Mosque Talks-1761

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It Is A Powerful Source Book For Those Performing Religious Tasks
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    Sermon and guidance. holds an important place in our religion. For this reason, Islamic scholars have never neglected preaching and guidance. While preparing this work, it is from the good morals of the Prophet (pbuh). from siret. Examples from the life of the Companions were given. We believe that this work, which also includes Arabic texts, will meet a serious need especially for our Religious Officials.
    672 pages
    About the Author
    He was born on April 18, 1932 in the town of Üzümören, in the Pazar district of Tokat. His father is Mustafa and his mother is Hatice. Karamolla started to read from Mehmet Serin Efend at the age of 3. He came to Istanbul in 1949. He took lessons from various teachers in Üçbaş Madrasah. He entered the first dome of the Wednesday Ismailağa Madrasa. He passed the preaching test in the spring of 1955. In September of the same year, he took the test of renunciation from the mufti. Gönenli Mehmed Efendi remained under the material and moral protection of His Holiness. Saffet continued Hodja's lessons. He started working as Mufti in Tokat-Almusta in 1956. He also worked as mufti in nine districts. He currently resides in Şile.


    Preaching and guidance have an important place in our religion. Therefore, guidance service has been regarded as a duty for centuries; There are many Islamic scholars who have made many deeds on this subject.

    The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) also attached great importance to preaching and advice in praying to Islam. As a matter of fact, Allah Almighty, to his beloved Habib: "Üd'u il sebîl-i Rabbike bi'l-hıkmeti ve'l-maw'izati'lhaseneti ..."

    By saying "(O Muhammedi) call the way of your Lord with wisdom and good advice ..." (An-Nahl Sûresi, verse: 125); He revealed that calling people to the right path should be done through beautiful sermons and advice. In order to reveal the importance of the subject and its place in religion, our dear Prophet (s.a.w.) said: "Religion is advice" and repeated this sentence three times because of its importance.

    Considering the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh), together with the above divine command, Islamic scholars continued preaching and guidance without neglecting them.

    Ayat-i kerîm and hadiths should constitute the basis of sermons. While making their explanations, examples should be given by making use of the moral values ​​of our beloved Prophet (pbuh), the way of life of his companions and serious sources; The truth-filled pages of Islam and Turkish History should be decorated with exemplary life stories and speeches of Islamic elders.

    Special issues should not be brought to the podium by showing the sensitivity and seriousness required by the task, and the people in the place should be carefully avoided.

    Especially, it is a necessity to stay away from current and daily political comments. It is very important and necessary to protect neutrality.

    The preacher should tell his community that he believes, does and lives; it should convince, adopt and teach the truths and truths. He should work to make them happy, a good servant and a mature person with good natures.

    If these issues are followed, both this holy duty will be fulfilled and the consent of Allah (swt) will be attained.

    I wish the work to be beneficial for humanity from Al-lah Ta'ala (c.c.).

    R. SERİN

    Retired Mufti and Ottoman Archives Officer


    Preface 5

    Attention 7

    1) CONVERSATION Our Duties Against Allah and His Servants 11

    Our Duties Against Ourselves 16

    and Acirc; Our Duties Against Our Environment 17

    Our Duties Against Our State and Nation 21

    Duties of People to Each Other 22

    2) CONVERSATION (Relying on and Trust in Allah) 24

    3) TALK Patience and Peace 42

    4) CHATING The Birth of the Prophet 57

    Dreams Seen before the Birth of God the Five

    The Messenger of Allah when He was Born 65

    5) CHATCH The Childhood of the Messenger of Allah 74

    Abdulmuttalib is now on his deathbed 75

    The First Miracle Seen in Abu Talib's House 76

    The Shepherdess of the Messenger of Allah 78

    The Personality of the Prophet 80

    6) CHATING Believers' Qualifications and Rewards 87

    7) CONVERSATION The Death of the Messenger of Allah to His Ummah 101

    Another Example of Loyalty 109

    8) CONVERSATION Manners and Ethics 118

    A Story 129

    9) CHAT About Death 135

    A Story 147

    10) CHATING The Mercy of the Prophet and Child Discipline 149

    Discipline and Its Based Values ​​157

    Points to Consider in Child Dressage 160

    11) CHAT Jihad and Its Importance 170

    12) CHATING Hostility to Islam 187

    13) CHAT DOOMAH 207

    14) CHATCH Travel and Literature of Journey in Islam 217

    A Reminder about a Love for the World 228

    15) CHAT İsrâ and Mi’râc Incident 232

    16) CHAT and Acirc; Hiret Yurt 248

    17) CHAT Recruitment and Magic 260

    Awesome Event 268

    18) CONVERSATION Worshiping Allah in the Mihrab of Knowledge

    Nature and Acirc; Answer to its limbs) 274

    19) CONVERSATION The Quran and Science 288

    20) CONVERSATION A Good Example of Islamic Behavior 304

    21) CHAT HEAD 313

    22) CHAT Tables in History 327

    A Scientific Subject 337

    23) CHATING Our Prophet's Moral and Acirc; dâb 342

    24) CONVERSATION Night of Peace 354

    25) CHAT, One of the Five Conditions of Islam, Hajj 365

    Wisdom of Hajj 368

    Conditions for Hajj to be Obligatory for Anyone 368

    Conditions of the Pilgrimage 369

    Conditions for a Valid Hajj 370

    Terms of Hajj 370

    The Fundamentals of Hajj 373

    Sunnah of Hajj 374

    The Manners of Hajj 376

    Movements Makruh in Hajj 377

    26) CHAT Kinds of Hajj and How to Do It 378

    Turkish Translation of the Prayer of the Muzdalifah Foundation 383

    Movement from Muzdalifah to Mina 384

    Kiran Pilgrimage 387

    Dividend 'Pilgrimage 388

    Situations Requiring Sheep or Goat Shortening 389

    Situations Requiring Slaughtering Camel or Cattle as Criminal Victim 390

    Circumstances that Require Loyalty of a Firat as Punishment 390

    Permissible Things to Do While I am Ihram 391

    27) CHAT About Repentance 392

    28) About CHAT Prayer 403

    What is Dua? 404

    and Acirc; Meaning and Importance of Saying mîn 405

    The Result of Staying Away from Prayer and Forgetting God 406

    How and When Should Prayer Be Done? 411

    For the Acceptance of Prayer 413

    Manners of Prayer 415

    29) CHAT The Prophet's Doing and What We Do

    Recommended Prayers 417

    The Prophet's Prayer for the Journey 419

    Table Prayer 420

    Wudu Prayers 420

    Prayers to be Read at the End of Prayers 422

    Salahs We Read After Tahiyyat 423

    Al-Aduna 424

    Some Prayers to be Recited When Waking Up From Sleep 425

    Prayer of Enthusiasm 427

    30) CONVERSATION Five Commandments Fasting 428

    Fast of Ramadan 429

    Provisions of Breaking the Fast 431

    Non-Breaking Conditions 432

    Circumstances that Need to Break the Fast and Accept 433

    The Situations That Require Both Accident and Atonement 434

    Atonement and Reducing Atonement 435

    What Makruh to the Fasting 436

    Situations That Make Fasting Permissible. 437

    Ransom 438

    İ'tikâf 438

    Cases That Violate the Testimony 439

    31) CHAT, The Importance of Bringing Salah to Sharif 440

    Good News Given to Those Who Brought Salat al-Sharif 442

    Why and How Was Delâil-i Hayrat Defined? 445

    The Writing and Reason of Writing Kasîde-i Bürden 450

    32) CHAT, Kadir Night 452

    33) CONVERSATION Importance and Virtues of Prayer 462

    34) CHAT Mubarak Ramadan Feast 474

    Advice Required for Feast Day 478

    Holidays 479

    35) CHAT, Allah's Promise Is Right 481

    36) CHAT Zakat 491

    Zakat is the Foundation of Social Justice 493

    To whom should zakat be given? 500

    37) CONVERSATION Peace of Mind and Treatment of Hearts 502

    38) CONVERSATION Relying on Allah 514

    39) CONVERSATION Three Unchanging Divine Rules 527

    40) CHAT. How Nations Keep Alive? 541

    41) CHAT Mubarak Eid al-Adha 554

    42) CHATING The Prophet's Pharmacy 566

    43) CONVERSATION Serving God in the Mihrab of Science 576

    44) CONVERSATION Victory of Kadisiye - Conquest of Iran 588

    Islamic Army Entering the Palace of Kisra 602

    45) CONVERSATION Welcoming Ramadan Sharif 605

    46) CHAT VEDA Pilgrimage and the Messenger of Allah and Acirc; The Migration to Hereafter 619

    47) CHAT - Migration - Its Mansion - Importance. 631

    48) CHAT Our Prophet, and Acirc; ile and Women's Rights 640

    Rights of Women over Husband 645

    Rights of Men over Women 646

    49) CHATING The Place of Mevlid Merits in Islam 650

    The First Nazimli Mevlid and Its Author 654

    Mevlid Councils in the Ottoman Empire 656

    Reason for Writing Süleyman Çelebi's Work 657

    Farewell Sermon 659

    The Messenger of God 663

    Public Works 669

    Contents 670
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