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  • Medina Printed Medium Koran Karim

    Product Specifications :

    • Line: Medina Hatli
    • QR Code Technology: Yes
    • Color: Produced in Mixed Colors. Sending Color in Stock.
    • Internal Printing Feature: 2 Colors (Red - Black)
    • Height: Medium Size (17 cm x 24 cm)
    • Cover: Hard Cover
    • Inner Paper: 1.Dough
    • Page: 611 Pages
    • Weight: 996 grams

    About Quran Karim:

    Qur'an, the verses of Allah celle jalaluhu through the anti-Gabriel al-Jaam, in the form of revelations against The Prophet Muhammad.
    It is the holy book of Islam that has been downloaded. The Qur'an, the last biblical book to be sent down to earth, will be protected by God until the Apocalypse.
    On the Kadir Night of Ramadan in 610, it was downloaded in Hira Cave on Mount Nur in Mecca, 12 years of revelation in Mecca and 11 years in Mecca
    It lasted 23 years, including the Medina period. The word meaning of the Qur'an is "read", and the word meaning of Karim is "noble, noble". So our Holy Book, even in its name, is to "read" to the believers.
    he guides by order. Therefore, every person who calls himself a Muslim should obtain the Quran and read it whenever possible.
    As a matter of fact, for this purpose, pocket size Quran is printed in different sizes such as Karim and rahle boy Quran Karim.
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