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  • Erbakan Treatments 3 - Fair Order
    M. Mustafa Uzun
    Number of Impressions: 2nd Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 119
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 13.5 x 19.5 cm
    "Our cause is Islam. Our aim is to gain the consent of Allah. Our goal is to make the true Nizam prevail. Our desire is the happiness of all humanity. Our path is jihad, our method is a method of persuasion. If Allah loves a servant, he will make him serve his cause, occupy him for good. For Allah's approval." Do priority deeds so that God's help will come. When God's help comes, then no one can win against you. The improvement of the world depends on the work of the National Opinions.
    & mdash; Necmeddin Erbakan, Davam, p, 243

    He was born in Erzurum in 1982. He finished primary school and memorization in Hatay. He graduated from Istanbul University Literature and History departments. He studied Public Administration at Anadolu University as the 3rd University. He continues his academic life at Istanbul University and prepares a thesis on Leadership and Global Entrepreneurship.

    He tried to translate the suffering of the Ummah by traveling the great Islamic geography from Morocco to Indonesia. He has been in these regions to comfort the people who lost their relatives from Gaza to Moro, from Kashmir to Patani, sometimes to the joy of the feast of the oppressed Muslims, sometimes during the Gaza attacks. Journalist and writer. He traveled to more than 60 countries, Central and South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, the Balkans, Asia and Far Asia.

    After Master Erbakan's march to Hakka, he collected all the printed works that many of them were not aware of, and revealed the "Erbakan Collection". From time to time he writes articles on various subjects in various magazines, national newspapers, bulletins and internet sites.

    & raquo; Today's World Order and Erbakan 9
    & raquo; Fair Order 19
    & raquo; Just Scientific Order 21
    How Does the Current Order Crush? 23
    How Can This Order Live? 24
    & raquo; Basic Principles of the Fair Economic Order 25
    A Fair Economic Order Brings Prosperity to All 26
    Fair Order Accelerates Economic Development 27
    What is the Main Purpose of Fair Order? 28
    What is the Fair Political Order? 28
    Armed Forces and Defense Industry in the Fair Order 29
    National Intelligence in the Fair Order 31
    Youth in Fair Order and Education 32
    a) Sports, health and environmental awareness 34
    b) Spiritual and moral education 34
    c) To be trained in the best way in terms of vocational education and training 34
    Just Spiritual and Moral Order 35
    What are the Basic Principles of the Just Spiritual and Moral Order? 35
    What are the General Principles of the Fair Scientific Order? 36
    Is There Any Country Implementing The Fair Order Now? 38
    Fair Order Is The Only Solution 38
    Private Sector in the Fair Order 39
    No Interest in the Fair Order 39
    Islamic Common Market Will Be Established In A Fair Order 40
    Economic Development Will Accelerate 42
    Annual Inflation Rate Percent Zero 43
    Just Order Will Establish the Order of Happiness 45
    Establishment of the Gaye Saadet Ordinance 45
    The Economic Order That Preserves the Right 46
    A Fair Economic Order is a Complete and Integrated Order 47
    Mathematical Foundation of the Fair Economic Order 48
    There is Abundance in Work 50
    & raquo; General Principles of the Fair Economic Order 51
    1. Duty of the State in Economy 51
    2. Government Activities Related to Economy 52
    a) General Services Provided by the State 52
    b) Regulatory Services of the State 53
    3. Economic Activities are Carried Out by Individuals 53
    & raquo; What is Money? 55
    1. "Money = Property" Principle 57
    2. "No Interest" Principle 58
    3. No Bad Money Principle 60
    4. The Principle of Identification of Money by Goods 60
    & raquo; Credit Principles of the Fair Economic Order 65
    Credit Opportunities 66
    1. Partnerships 66
    2. Right Acquisition Equivalent Loan 67
    3. Loans Against Labor 68
    4. Pledge Loan 70
    5. Paid Tax Credit 70
    6. Loan against Investment Project 71
    7. Loan against Selem Act 74
    Why Selem Deed Not Used? 76
    Does Interest Raise In Today's World? 77
    & raquo; Tax Principles of the Fair Economic Order 79
    Tax can only be equivalent to the government service 83
    1. The Principle That The Tax Is Only "On The Payment Of Government Service" 83
    2. The "Single Tax" Principle 84
    3. The Principle of Giving the Tax, That is the State's Share, "in terms of Production" 84
    4. The Principle of "No Taxes on Income" 84
    5.Priority in Utilizing the Amount of Taxes and Government Services 86
    6. The Principle of Tax "According to Declaration" 87
    In the Fair Order, tax is based on declaration 88
    7. The Principle of "The Share to Be Deducted from Production is Determined by the Constitution" 89
    In the Fair Order, right is considered superior, not force 90
    State Income Is Much Higher in Just Order and Increases Quickly! 91
    8.Tax Peace is Essential in a Fair Order 95
    Peace Order or Conflict Order? 96
    9. Tax Strengthens Social Structure in Fair Order 98
    & raquo; Social Security Principles of the Fair Economic Order 101
    A Comparison of the Fair Order and the Interestist Capitalist Order in Terms of Social Security 103
    Fair Order Is Clear and Easy to Apply 105
    Just Order Prevents Poverty and Immorality 106
    & raquo; What Happens If A Fair Order Is Established? 109
    Why Erbakan Struggled for Fair Order? 110
    & raquo; D-8 115
    Erbakan: "This Means A New World" 116
    Why is D-8 Necessary? 116
    30 of 190 Countries Have Completed Their Development 117
    & raquo; Anthem of the National Order Party 119
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