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  • Lectern, Holy Quran and Prayer Mat Set - Pink for My Daughter

    Lectern Features:

    An ideal gift set for children to aid in religious education and prayer practice.
    Encourages learning the intricacies of prayer, the significance of ablution, and facilitates Quran reading for children. It comprises educational and practical elements.
    Set Contents:

    Holy Quran - Simple Arabic - Medium Size - Audio - Pink Color - Ayfa Quran- Computer Script:

    Medium-sized Quran, 17x25 cm.
    Weighs 1,100 grams.
    Pink Quran adorned with a rose pattern design.
    Luxurious hardcover edition approved and sealed by the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Quran Review, and Recitation Board.
    Faithfully prepared in the script of Hafiz Osman, ensuring proper page, margin, script, and diacritic marks.
    Utilizes the computer script, ensuring easy readability.
    The Quran contains only Arabic text.
    Through a barcode program downloadable from Google Play and the App Store, one can audibly listen to both the Arabic and translated versions.
    A Guide to Learn Ablution, Full Ablution (Gusl), and Prayer Book:

    Emphasizes the importance of cleanliness in our religion.
    Covers topics such as ablution, full ablution, 32 obligations, 5 daily prayers, Friday prayers, and festival prayers.
    Provides guidance on how to perform missed prayers and includes the necessary supplications.
    Contains teachings on the statement of faith (Amentü), Ayat al-Kursi, Amenerrasülü, and the call to prayer (Ezan).
    Illustrated with colorful images explaining ablution and prayer details, including schematic representations of prayer units.
    Lectern (Book Stand) Features:

    Top dimensions: 32 cm x 22 cm.
    Base dimensions: 23 cm x 20 cm.
    Foldable, fitting into a laptop bag.
    Functions as a book reading stand or a practical desktop rahle.
    Adjustable and portable with four color options.
    The adjustable feature ensures an ideal book position, facilitating comfortable reading without causing back or neck strain.
    Equipped with a book holder to prevent slippage and can also be used as a tablet stand.
    Offers a hands-free reading experience by placing the book on the stand.
    Sturdy, compact, portable, and suitable for various book sizes, making it an excellent gift for book enthusiasts.
    Pink Taffeta Prayer Mat:

    Dimensions: 115 x 67 cm (excluding tassels).
    Weighs 240 grams.
    Includes the latest Pink 99-bead Crystal Tasbih (rosary) in its content.
    This set is designed to provide children with a resource for religious education and practice, focusing on prayer nuances, ablution's importance, and enabling Quran reading. It contains educational materials with practical applications, making it a valuable gift for children.
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