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IMPACT those in the rear and Turkey's Lost - Professor Dr. Necmettin Erbakan
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  • IMPACT those in the rear and Turkey's Lost
    Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan
    MGV Publications
    Prepared by: Tacettin Çetinkaya
    Editions: 3rd Edition / November 2016
    Language Turkish
    Number of Pages: 240
    Skin Type: Hardcover
    Paper Type: Book Paper
    Size: 14 x 21 cm
    Now what do we see when we take a look from above? In 69, the National Vision came out and became the shining star. What has Zionism done against this? Turkey is not a country at random world pole. He sent Clifford. Clifford, USA, CIA Director. He has breakfast with Demirel and lunch with Ecevit. We are in the government, we are making the heavy industry move.
    In return, "& hellip; sir elections were taken in June, elections will be held without MSP, government will be established & hellip; they announced without asking us, they united.
    On the other hand, with the grace of Allah, we got more votes than before, we became the government again. We got back to work. Thereupon the game of Güneş Motel was played. Ecevit passed to Demirel when he lost the elections. But despite this, we dropped the Foreign Minister. We dominated the Parliament with 24 people.
    They realized that it is not enough to remove us from the government; So "Let's make a revolution." they said. The September 12 Revolution was made.
    National Opinions worked after the September 12 Revolution. They became the biggest party in the 1996 elections. They formed the 54th government.
    Turkey "Again Great Turkey" has its way from the floor. The tremendous services I mentioned above had been performed in the 54th Government.
    They said let it fail first. Then they saw that they were establishing "A New World". Then they said what we should do and prevent. Then they made February 28 to our government.
    February 28 is an arrangement of foreign powers. They came to the NSC on February 28, they read Makovsky's plan as our recommendation to the government.
    We rise, they cheat.We rise democratically, they are cheating. Well, sir, when you come back to work, what will you do if they don't let you back? We will train our soldiers. Our soldiers are also the son of this country, they see what is happening with their eyes. For this reason, we will tell them about the National Vision. What we will do and introduce that Liberation is in National Vision.

    February 28, 2010
    Prof. Dr. Necmettin ERBAKAN

    Turkey's recent history is also the history of coups.
    The 1960 Revolution, the 1971 Memorandum, the September 12 Coup, the February 28 Postmodern Coup and finally the July 15 Attack.
    With the transition to multi-party life, politics have been tried to be designed with tanks almost every 10 years, and our nation has been trained with butts and boots.
    Of course, it would be a historical mistake to evaluate the coups only with their visible face.
    There are dark outbreaks behind every betrayal of this nation. Behind every conspiracy established in this nation, there are insidious calculations and thousand-year plans.
    Therefore, whether its name is a revolution, a memorandum or an attempt ...
    to understand Turkey without understanding Strokes, Turkey is not possible to understand without understanding the impact.
    At this point, I believe that this work prepared by MGV Publications will fill a great gap.
    This book is not the impact of democracy, that Turkey will see a compass task for custody of the national will, not dominate.
    Because those who do not know their past cannot build their future.
    If the lessons were learned from September 12, February 28 would not be.
    If lessons were learned from February 28, July 15 would not have happened.
    Some facts are better understood as time passes.
    Today, everyone, from military to politicians, from journalists to opinion leaders, "Erbakan was right!" says.
    When was it wrong?
    But I wish the politicians of the period stood by democracy, not epaulet, on February 28th.
    If only the liberals, conservatives, journalists, artists of the period would stand next to Erbakan, not the tank.
    Turkey would have to live them today.
    Still, we are not late.
    Despite all its gravity, the July 15 Attack displayed a new hope for national unity and solidarity.
    Insha Allah this work will be both a blow to both point source at the bedside understand Turkey.
    I congratulate all my brothers and sisters who contributed.
    On this occasion, I remember once again with mercy, gratitude and gratitude to our teacher Necmettin Erbakan, with whom I had the honor of being a fateful partnership in the Kirazlıdere Prison in the September 12 coup, and a companion in the February 28 Postmodern Coup.
    There is no doubt that only Allah Almighty has the power and power. May Allah (swt) be the helper and helper of our nation.

    M. Recai KUTAN

    Our Honorable Erbakan Hodja is the political leader who suffered the most from coups. Throughout his political life, he faced obstacles, blocked and victimized. But he continued to struggle for his cause without giving up and without despair.
    While the September 12, 1980 Military Coup did not try any political leader, Erbakan was put on trial; He was imprisoned, he was politically banned. After the National Order Party, the second party of a political movement that had many services to this country, the National Salvation Party, was closed. With the love of serving this country, Erbakan was busy with defenses in courts for years.

    Kenan Evren wrote the preparations he made with his friends before the coup and the arrangements they made after the coup in November 1990 as “Kenan Evren's Memories” within the psychology of guilt. In the press conference, Muhterem Erbakan told how the misconceptions and contradictions in the memories that distort these facts, as well as how the National Vision's prescriptions for salvation, services and moves were blocked. These services; The Cyprus Victory, the Spiritual Development Move, the Heavy Industry and War Industry Movements, the steps taken in getting closer to the Islamic countries, the personal foreign policy ... Each of these were groundbreaking actions.

    February 28, 1997 postmodern coup as a result of the ruling military 54. Erbakan government and "Re-Great Turkey" in front of their services to legend was interrupted. The Party of National Vision, the Welfare Party, was shut down; The Fazilet Party, which was established afterwards, was also closed. The path of the National Vision to power was cut again. Again, courts, political bans, smear and discredit campaigns ...

    Erbakan knew where all the obstacles placed before him came from and where they were carefully planned. It is he who released opium cultivation despite America by saying "What from America to me! ... Neither to me from America! ..." when he was a coalition partner, he fired the Hammer Force when he was Prime Minister. He was telling his nation at every opportunity that America has all the institutions behind the expansionist, colonialist, oppressing Zionist racist power. The dollar's exploiting power of Zionism, the eye on the dollar, and the pyramid symbols were deciphered by showing that the "1 dollar" in his hand was the stages expressing the Zionist structure governing the "world".

    By explaining the anatomy of the world, he was explaining the plans and goals of global racist imperialism. Likewise, he explained the anatomy of the coups and drew attention to how they conquered and ruled countries through their collaborators. "Imperialism is doing three things, if you pay attention. One is taking over the media, to deceive the public. The second is taking over the institutions. Now it wants roses without thorns. Whatever I want to be followed, easily fulfill my orders. Imperialism is busy taking their precautions."

    In addition to Erbakan, the real losses are in our country. the loss of our country "COUP and Turkey with those in the rear of the Lost" have gathered under the name. In this book; We gathered together Erbakan's "Misconceptions in the Memoirs of Kenan Evren", the conference in which he explained the damages of February 28 to our country, his interview on Habertürk television, as well as a relevant chapter, documents and information from Şevket Kazan's book on February 28.

    In the appendices section; The groundbreaking services of the National Vision in the 1970s, its major moves, the projects prevented from being realized by military coups and the losses of our country, the important corrections made by the 54th Erbakan Government in the economy, the economic development of February 28, the Islamic Union and With graphs, charts and investment projects, you will see how he thwarts his personal policies.
    Everything in this "COUP" book is Erbakan Hodja's own words and drawings. We did not post any comments.

    At the point we have reached, it was understood that civilian and military administrators did not take the necessary precautions due to the 15 July 2016 coup attempt. It is clear that an organization has been protected for years, infiltrated / placed in important positions of the state. It is seen that Süleyman Demirel, Turgut Özal, Bülent Ecevit, R. Tayyip Erdoğan and TAF commanders, who have served as prime ministers in this country for a long time since 1970, have important responsibilities in this. It is understood that the organization has reached the most critical points of the state and has achieved a position where it can easily access many confidential information and documents.

    We see that the view that Erbakan is the only leader who has determined the danger of detecting the danger and always kept a distance to that group has become commonplace. We witness many people not only to this coup attempt, but to admit that Erbakan said, "We could not understand what Erbakan said, we always accused him of being a dreamer ..." for the points that Erbakan pointed out during the 1980 Military Coup and the 28 February Postmodern Military Coup. Erbakan's national stance and his services to his nation is an issue on which people from all walks of life agree.

    The fact that there is no solution other than the National Vision offered by Erbakan for the liberation of our country and the world is now known by everyone.

    We hope that this one fact will be taken into account. The paths opened by Erbakan, the true hero who loves his country and his nation, suffered and paid a heavy price for his cause all his life on this path, accepted it as a worship, never gave up and never complained, but roared against imperialism. Great Turkey happen again. A New World brings justice, prosperity and dignity to all humanity.

    As a matter of responsibility, we wanted all this to be known, and we presented Erbakan's DARBE book for your use.

    We hope that the most important statesman and politician of the last century, Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan's experiences serve as a guide for our administrators and all oppressed and exploited countries. Maybe the same snake is not allowed to sting through the same hole over and over again.

    Tacettin ÇETİNKAYA

    I embrace you all with respect.
    Today is February 28, 2010.
    13 years have passed since the 28 February 1997 incident.
    We are together to live a very important part of history together once again.
    Almighty Allah is infinitely great. Because of his great glory, he had to create such a universe, he did.
    If there is a treasure under the ground here, if nobody knows, and if it is known that there is a treasure there, it is known that he created this universe, the second is superior. Since God Almighty was the supreme, he had to create a universe because of his superiority, the universe was created for this.
    The glory of the lofty religion of our Lord is full of glory. As you can see in this universe, there are living creatures, there are inanimate creatures. Living creatures are more uniform than inanimate creatures. And these are 3 parts: Vegetables, animals, and humans. Man is not an ape, not a monkey. Man is a separate species. Recent studies on the cell show that plants, animals and humans eventually come into being from a cell.
    There is a first cell, you look at it from this first cell, a cat emerged due to various conditions, and a human emerged from this first cell under various conditions. Around these first cells there are shells, there are plasmas inside, there are nuclei. Are they alike?
    How come these various creatures come out. We are experiencing these truths we have said through the program that God Almighty has miraculously placed into the chromosome.
    People in this creature; He is superior to plants and animals.
    They asked Westerners "Why is he superior?" "Sir, people talk." they said. However, animals also talk. Today these have been detected in laboratories.
    They gave up that "People laugh, animals don't." they said. However, many kinds of monkeys laugh.
    The westerner's mind does not work because the word is not based on tawhid. Trinity; The mind does not work because it forbids science and reason.
    What did our Islamic scholars say? "Humans are superior to plants and animals." Because of 4 virtues given by God Almighty.
    People can distinguish between right and wrong, and animals cannot. People can distinguish between good and bad, beautiful and ugly, and animals cannot. People can separate useful and harmful, animals cannot. People can distinguish between cruelty and justice, animals cannot. Because of these 4 virtues, humans are superior to animals and plants, and they are more uniform beings.
    People have knowledge because people distinguish between right and wrong. Animals do not have knowledge. People have religion and morality because they distinguish between good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Animals have no religion or morality.
    "Do you see that cat, he's so devout!" This is not possible because Almighty Allah did not give him this ability. People distinguish between beneficial and pests, and animals cannot. For this, people have economy, animals don't. Cats have been eating for centuries, and they have not been able to establish a food workshop by themselves in a park or forest. Why is that? Because whatever I do will be beneficial for me.
    Since people separate cruelty and justice, people have law and politics, animals have no law and politics.
    However, humans are not only superior to animals and plants, human beings are created creatures, they are superior to angels.
    What is the reason why they are superior to angels? Because Allah Almighty is not just to fulfill the order like angels to people "Look, my servant, I give the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. I separate you from right and wrong, I release you. If you want, try to be right and earn my reward. Check." he gave people freedom to the will-i juziye. Because of this freedom, people were created superior to angels.
    While I was addressing you here, if the tall, handsome robot of the robot, Arçelik's mascot, came in, left a coffee in front of my table, and left a bell: "I am at your service, whenever you press, I will come running, I sit outside." If he says, he comes back because of his manners, then what do I do when I see this?
    Excuse me: "Wow! Those Japanese, you see, the guys just made robots!" I draw your attention, I praise who made it, not the robot. Therefore, if humans were robots, they would not be superior creatures. Humans were not created as robots with the will, they were given freedom, they were created as esref-i creatures.
    Well, does he not want everything to be in order, in order and charity? Yes he does.
    Why is everything not going well but also wrong? Because if everything went well, everyone should be a robot. The possibilities today would not be.
    This universe has been created in a more perfect way than everything else is a robot.
    People have been given the will of the people, they work for good and for evil. A much more perfect universe has been created. Our Lord has put such a universe before us so that we can see what a perfect universe he has created. "Look at this universe, pass it from the work to the artist, and thus get to know me." He commands.
    Why did I make this entry?
    When we look at the history of humanity, we see the struggle between truth and superstition since Adam (as). February 28 is an important turning point in the struggle between truth and superstition. I enter from here to bring the word there.
    Superstitious is the mentality of the cruel Pharaohs.
    If the right is; it is the mentality of the prophets that makes the right superior and it is the way of the prophets. God sent Abraham (pbuh) in the most angry period when tribes fought with each other during the Nemrut period in Mesopotamia and for a long time there was a period of rule of right. Hz. While Abraham (pbuh) lived in a period of bliss, the Egyptian pharaohs gradually got stronger and the Egyptians ruled. The world of cruelty that holds the power superior has been established.
    At the point where this is the strongest army in the world, God Almighty against Egypt. He sent Moses (as). There was a civilization period that once again prioritized the right. Hz. At the point where the right order civilization brought by Moses (pbuh) was dominant, the Greek civilization got stronger and the superstitious Greek gradually came and became dominant. Thus, the Greek reached a strongest point.
    At the point where he reached the strongest, God Almighty, Hz. He sent Jesus (pbuh). Hz. Isa (pbuh) once again established the civilization that puts right above.
    At the point where this civilization was the strongest, Rome gradually got stronger. At the point where Rome is most powerful, God Almighty, Hz. He sent Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) and showed the people the way of happiness until the doomsday.
    The next period is the Islamic period. It is the period when the right is dominant since the Migration until 2000. But Zionism has been preparing to take the world under its control for 350 years again. The history we are in is a period when pharaohs struggled to dominate the world.

    The late Prof. Dr. In this book, with the presentation of Recai Kutan Bey, one of Necmettin Erbakan's ancient companions; September 12 and February 28 The forces behind the postmodern military coups, the material and moral damages inflicted on our country by the coups and the dimensions of these damages were gathered together with documents and information.

    "The content of the COUP is Prof. Dr. Necmettin Erbakan's own words and drawings. It has been presented to you without any comments or additions."

    Chapter 5
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