Encyclopedia of Prayer and Havas - Binder-1377

Pamuk Yayınevi
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Healing prayers, Nazar prayers, prayers for Al flush, Reconciliation of two people who hate each other, The arrangements that can be made for the treatment of those who are sick due to the jinn stroke, This is the Ricali unseen prayer, Salat-ı Nariye, Salatı Tefriciye
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    Language: ENGLISH
    Pages: 1000
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: 2.Dough
    Size: 17.5 x 24.5 cm
    Publishing House : Pamuk Publishing
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    Havas science is the arrangement of prayers in both the Qur'an and other celestial books with the beautiful names of Allah Teala with a certain measure. With every beautiful name of His Holiness Hakk, every prayer has its own air. This knowledge reveals the quantity and assembly of each name and prayer. In the great scholar Tashköprüzade's Miftâhu's-Seâde, havas science is mentioned as follows:
    - Let us know that the yummy begins to move towards a quasi-jihadi as it is busy with the beautiful names and prayers of His Holiness Hakk in the celestial books, especially the Qur'an. This orientation leads the person away from things other than his intentions and intentions towards a certain jihad. As a result of being dispatched in a certain direction and moving away from everything other than intention, termination and nurturing occurs in the direction of the request of the person engaged in names and prayers.
    That's exactly what it's like to ask for a purpose and wait for the result of a name and prayer. It's essential to believe in the end. Magic and things like that are made up of this basis.
    Clerk Çelebi says:
    "And I say, "Everything has its air. But the reasons that make up that mood are hidden. We know that the magnet attracts only things of iron. It doesn't attract a non-iron object. Even though we know this fact, we don't know the real pull.
    Havas science is divided into various parts. One of them is the air of the beautiful names of His Holiness Hakk. The hassas of these names have something to do with the letters that make up the names. At this point, it is necessary to know the principles of knowledge that are related to letters first, all of the letters that make up the names are from this cain. This is the air of the Qur'an with the air of prayers used in azimets.
    "The basis of what is said and written in this regard is the experiences of the righteous and the guardians. There are even sheriffs who point to this point and are even evidence. The hadiths mentioned by Imam-i Suyûti in al-Itkân are the hadiths from this sentence. According to some sources, the source of Havas Science extends to the companion and of course. There are also news stories that have no source or basis in this regard. These are things that have come out of people's experiences. Only God knows the truth of those who do not rely on a source or evidence.
    The legitimacy of the Rukye is fixed with the Muavvizeteyn Surahs and is the declaration of the Qur'an. This is how to request healing with other beautiful names of His Holiness Hakk. What is done along the way is spiritual. If these suras and Esma-i Husna are read from the language of saleh and guardian servants, healing occurs with the permission of Allah u teala. If this treatment method becomes widespread and continues in competent mouths, people will rebel against financial medicine. The Messenger of Allah signs this point with this hadith. It's like this:
    "If a person, believing in his influence, reads both the beautiful names of His Holiness Hakk and the prayers in this regard to destroy a mountain, surely the mountain will be destroyed."
    Kurtubî, the scholar of the Great Interpretation and Hadith, declared that it is religiously permissible to wish healing for any patient with the beautiful names of His Holiness Hakk and the Quran. In this regard, he says:
    - If what is read for any healing is esma, verse and prayer, which is fixed with the Qur'an and hadith, it is permissive to request healing with them.
    The great scholar Rebî says:
    - I asked Imam Shafii about the legitimacy of requesting healing by reading the beautiful names of His Holiness Hakk, verses and prayers made by the Messenger of Allah. They said, "There is nothing wrong with the sharia point of requesting healing with the verses of the Qur'an and the known remembrances of The Holy Quran."
    The most virtuous of course, Hasan-ı Basri, Mujahid and Evzaî, have declared that there is no need to request healing with esma-i Husna or any Quranic verses or known prayers. They wrote them down in anything and said, "There is no religious object to drinking or bathing in it with the intention of healing it." Imam-i Nehâî, one of the great scholars of the same era, said that this was a blessing.
    There are also numbers, vesks and lines, and the air of numbers related to love and hate is from this sentence. As a matter of fact, in Tezkiretü'l-Ahbâb, horoscopes, stars, mines, plants and animals have aspirations about love and hatred. The seasons have a number of influences in the healing, winning love and hating of certain neighborhoods.
    Dear readers! This work you have is a work of research and labor. To cover every subject, the work has been kept so wide. We live in such an era, everyone's a pain in the ass. He's depressed. He squirms at the thought that I've been cast a spell. It never occurs to you to go to the specialist psychiatrist and get rid of the depression, but he rushes to the door of a sorcerer. He's supposed to fix your problem.
    It should be well known that magic is not the cause of every trouble and depression. There is no one in our time who has enough knowledge and knowledge to perform magic. But there are charlatans who know how to suck and exploit the blood of depressed troubled people with various lies, deceit and juggling.
    Believing in their prophecy and going to their doorstep is worth your faith and wealth. Don't make that mistake.
    There is a material treatment for every disease as well as a spiritual one. That's what you'll find in this piece. In addition to material treatment, you will find healing with the permission of Allah from all your troubles with spiritual treatment.

    - A -
    Makes sure you're starving 760
    Equipped with the glaze of the name 602
    Children who can't sleep crying 169
    213, 262,766 for pain and pain
    Ahidnâme prayer 378
    To beautify morality 308, 594, 598
    420 to dissuade those who mistreated their family.
    93 to improve intelligence and intelligence
    Scorpio 527
    389 to protect against scorpion stings
    644 against the al-bust
    835 for fertile shopping
    399 to dissuade the alcoholic from this state
    God accepts his prayers 603
    Allah Teala forgives you 699
    93 to be in the care of God
    Whatever they ask of God, they can't be denied 563
    How to recognize the star of an unknown person 21
    106 to understand the incomprehensible
    437, 597, 697 to increase the power of understanding
    231, 289 to protect the child in the womb from all kinds of danger
    630 to avoid dying suddenly
    Arslan sign 526
    Ashab-ı Badr and Virtue 318
    Recitation of Ashab-ı Badr (Arabic) 322
    Reading of Ashab-ı Badr (Turkish) 350
    Ashab-i KehBin names airy 380
    655 for asthma and cough
    656 for those who complain of excessive revolution
    756 to put out the fire
    Names to mention at moon time 38
    Moon star chanting time 43
    and Acirc;yât-ı Hamse 948
    and Acirc;yât-ı Harb 471
    and Acirc;yât-ı Seb'a 941
    and Acirc;yet al-Kursi's invitation 634
    and Acirc;yet al-Kursi's important hassas 307
    and Acirc; the virtue of reading yet al-Kursi 944
    Omens of the month 503
    Buhurs of the month 539
    Horoscopes by month and, of course, their status 11
    Month-old talismans 537
    - B -
    Connected to solve 172, 604, 655
    Pisces 528
    For headaches 261, 712, 726, 733, 761
    852 against dizziness
    212 for head and back pain
    Head, core, tail 486
    Virgo 526
    749 to put someone else in custody.
    395 for fainting and epileptic discomfort
    644 against low back pain
    695 for the de-troubles
    Prayer to be recited against anyone who has been in trouble 864
    My intercession has been vacip 696
    701 for Fertility
    Secrets of the name Berhesh 747
    Secrets of the name Berhetîh 741
    Berhetiyye prayer 741
    Berhetiyye, airy and secrets 740
    Secrets of the name Berheyûlâ 753
    Secrets of the name Berşân 750
    Besmele-i Sharife prayer 464
    Secrets of Besmele-i Sharif 629
    Secrets of the name Of The Five 760
    Secrets of the name Beskîlah 754
    Secrets of the name Bikehtahûniyye 760
    595 to protect an item from being stolen
    463 to see an event or anyone in a dream
    How to understand the nature of a person 54
    When to start a job 533
    273 for a job to be seen
    559 to find out if a job is a no
    638 if you're filming from someone's treason
    424 for someone who has a job with someone.
    747 to bring someone in
    555 to influence someone
    603 for those concerned about the outcome of an incident
    685 to know something
    Prayer to be read to anyone burned on one side 959
    415 for the fertility of a place
    393 for the latrine of a tyrant
    773 to reconcile two people who hate each other
    Planets that are friendly to each other 535
    Horoscopes that are hostile to each other 534
    Planets hostile to each other 535
    Taurus 525
    Treatment of sore throat 179
    551, 701 to avoid drowning
    414 for plenty of customers
    893 for abundant sustenance and maishet
    222 for abundance and abundance
    435, 457, 554,607, 704,873
    833, 847 for anyone crushed under debt
    594 to get rid of debt shortfall
    The debtor's prayer is 461
    Prayer to be read to those in pain of kidney stones 958
    757 to protect against infectious diseases
    How to look at the burqa 531
    Horoscopes and general characteristics 481
    Letters of horoscopes 12
    Friendship and hostility of the zodiac to each other 534
    Birth directions of horoscopes 531
    Effects and characteristics of horoscopes 525
    Characters of horoscopes 499
    Districts of the Zodiac 485
    Nature of horoscopes 500
    The equivalent of horoscopes in our body is 13
    674 against nosebleeds
    844 for anyone with a nosebleed
    685 to expose the entire creature
    Symptoms of magic and magic 214
    563 to put the elders in custody
    746 to break the spell
    706 to locate the spell
    - C -
    93 for life and property safety
    421 for those who complain of fertility in their pockets
    775 to subpoena
    Celcelûtiyye prayer (turkish pronunciation) 811
    Celcelûtiyye prayer and secrets 769
    Celcelûtiyye prayer (Arabic pronunciation) 787
    Description of the words found in Celcelûdyye 783
    Celcelûtiyye's great vefk 782
    Secrets and wisdoms of Celcelûtiyye 822
    Heavenly prayer 676
    549 for the generosity of the miser
    182 for the treatment of the sickened by gin slammed
    178, 186, 190,196 for the treatment of the sickened by gin mubtel
    658, 762 against gin retention
    295 to protect yourself from jinn and human evil
    Gin and fairy mubtela 645
    774 for anyone haunted by gin and evil.
    191 for the treatment of the sick due to fear of gin
    742 to meet with demons
    893 to invite demons
    748, 756 to remove the demons
    593, 744, 772 to ensure the evil of the jinn
    232 to destroy cinni
    721 to burn the genie
    192 for the treatment of the ailing because the genie fell in love
    198 to strengthen sexual power
    224 for husband who hates his wife sexually
    224 for a woman who hates her husband sexually
    593 to avoid disasters
    Vird 399 read by Hazrat Ali on Friday
    Friday's futile prayers 682
    Vird 401 read by Hazrat Ali on Saturday
    Saturday's futile prayers 683
    Cümel-i Akbar and Cümel-i Kebir 66
    Cünnetül Esmâ 317
    756 for fertility in your wallet
    - Ç -
    700, 876 to find something stolen.
    373 to find the stolen property.
    Vird 405, which Hazrat Ali read on Wednesday
    Futile prayers for Wednesday 681
    Everyone who is afraid and afraid is tongue-tied 830
    Boils and pimples 168
    767, 884 for healing boils and wounds
    892 against smallpox
    888 against flowers and pimples
    197, 569, 968 for anyone without children
    If the child did not sleep 199, 887
    238 for the treatment of remit and epilepsy in children
    749 to protect children from genie and evil eye
    659, 728 for the protection of children from diseases
    395 for sharpening children's intelligence
    631 for a lot of fishing
    A very virtuous display 683
    - D -
    Da'vet-i Kebîr 894
    Da'vet-i Sumûs (Arabic pronunciation) 110
    Da'vet-i Sumûs (Turkish pronunciation) 146
    Da'vet-i Sumûs 82
    Da'vet-i Tîcân 872
    94 for the healing of internal diseases
    757 for the prevention of internal bleeding
    Spleen growth 664
    290, 673, 737 in spleen diseases
    872 for the reconciliation of two resentful people.
    665 to reconcile the resentful husband and wife
    458 for the suspected treasure
    Examples of prayers and prayers on various subjects 77
    655, 832 for the healing of a madman
    457 for peace on a sea voyage
    Prayer to be read before starting class 698
    288 for easy understanding of lessons
    564 to be accepted from the state elder
    State Prayer 379
    102, 174, 552 for anyone with a job on the state floor
    830 on the state floor
    Gets his wish 563
    Wishing prayer 694
    269 for wish, 565
    761 to achieve your wish and purpose
    761 for language wisdom speech
    264 against toothache
    For women with difficulty giving birth, 93, 712, 823, 837, 844
    555 for the proliferation of friends
    4,000 great sins are forgiven 738
    The spirituality of the four caliphs is welcomed in 887
    Importance of prayer and consultation 935
    For the acceptance of prayer 319, 842, 864
    850 for the fertility of the shop
    No one needs anyone in world affairs 313
    313 for easy acquisition of earth and afterlife
    579, 587 for the happiness of the world and the afterlife
    866 for the abundance of the provision of the world and the afterlife
    309, 552, 568, 714, 728, 762, 771 to win over the enemy
    His enemy is devastated 556, 557, 649, 836
    His enemy bows to him 573
    His enemy can't speak ill of you 423
    848 to connect the enemy's tongue
    373 to protect against the evil of the enemy
    895 to look imposing in the eye of the enemy
    230 for the enemy to go blind
    The enemy's weapon does not carry 829
    418 if the evil of the enemy is feared
    756 to protect against the evil of the enemy
    Outperforms your enemy 564, 566
    He can't stand up to his enemies 633
    840 to defeat enemies
    200, 645 for women who have miscarriages
    - E -
    Ebced Letters 17
    Number values of Ebced letters 14
    556 to achieve eternal happiness
    Ed'iyetül Üsbûyye 399
    294 against hand and foot pain
    Secrets of en'am Surah 728
    100 for unblocking
    Secrets of the name Engaluyt 756
    879 for the course of Envâr-ı Jamâliyye
    226, 434 for the treatment of anyone whose masculinity depends
    607 to escape captivity
    Esmâ-i Azym 696
    Esmâi Erbeıyn-i Îdrîsiyye 581
    Esmâ-i Husnâ and the customs to be read 15
    Esmâ-i Husnâ 545
    Esmâ-i hüsnâ, letters, customs, noble and sufi spirits 646
    Impressive names from Esmâ-i Husnâ 34
    Secrets of Esmâ-i Husnâ 547
    562 for the recovery of anyone who betrayed his wife.
    Description-i Hamse 50
    837 for stealing his belongings.
    426 to protect goods and goods from the property
    456 to impress
    839 to protect the household from any danger
    389 to bring back someone who ran away from home.
    To protect the house from smallpox..: 892
    824 to protect the house from demolition
    631 for anyone who doesn't have a child
    569 to have a child
    742 for an unmarried girl to marry
    274, 480, 653, 774, 833 for anyone who can't get married
    Treatment of magic that disrupts marital relations 867
    712 to become a group of saints
    - F -
    742 for anyone writhing in poverty
    576 to get out of poverty
    388 for mice to get away
    Secrets of Fatiha Surah 240
    Nights of virtue known 678
    Known days 679
    196, 418, 477, 845 for the treatment of paralysis
    666 in paralysis and extation disorders
    771 for the storm to subside
    - G -
    553, 556, 563, 578, 615
    Prayer to prevent grief and sorrow 957
    458 for the reassion of grief and sorrow
    827 to know the secrets of the realm of the uni
    Reasons that make it easier to get up for night worship 678
    Virtue of night worship 675
    Those who can't sleep at night and are in trouble 727
    727 for those who are afraid at night
    No shortage of livelihoods 223
    202 for those who complain of shortages of livelihoods
    775 to reconcile the husband and wife who can't get along
    412 for those who fear for their future
    222 to resolve the dispute between the bride and groom
    Planets 501
    Letters by planet 13
    Diseases caused by planets 514
    739 to find something secret.
    94 to know secret secrets
    102 to reveal secret secrets
    383 to salavat-i sharif, which Gönenli advised to read
    Divine manifestation and light to your heart $549
    568 to win hearts
    556, 562, 567, 576
    94 against eye pain, 742
    Against eye diseases 232, 262, 288
    835 for the light of the eye and heart
    595 for the safe return of a person who went abroad.
    Names to read on the sundial 35
    Sunstar's chanting time is 41
    Signs of the sun 502
    Sun's burly 539
    93 to talk nicely
    566 to have beautiful dreams
    Secrets of the name Galmesh 747
    Secrets of the name gayâhâ 757
    - H -
    Hajj prayer 642
    For Hacet 198, 200, 596, 599, 600, 704, 705, 873, 965
    Hajj prayer 952
    Talismans for the 7th day of the week 536
    591 to silence those who speak ill of you
    Those who speak ill of you will be devastated 311
    594 for those who are wrongfully imprisoned
    320 for anyone who has been wrongfully persecuted
    772 to become a saint in public
    193, 414 for women who can't get pregnant
    Which star is friend and enemy to which star 75
    To get out of prison 207, 293, 560, 833
    Nature and abandonment of letters 9
    551 to outdo his adversary
    Patient finds healing 662
    93 to get rid of diseases and pains
    Diagnosis of diseases 531
    199, 318, 373, 561, 832 to cure the disease
    176 for the destruction of pests
    Virtue of reading the last verses of the Surah of Hashr 946
    Hâtem-i Kebir 108
    Hâtem-i Deaf 109
    Hâtem-i Sagîr's savings 99
    To be considered 903, 604
    397 to grasp havas science
    Havassi Settâ 882
    Eve-i Fâdha-i Sharife 313
    No 212 to open its doors
    550 to be remembered for charity
    424 to have a good son
    559 for the rehabilitation of the unhelpful husband and wife
    630 for a subpoena
    839 for the protection of animals from danger
    Remedy to find treasure and get rich 255
    The rosary that Adam read 928
    His Holiness Aaron's prayer 934
    The rosary read by Hazrat Ibrahim 929
    The prayer of Jesus Christ 382
    Hazrat Isaac read 930
    The rosary read by Hazrat Ismail 929
    The chants that Hazrat Mevlânâ recommended ... 868
    The rosary read by Moses 932
    373 to see the Prophet (p.a.v.) in a dream
    The rosary read by the Prophet (p.a.v.) 934
    The rosary read by Hazrat John 932
    The rosary read by Hazrat Yakub 931
    The rosary read by Hazrat Yûnus 931
    The rosary that Joseph reads is 932
    He has every wish 416
    Buhurs of each planet 10
    258 for the healing of each disease
    298 for success and victory in all matters
    Every person respects him 662
    He dreams of what he wants 567
    Achieves success in every job 571
    Good in every job 564
    380 to make sure of any fear
    210 to make sure of any evil
    Nicely welcomed everywhere 744
    Loved by all 588, 843
    616 to look imposing
    712 to get rid of the excitement
    751 to protect against burglars, fires and gin
    To be sure of the thief, go to 375, 774.
    378 to dream about the thief
    777 to detect the thief
    Vicious-i-Besmele-i Sharif 687
    Hızbü'n-Nevevî 299
    596 to gain wisdom science
    Opened 436 of the science of wisdom
    211 to get rid of cheating and deception
    831, 836 to protect against cheats cheating
    Hilye-i Sharif 467
    Hizb-i Mohammed (p.a.v.) 960
    Hizbu'n-Nasr 426
    Hizbül Bahr and his secrets 441
    Secrets of the name Hûtıyr 748
    Prayer to be read to grumpy boy 955
    566 to be a skilled person
    822 to be respected and accepted
    - I -
    284 for the treatment of internal restlessness
    967 for peace of mind
    415 to hate booze
    671 against the discomfort of not being able to hold urine
    Invitation of the Surah of Violation 763
    Gemini 525
    390, 877 against impotence
    572 for the opening of divine discoveries
    894 to have science and alchemy
    Will man prevail or be defeated 533
    245 to solve the spell on man
    Becomes a saint among people 230
    549, 709 to be respectable among people
    412 to look imposing and dignified among people
    310, 601, 670 to be accepted among people
    104 to hide from the eyes of the people
    434 to put people's hearts on display
    If you want people to be afraid of you, 740
    558 to make a good decision
    The evil and air of the Ism-i A'zam prayer 230
    Ism-i Rahman Prayer (Arabic) 366
    Ism-i Rahman Prayer (Turkish pronunciation) 372
    He'll bring anyone he wants to his feet, 565.
    Gets what he wants 558
    553 to dream what you want
    Importance of destination 702
    Employment and decency 393, 733
    736 for those who are not successful in their work
    776 for reputation
    - K -
    Makes sure of the chastisement 468
    180 for the treatment of anyone who fears among the graves
    Secrets of the name Kabrât 756
    103 to be accepted
    706 to get women out of this situation with extreme weaknesses.
    His heart is filled with wisdom knowledge 416
    His heart is filled with the light of wisdom 771
    772 to rid the heart of spiritual illness
    His heart is filled with ingenuity 589
    564 for heart relief
    619 for the heart to fill with fez
    829 to clear the heart of niche
    574 for the heart to fill with light
    189 who felt pain in his heart
    Wisdom spurts out of your heart 827
    Secrets of the name Kalenhûd 750
    187,189 for the treatment of heart pain
    168 against heart palpitations, 294
    600, 879 for heart eye opening
    220 to heart disease
    588, 739 to remove heart disease
    231 against heart conditions
    313, 573 to affect hearts
    880 for the lightening of hearts
    93 for hearts to turn towards him
    94 for heartache to go away
    175,195 against the illegitude of black love
    776 to avoid trouble on land and sea travel
    457 for peace on land travel
    591 for conversation between husband and wife
    390 if there's a coldness between husband and wife
    743 to address the rift between husband and wife
    845 if water is collected in your abdomen
    737, 759 for the removal of ants
    965 for softening solid hearts
    220, 274, 753 to find something missing
    712 to find something missing.
    202 to hear from a missing person.
    205 to return a missing person
    550, 553, 560 to ensure accidents and troubles
    Secrets of the name Kazhîr 751
    Secrets of the name Kazmez 755
    Word-of-the-word Tevhid air 738
    826 to protect against the eyes
    Prayer 167 to be recited when entering a person who is afraid of him
    171 for anyone who thinks he's going to be harmed.
    Secrets of the name Kerîr 742
    Kasf-i Sahih 167
    Secrets of keydehûlâ name 758
    660 against the illegis of jealousy
    224, 457
    851 for girls with their fortunes closed
    661 to get a vindictive person out of this situation.
    How to identify a person's star 20
    240 for easy delivery
    Treatment of the one who is sick due to fear 179
    183, 270 against the illegit of fear
    271 for the treatment of fear and excessive desire
    713 to get rid of fear and restlessness
    567 to get rid of fearful dreams
    Protective shield 478
    Aquarius 528
    195 for the proliferation of milk of sheep or cows
    186 for the treatment of the sick due to fear of the dog
    558, 572 for the prevention of bad habits
    590 to protect yourself from bad thoughts
    Anyone with bad dreams 721
    Immediately stops bad habits 574
    776 to bind the bad word's tongue
    318 to get rid of evil and trouble
    206, 596, 841 to protect against evil
    312, 737
    852 against intestinal and intestinal pain
    823 to get rid of symic and sciatica
    Virtues of some surahs in the Qur'an 286
    92 to be one of the liberators
    If the water of the well decreases, 194
    749 for the proliferation of the well's water
    Numbers with lowercase ebced letters and equivalents 530
    - M -
    253 for material and spiritual wish
    Mahlukat loves you 895
    Not boiled naked in the apocalypse 468
    Prayer to be read in the shortage of mashet 960
    To see goodness from the holders of office and positions... 561
    To achieve its purpose, 278, 708 S
    927 to prevent damage to property and life
    742, 840 to avoid the theft of property
    199 for the sale of goods
    601 for spiritual medicine
    Serves as a spiritual shield 950
    Spiritual discovery path opens 663
    555 for the removal of spiritual curtains
    549 to achieve spiritual greatness
    601 to immerse in the realm of spirituality
    425 for the underdog but jailed
    554 to remove the tyranny of the oppressed
    Merih buhurs 540
    Names to keep busy on Merih time 34
    Signs of merihin 504
    656 to discourage an unlawful relationship
    578 to hold the position
    970 to protect fruit trees from all kinds of disasters
    Secrets of the name Mezcel 745
    Migraines 174, 207, 725
    456 for subpoenas for conversation
    Murad for 267, 268, 297, 712
    266 who want to get their wish
    To relieve the scourge 391, 598
    559 for happiness
    707, 875 to meet with the faithful demons.
    Seal u Nübüvvet-i Resulüllah 889
    616 to prevail in the debate
    Customer star's chanting time is 40
    Customer's omens 507
    460, 631, 838 for increased customer growth
    Customer's buhurs 540
    To protect against intruders ... 831
    752 to cure persistent cough
    - N -
    Secrets of Na'l-i Sharif 735
    Nâme-i Prophet ... 468
    184,188, 228, 292, 392 for Nazar
    183 for the treatment of the sick due to evil eye and envy
    Verses to be read against nazara 713
    437 to be protected from evil and demons
    Whatever he wishes, 555
    No matter how far he walks, he won't tire 392
    570 to abandon the desires of the self
    Secrets of the name Nemûshelah 752
    440 against the flu and flu
    832 against the humidity
    242 to untie the bond of the person connected during the wedding
    Nûh Aleyhisselam's reading of 928
    - O -
    He'd be thankful for that day, 867.
    Capricorn 528
    The reader is given a thousand huri 951
    550 for the declaration of anger
    375 for cough and asthma
    It's a panacea other than death 376
    589, 824
    To succeed in an important matter. 272
    686 to get an important job done.
    - P -
    105 to locate the money
    Vird 402, which Hazrat Ali read on Sunday
    Sunday's futile prayers 680
    Vird 403, which Hazrat Ali read on Monday
    Futile prayers for Monday 681
    178 for the treatment of the sick due to fairy disease
    Vird 406 read by Hazrat Ali on Thursday
    Futile prayers for Thursday 682
    637 to see the Prophet (p.a.v.) in a dream
    713 to see the Prophet (p.a.v.) in a dream
    Secrets of the names of the Prophet (p.a.v.). 438
    Prostate disease 657
    567, 592 to get rid of psychological distress
    - R -
    Redemption with spiritual secrets 602
    Nine-nine down 67
    551 to outdo your opponent
    Those who wish to meet with the Messenger of God (p.a.v.) .... 936
    279, 887 to see the Messenger of God (p.a.v.) in a dream
    The love of the Messenger of God (p.a.v.) is honored 887
    202, 555 for abundance of sustenance
    No shortage of sustenance and rations 425
    598 for the abundance of suscenction
    380, 630,714
    Deeds that provide the subpoena of suspoly 409
    Suscation raining 888
    Ricâlül Ghayb Prayer 385
    621 to meet with the Spirituals
    712 for the treatment of mental illness
    456 for the healing of mental and physical diseases
    750 to talk to spirits
    753 to see what you want in a dream
    - S -
    198 for hair to become black
    Salât-ı Nâriye 81
    Salat-i Tefriciyye 865
    Salavât-i A'zam 711
    Salavat-i Cevheretil Kemâl 885
    Salavât-i Künhiyye 943
    The importance of bringing salavât to the sheriff 661
    561 to avoid epidemic disaster
    Vird 404, which Hazrat Ali read on Tuesday
    Tuesday's futile prayers 681
    Salih Aleyhisselam's reading 930
    768 against pain and diseases
    622 against pain, 891
    Against epilepsy 175, 194, 204, 463, 612, 750
    Sara, 632 to protect yourself from demons and demons.
    845 for the treatment of jaundice
    561 to achieve success in battles
    229, 287, 380 for the child who cried for no reason
    593 to get rid of psoriasis
    434 to prevent flooding
    705 to be in peace
    The air of the verse of the lord's mercy, which is scorched by peace, 311
    631 to protect against celestial disasters
    562, 569 to be reunited with your loved one
    To gain love 230, 277, 421, 587, 630, 639, 703, 749, 828, 878
    560 to become a loved and sought after person
    Prayer to be read to get rid of boredom 954
    309 to relieve distress and grief
    Troubled person's prayer 954
    170 to know secrets
    253, 381 for malaria and treatment
    672 for warts, boils and wounds
    182 for the treatment of the one who is disturbed by magic,
    Magic doesn't work 419
    To get rid of magic 462, 718, 758, 971
    Magic and magic do not act 569
    Gun-free 848
    665 in neural diseases
    376, 891 against acne and boils
    743, 759 for the removal of mosquitoes
    459 for the word to be influenced
    773, 825, 846
    Prayer to be read in stress and distress 955
    Stress-free 549
    201, 660 for women with little milk
    - S -
    93 for the rise of glory and glory
    My intercession would be vacip to him 866
    588 to beat lust
    Secrets of the name Shamhâbârûh 762
    Secrets of the name Shamhâhir 759
    Secrets of the name Shamhâhîr 759
    Secrets of the name Shamhehîr 759
    Sherh-ı Havass-ıYâsîn 893
    597 to protect yourself from devil and gin taunts
    700 to protect against the devil and his army
    Source of healing 259
    Cryptic letters and secrets 251
    - T -
    225 against bedbug lice and fleas
    Fortune loss 521
    How to connect suitor and matlup 60
    To go to conclusions by considering the names of suitors and matlup separately 71
    Ruler 63 on suitor, matlup, letters and names
    732 to protect the crop in the field from damage and waste
    620, 839 to buy abundant crops from the field
    What to do to save 97
    208 to avoid danger
    Tehlil verses 856
    177, 778 against the feeling of laziness and weight
    Libra 526
    Secrets of the name Terkab 746
    Secrets of the name Tetlîh 743
    734, 776, 876 for fertility in the trade house
    For fertility in trade 221, 310, 409, 458, 654
    Against typhoid, 890
    Secrets of the name Tûneş 761
    Secrets of the name Tûrân 743
    - U -
    674 for herpes
    743 to meet with noble and sufi spirits
    To eliminate forgetfulness, 458, 460, 567, 631, 895
    742 to remember
    Names to mention on Utarid time 37
    Utarid star's chanting time is 42
    Signs of Utaridin 509
    Utaridin buhurs 539
    657, 827 for those who are afraid to sleep
    439 to reduce sleep
    645 to avoid sleeping
    241 for the treatment of children who cannot sleep
    440, 659 for those who can't sleep
    891 against scabies
    102 for the far away
    103, 894 for immediate arrival of the person in a remote location
    - U -
    173 for the treatment of a hopeless disease
    381, 834 to protect against um sibyan disease
    - V -
    Secrets of the Surah 233
    257 for an expat who is asked to return home
    Sees an army of parents 887
    318 to reach the guardianship office
    Vession and delusion 227, 718
    417 to protect yourself from the plague
    185, 671, 773, 960
    Prayer to be read for the healing of any wound in the body 959
    - Y -
    Features of the name YaDi 558
    Features of the name Afüvü 574
    Features of the name Yâ Barn 572
    Features of the name Yâ Alîm 555
    Features of the name Aliyyu 560
    Features of the name Allâh 549
    Features of the name Yâ Azym 559
    Features of the name Azîz 551
    Features of the name Yâ Bâısu 564
    Features of the name Yâ Bâkiy 578
    Features of the name Yâ Bâriii 552
    The characteristics of the name YâBâst .. 555
    Features of the name Yâ Basyr 557
    Features of the name of Yâ Âtın 572
    Features of the name Yâ Bedîu 578
    Features of the name Yâ Berru 573
    Features of the name Yâ Câmiu 576
    Features of the name Yâ Cebbâr 552
    Features of the name Yâ Celîl 562
    Features of the name Dârru 577
    Features of the name Yâ Ehad 570
    Features of the name Yâ Önce 571
    Features of the name Yâ Fettâh 554
    Features of the name Yâ Ghaffâr 553
    Features of the name Yâ Ghafûr 560
    Features of the name Yâ Ghaniyyu 576
    Features of the name Habîr 559
    Features of the name Yâ Hâdî 568
    Features of the name Hafıyz 561
    Features of the name Yâ Hâfiz 556
    Features of the name Hakîm 563
    Features of the name Hakiym 558
    What's the status of my name is 580
    Features of the name Halîm 559
    Features of the name Hamîd 566
    Features of the name Hasîb 561
    Features of the name Hayyu 568
    Features of the name Qad 555
    The characteristics of the name Kadir -... 570
    Features of the name Kahhâr 553
    Features of the name Kaviyyu 565
    Features of the name Kayyûm 568
    Features of the name Kebîr 561
    Features of the name Kerîm 562
    Features of the name Kuddûs 550
    Features of the name Latiyf 558
    Features of the name Mâcid 569
    Features of the name Mâcidu 564
    Features of the name Mâliku 550
    Features of the name Mâniu , 577
    Features of the name Meliku 575
    Features of the name of the metîn 566
    Features of the name Mugnî 576
    Features of muhsiy name 566
    Features of the muhyî name 567
    Features of the name Muksitu 575
    Features of the able name 571
    Features of the name of the believer 551
    Features of the name of the contractor.... 571
    Features of the name Mubdiu 567
    Features of the name Mucîb 563
    Features of the name of the disciple 551
    Features of the name Müyd 567
    Features of the name Muizzü 556
    Features of the name Of The Reward 571
    Features of the name Mükiytu 561
    Features of the name Mumît 568
    Features of the reclusive name 574
    Features of the name Musavviru 553
    Features of the name Yâ Müteâl 573
    Features of the name Yâ Mütekebbir 552
    Features of the musical name 557
    Features of the name Yâ Nâfiu 577
    Features of the name Yâ Nûr 577
    Features of the name Yâ Râfiu 556
    Features of the name Yâ Rahym 549
    Features of the name Yâ Rahmân 549
    Features of the name Yâ Rakiyb 562
    Features of the name Yâ Rashîd 579
    Features of the name Yâ Raûf 574
    Features of the name Razzâk 554
    Features of the name Yâ Sabûr 579
    Features of the name Yâ Samed 570
    Features of the name Yâ Selâm 550
    Features of the name Yâ Semiy'u 557
    Secrets of Yâ Seriy'u name 377
    Features of the name Yâ Shahid 565
    Features of the name Yâ Şekûr 560
    Features of the name Tevvâb 574
    Features of the name Yâ Vâcid 569
    Features of the name Yâ Âhıd 569
    Features of the name Yâ Vâlî 573
    Features of the name Yâ Heir 578
    Features of the name Vâsiu 563
    Features of the name Yâ Vedûd 564
    Features of the name Yâ yehhâb 554
    Features of the proxy name 565
    Features of the name Yâ Veliyyu 566
    Features of the name Yâ Zâhiru 572
    Features of the name Yâ Zel celâli vel ikrâm 575
    695 for the destruction of weeds
    724 if you want to be notified
    550, 771, wishing to be protected from fire
    835 to protect against fire and drowning
    319 to protect against fire and theft
    263 for the treatment of half a headache
    Yâsin-i Sharif prayer 611
    Secrets of the Yâsin-i Sharif 605
    He will not suffer from poverty and livelihood as long as he lives 554
    Sagittarius 527
    Seven stars have their own status of 30
    Nature of seven stars 26
    Crab sign 526
    422, 611 to protect the newborn from any danger
    894 to reach underground treasures
    610 to avoid earth and sky disasters
    101 to see what's happening underground
    824 to protect against snake and scorpion damage
    203 for the removal of snakes and scorpions
    551 to avoid lightning strikes
    Historical insights into star science 487
    Star shapes 80
    Star look 535
    Star-only clocks and domains 24
    Effects of stars on plants, living beings and mines 516
    Effects of stars on the human body 513
    Ebced accounts for Yildiz 529
    Twenty-eight letters divided into seven stars 45
    592 to find your lost
    230 to avoid poverty
    Prayer to be read on the journey 650
    For the safe return of anyone who went on the journey... 462
    717 if there is danger on the road
    Spiritual prescription for fatigue 669
    Yusuf Surah's air 424
    Which star hour will the beautiful names of Almighty God be read on 43
    573, 849 to access higher office
    291 for children who can't walk
    Facial paralysis 233, 658
    100 martyrs get the favor of 90
    477 to protect against facial evil and disease
    - Z -
    260 for zahiri and medical diseases
    Zahirî and spiritual sciences are given to him 411
    623 to protect against cruel and evil people
    775 to remove the tyrant from his place
    For the tyrant's latrine 552, 599, 651, 722, 731
    292 for those who fear enter the presence of the wrongdoer
    230, 553, 587 to protect against the tyranny of the oppression
    587 to protect against the tyranny of the tyrant
    618 to prevent the tyranny of the oppressors
    94 against the tyranny of the tyrant
    104, 550, 966 to address the tyranny of the oppression
    264 for the wrongdoers to abandon their habits.
    Makes sure of the evils of time 590
    774 to remove a harmful person from a place
    723 for children who are weak and constantly sick
    672 against the illegitity of weakness and laziness
    877 to get rid of weakness
    Zayirçe 524
    Science of zâirçes and calendars 491
    698, 710, 825, 947 for sharpening intelligence
    To get rich 105, 206, 436, 576,587,600, 876
    664, 734 to discourage adultery
    177 for the rehabilitation of an adulterous woman
    94 to get fit
    631 to increase fertility in agriculture
    290 for women who give birth hard
    Hard work gets easier 209
    Protected from the evils of bullies 571
    Names to mention at the time of the zöhre 36
    Zöhre star chanting time 41
    Signs of the zöhre 510
    Zöhrenin buhurs 539
    Zuhal buhurs 540
    The names of the Zühal watch are 38
    The chanting time of the Zuhal star is 39
    Signs of the vented 506

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