Erbakan Treatments 2 - Scientific Discoveries of Muslims and Dilemmas of Western Science-1210

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Erbakan Treatments 2 - Scientific Discoveries of Muslims and Dilemmas of Western Science
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  • Erbakan Treatments 2 - Scientific Discoveries of Muslims and Dilemmas of Western Science
    M. Mustafa Uzun
    Number of Impressions: 3rd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 94
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 13.5 x 19.5 cm
    The best known work of the late Erbakan is "Islam and Knowledge". In this treatise, we present to you the Science-centered messages we have compiled from all the works of the late Erbakan.

    In this work, the late Erbakan's "What is the Great Contribution of Islam to Humanity?" There are many details about the path from the question. Semi-intellectuals and Islam, The Dilemmas of Western Science, Europeans and Islamic Sciences, In a Western Hope and Civilization Crisis, Turbaned Cübbeli and Acirc at Paris Sorbon University, Limes, Imitating Scientist Cannot Write Original Work, What Is Just Scientific Order? and "What Should Be the Move in Science and Technology?" Many titles are included in this work.

    Compiled from many works of the late Erbakan, this Risale is also a step in the case of the National Opinion Leader not to be forgotten in these lands. Insha'Allah, we will continue to make sentences about this beautiful leader as much as we can and our hearts allow.
    M. Mustafa Uzun
    He was born in Erzurum in 1982. He finished primary school and memorization in Hatay. He graduated from Istanbul University Literature and History departments. He studied Public Administration at Anadolu University as the 3rd University. He continues his academic life at Istanbul University and prepares a thesis on Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship.

    He tried to translate the suffering of the Ummah by traveling the great Islamic geography from Morocco to Indonesia. He has been in these regions to comfort the people who lost their relatives from Gaza to Moro, from Kashmir to Patani, sometimes to the joy of the feast of the oppressed Muslims, sometimes during the Gaza attacks. Journalist and writer. He traveled to more than 60 countries, Central and South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Asia and Far Asia.

    After Master Erbakan's march to Hakka, he collected all the printed works that many of them were not aware of, and revealed the "Erbakan Collection". From time to time he writes articles on various subjects in various magazines, national newspapers, bulletins and internet sites.

    Preface 7
    What is the great contribution Islam makes to humanity? 9
    A Very Brief Overview of the Contribution of Islam to the Sciences 13
    Half Intellectuals and Islam 29
    Dilemmas of Western Science 32
    How Do Muslim Scholars View Formulas and Calculations? 35
    History of Step by Step Sciences 38
    Muslim and Acirc; Lims Founded the Knowledge of Wrecks 42
    Sinus or Ceyb? 46
    Fear the Insight of the Believer 52
    What has Jabir done? 53
    Europeans and Islamic Studies 58
    The Qur'an and Prosperous Sciences 61
    Science in Islam and the West 65
    The West Is In A Hope And Civilization Crisis 68
    Knowledge for Men, Women and Everyone 71
    and Acirc; Respect for lime, Respect for Science 74
    Turbaned robe and Acirc at Sorbon University of Paris; limler 76
    Knowledge Is Necessary For Knowledge, Not Knowledge For Benefit 78
    A Imitative Scientist Cannot Write Original Work 81
    We want useful knowledge 83
    What is Fair Scientific Order? 89
    What Should Be The Moves To Be Made In Science And Technology? 91
    Goal in Science and Technology 94
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