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    Published Date 2019-08-05
    Number of Impressions 15th Edition
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages 208
    Skin Type Hardcover
    Paper Type Book Paper
    Size 15.5 x 21.5 cm
    The root cause of many of the problems encountered in children today is that the child is not allowed to be himself. If the child runs to the right and left with the enthusiasm he feels, "Is this child hyperactive, he is not in his place?", If he wondered about something and asked a few questions, he said, "But you are also curious ..." In a society where repressions such as "It is a crime to dress you, it is already normal", the struggle to protect the child's personality is the human duty of every parent.
    The biggest gain of a person is that he has reached the power to be like himself.

    Even though today's parents are suggested that "a child who is not like himself, but as expected is a better child", the real success of a parent is to be able to carry his child to adulthood as he is, without disturbing his nature.

    The fact that the child is not allowed to be like himself lies at the root of almost all problems encountered in children today.

    If the child was to run to the left and right with his enthusiastic state, it would be like "Is this child hyperactive? If he says that he does not like the color of a clothes to be bought, if it means suppression like "It is a crime in the field of clothes for you ..." and humiliations such as "You also have no taste", the struggle to protect the personality of the child in a society where it is considered normal is the duty.

    Waiting from child to adult maturity is the greatest injustice to be done to the child.

    The child can be a person with as many personality as possible.

    People who have passed through childhood in inhibitions and humiliation, unfortunately, turn into aggressive, restless, insensitive, sullen, blissful, and sometimes weak people who cause pain to both themselves and those around them.
    In this book, you will find not how they will be punished and rewarded to "teach behavior" to children, but how everything happens step by step in its natural course if human beings are given the value of being human.

    I hope it will be a work that will contribute to the formation of social awareness ...


    I have enjoyed reading Natural Parenthood not only as an editor, but also as a mother deeply committed to bringing three entities into society. I would like to briefly share with you the details that I underlined while working on this book, with the hope that they will be a road map for the book.

    In this book, parents who are on the verge of performing their roles in the most correct way, knowing the privilege and sensitivity of being a parent;

    The importance of being able to enter the child's world while dealing with the child;

    The disappointment of the little guests who were called "My aunt does not like tea";

    The big-man anxieties of tiny hearts that could not complete their homework;

    How the pure and brave steps taken to know things, and therefore the world, were disposed of without being noticed;

    The efforts of children who try to be in the eyes of the society with their selves;

    The innocence of children desensitized by insensitive parents;

    The underlying causes of indifference and spoiledness that bother parents;

    How the disabled children fell into despair in their alternative worlds;

    How social self-perception is formed and its meaning;

    The happiness of children who freely experience their emotions can be themselves;

    And finally, they will read the story of the parents who do not even realize that their dominance over the will of their child, whom they are trying to put in the guise they want, is gradually decreasing.

    Each line read, on the one hand, gives parents clues to be more natural, on the other hand, has seminal features that will help them question their attitudes.

    With this book, you will uncover the secrets of childhood and take promising steps towards enjoying the treat offered by the Creator.

    Thank you Adem Güneş for instructive comments on all these questions ...




    Behavior Training or Willpower Training? 15

    It Doesn't Mean to Do Nothing for Our Child 17

    "Curiosity" is the Effort to Understand 24

    Curiosity Generates Excitement 25

    "Imitation" As A Driving Force 27

    What is Fitrat Triggering? 30

    Human Power: "Will" 33

    The Transition from the Use of "Unconscious Will" to "Preferential Will" 35

    Learning or Acquiring Behavior? 38

    What is willpower? 41

    Addiction and willpower 47

    The False Self (Hypocrisy) 57

    The Maya of Being Human: "Sensitivity" 63

    Symptoms of Insensitivity 73

    To Be Natural: "To Be Like Himself" 77

    Staying Congenital 83

    Parenting Limit 95

    Anxious Attachment 100

    Insecure Attachment 102

    Second Birth 105

    A Free Environment In Which To Live In Nature 107

    Adult Spooky Looks 121

    Speed ​​Desensitizes 129

    Freedom in Emotion Discipline in Behavior 133

    Why Is Strong Self Structure Important? 134

    Unconditional Dignity Principle 141

    What Does It Mean to Value? 145

    Can Curiosity Be Regained? 151

    Gift instead of a Prize 155

    What is Social Self Perception? 159

    1. Sense of Guilt 166

    2. The Feeling of Insignificance 170

    3.Sense of Inadequacy 172

    Functionality of the Senses 177

    1. Thinking Dimension 178

    What to do? 184

    2. Using the Symbol 188

    What to do? 191

    What is Habit Disorder? 193

    What are Empathic Drama Games? 195

    3. Penetrating Objects 197

    What to do? 202

    4. Perceptual Speed, Foresight; Insight 203

    What is the Correlation Between Things and Events? 204

    5.Memory Power 206

    Who contributed

    My dear wife, whose moral support I always feel by my side in the creation of this work;

    To my children, who I always think I neglect them when I concentrate on the book;

    To Fahriye Kaya for her contribution to the flesh and bone of the work;

    Psychologist Rey- hane Dağlar, Psychologist Serpil Yeşilkurt and Psychologist Sinem Yersel, who did not deny their expertise to the book;

    Su Sargın for her sincere contribution to the work with her youthful age and clear intelligence;

    To the Editor-in-Chief Emine Eroğlu and Seval Akbıyık, the ladies of the work, showing their kindness to the work;

    Ravza Kızıltuğ and Sibel Yalçın Hanıme-fendi for their professional commitment to making the book enjoyable;

    To Gülnihal Erdem, who contributed to the book with some of his paintings;

    Marketing Manager Ihsan Sönmez, who was the first reader of the book, said "I read it and went" when asked for his opinion during the evaluation phase of the book;

    Osman Okçu Bey, who made a brand for thousands of books he brought together with the reader and showed his kindness to the work by saying "I will read this book" among all these books;

    I take it as a debt to express my heartfelt thanks to my dear editor, Fahrünnisa Erdem, who sacrificed even the night, day and holiday for the creation of this work and waited excitedly for her meeting with the reader ...

    The existence of the name Adem Güneş on the book is to express who is the owner of the mistakes and flaws you will encounter in the work despite all these valuable contributions.

    Best regards Adem Güneş

    "It is one of the rare names I have hosted many times in my program. It gives very essential information not only for child education but also for parent education. Thank you Adem Güneş ..."

    Gülben Adolescent

    "Pedagogue Adem Güneş opens a different path for parents with the methods he suggests about us in child education."

    Dr. Ender Sarac

    "Being a parent is not easy. If you can look at the child through the eyes of the child, this journey will be very enjoyable. Adem Güneş offers clues of this journey to parents."
    Prof. Dr. Nevzat Tarhan
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