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  • A Special Gift That Will Be Useful And Permanent That You Can Distribute To Your Loved Ones Special For Happy Birthday.
    Yasin-i Şerif Indexed Product Features
    Corner Iron Special Velvet Covered Design
    Special Luxury Velvet Covered
    Laser Written Metal Name Plate
    It is a Yasin Book with a Computer Line, Large Written, Easy to Read Calligraphy.
    Arabic Text
    Pronunciation in Latin (Turkish)
    Meali (Turkish Meaning)
    Number of Pages: 128
    Size: 12,5 x 17 cm - Bag Length
    Paper Quality: Chamois Paper
    Yasin-i Şerif Content
    Surah Yasin
    Surah Friday
    Surah Amma
    Surah Inshirah
    Surah Hümeze
    Surah Quraysh
    Surah Kevser
    Surat an-Nasr
    Surah an-Nas
    Surah al-Ikhlas
    Salat-i Tefriciye
    Surah Al-Waqia
    Surah Tabarek
    Verse-el Kürsi
    Surat Asr
    Surah Elephant
    Surah Maun
    Surah Unbeliever
    Surat at-Tabbat
    Surah al-Falak
    Yasin Prayer
    Salat-i Tuncina
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