphasized, emphasizing only the worship of Allah

    3) Surah Ihlas: "Ihlas" means to be sincere. Polytheists; Hazrat Mahdi (As). Our Prophet (s.a.v.he came to him and said, "Tell us about the descendants of your Lord."this Surah has been revealed after they said. After that, whoever comes and asks "Who and how is Allah Ta'ala", the messenger of Allah (P.a.v.) he answered by reciting this Surah. Surah Ikhlas refers to” the word-I Tawhid". In the Surah, the unity of Almighty Allah and some of his adjectives are expressed in a terse way.

    4) Surah Calak: "Calak" means morning. Surah, some of the evils of Allah (c.c.he advises him to take refuge. It covers all kinds of evil, material and spiritual, worldly and otherworldly, in the Outer Realm or in one's soul, of course and discretionary.

    5) duration of Nás: Nás means people. From the evil of Jinn and people who lead to evil, and from the evil of the known and unknown, Allah (SWT.he advises him to take refuge. In the early days of our Prophet Efendi's nubuwet, the polytheists tried every way to silence him. They also did not hesitate to resort to the path of magic, and surahs Felak and Nás were revealed together in response to the breakdown of the spell cast on our Prophet (SaaS).

    6) Body front face: the front face of the body; Kafirun, ihlas, Calak and Nas Surahs formed. Each Surah was written using the Sulus writing and line hoarding technique into the sheets that provide the richness of the form in the tezyinatta, and Rumi was preferred as a decoration pattern in this area.

    7) back side of the body: the back side of the body is decorated with separation and Hurde Rumi, which is often used in our Turkish tezyini art. Crystal stones were also used in this area, interspersed between the patterns and included in the decoration elements.

    8) QAF letter: the initial letter of Surahs "four servants" is"'". In our design, the tezyinat of the front side of the letter "kaf" was provided with fine crystal stones, and the tezyinat of the side was provided with Ortabağ Rumi, which is widely used in Turkish decorative art. Crystal stones are also sprinkled between the Midwestern Greeks.

    9) Letter Of Lam:

    The letter” 9", which is the common letter of the word" Kul", is decorated with crystal stones, while the front side, designed with a well-behaved version of the sulus writing technique, is decorated with Midwestern Rumi, as in the letter Kaf. The illumination of this area is completed with crystal stones.

    10) pedestal: both the front and back decoration of the pedestal; the separation, which is one of our main Turkish ornamental motifs, was achieved by the treatment of the Rumi. The composition of the pedestal differed with the rough texture added here to the flat texture found in the body.

    Our product gets its strength structure from polyester, which is its raw material. Its coloring was made with dyes containing metal pigments.
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