Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation Imam Nablusi-1591

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Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation Imam Nablusi
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  • Encyclopedia of Dream Interpretation Imam Nablusi
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    Key to Dreams
    Do you dream often? Do your dreams last for a long time? Can you remember the dreams you had; what are your thoughts on these dreams?
    Do you see your dreams as the most difficult events, such as climbing mountains, rolling over deep cliffs, flying through the air?
    Do you ever dream of train stations, loss of belongings and complicated jobs that are difficult to get out of?
    Millions of people who do not have big troubles in life and who live in a simple and calm life have such dreams that when they try to learn, they are in fear and terror.
    When you tell your friends about your dreams, you will witness wide disagreements on this subject.
    While one says the meaninglessness of dreams, the second claims that dreams are either harbingers of a good deed or a warning of a bad event. Third, a man, being sure of what he said, declares that seeing one of his teeth removed in a dream indicates that a member of the family and note will die.
    One cannot help but be surprised by the multitude of ideas, claims and predictions about dreams.
    Now let's consider the following problems that those who do not know about it often face:
    Do lonely patients dream?
    No, dreaming has nothing to do with a person's health. A person dreams when he is sick or when he is healthy. Age has no effect on dreams, children also dream, and adults too ... Obviously, there is no sleep without dreams, but there is only one thing that some dreams are forgotten when a person wakes up.
    Do dreams have an effect on life?
    A dream is a kind of thought that takes place in the brain of the sleeping man. Many people are greatly influenced by the dream. The dreams they see either make them very happy or saddened. These men naturally want to reach the depths of these dreams. But the work sometimes exceeds the degree of grief and fear. Certain mental illnesses can arise from a dream that a person does not easily forget, that dream immediately turns evident. And the sick man becomes unable to distinguish between dream and reality.
    But in such cases, a person must have a natural aptitude for this. Dreams often have a great reaction to emotions or actions, ideas and behavior. Especially, this reaction is evident on sleepwalkers.
    How long is a dream?
    It is a mistake to believe that the dream has a duration of a few seconds. The duration of a dream is between ten and forty minutes. We can even say that some dreams are to take the same time and note as they actually are.
    However, some dreams that are elaborate and involve various events happen in a very short time. Dreams like these are especially seen first.
    A person who is awake but suddenly falls into a light and temporary sleep, at first glance, you think he is thinking of something, at that moment:
    -What do you think?
    If you ask, you:
    -Me? .. Nothing ..
    In fact, that person met many people during that long dream and encountered unexpected things.
    Knowing that thoughts are transmitted by an electrical current is enough to explain this.
    Does the dream sometimes herald good and sometimes evil?
    The era when dreams were alleged to be the work of demons and spirits has long passed. But as a result of the development and advancement of spiritual science, he has torn that strange veil, the work of superstitions and tales.
    Now, if you believe that dreams have meanings, you will naturally try to learn about their interpretation.
    But what do you need to understand from (herald of good) and (herald of evil)?
    It is a fact that many dreams contain some events that are about to occur. The reason for this is that the dream is born subconscious as will be seen in the future.
    This subconscious is considered a treasure of knowledge that the mind cannot comprehend, thanks to the many things hidden inside it. For this, some dreams help us to emphasize certain tasks and to have a firm understanding of ourselves, as well as to understand what is happening within us. This is very important. Because when we understand ourselves well, it makes it easier for us to anticipate things that are likely to happen tomorrow or a week.
    Does the dream matter?
    When we examine any dream, we can see that it is of great importance. Because the dream, born in the hidden and very dark deep corners of our soul, compels us to leave us alone. It is almost like an "inner mirror".
    Many people shiver when they look at this mirror, which reflects their depressions, their soul-gnawing complexes, their painful regrets and various troubles.
    But there are so many good things that this mirror treats at the same time
    Here, the human sees himself as he is, gets rid of being like a doll that countless reactions in the subconscious are thrown here and there, and his real beauty emerges.
    In addition, some dreams warn people to protect them from a disaster by means of subconsciousness and show the easiest ways to escape.
    "I had a ridiculous dream last night."
    Often times we say this when we recall a dream we had while asleep. But is this true? Is that dream really nonsense?
    In any case, there is something here that needs to be pointed out: When any person dreams, the dream is not absurd at that moment. Man lives the truth in his dreams, what goes through are logical and ordinary things.
    As a matter of fact, dreams make fun of the sane, logical, customs and traditions, such as the subconscious that are their source.
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